Crusader Kings III Royal Edition v1.0.3-DRMFREE

Posted 05 Sep 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Crusader Kings III Royal Edition v1.0.3-DRMFREE


Crusader Kings III is the heir to a long legacy of historical grand….



Crusader Kings III is the heir to a long legacy of historical grand strategy experiences and arrives with a host of new ways to ensure the success of your royal house.

Title: Crusader Kings III
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 1 Sep, 2020

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Launching the game from ck3.exe "Crusader Kings III\binaries"

Crusader Kings III Royal Edition v1.0.3-DRMFREE
Size: 4.5 GB

























































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows® 8.1 64 bit or Windows® 10 Home 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel® iCore™ i5-750 or Intel® iCore™ i3-2120, or AMD® Phenom™ II X6 1055T
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX 460 (1 GB), or AMD® Radeon™ R7 260X (2 GB) or AMD® Radeon™ HD 6970 (2 GB), or Intel® Iris Pro™ 580
    • Storage: 8 GB available space

Crusader Kings III Royal Edition v1.0.3-DRMFREE
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. wadawd (05 Sep 2020, 8:34)

    What is the changelog?

  2. Bishop (05 Sep 2020, 8:44)

    extract and play?, so this is a repack?
    A: Extract & Play, doesn’t mean repack.

  3. Master (05 Sep 2020, 8:45)

    Best game ever! i love it! ty for new build

  4. Thibault (05 Sep 2020, 9:06)

    Too bad SJWs have ruined the franchise… Homosexuals and jews everywhere, arab looking europeans etc… Thanks for the upload anyway but I’ll pass

  5. Adase (05 Sep 2020, 9:10)

    How do we get the launcher? I want to use some mods

  6. Based Department (05 Sep 2020, 9:56)

    Shitty queer game for fags

  7. Based Department (05 Sep 2020, 9:57)

    Shitty queer game for 41%ers

  8. yosi (05 Sep 2020, 9:58)

    im having an issue where the camera is moving by its own… i cant move the camera nor even zoom im or zoom out.. the camera just moves out of the map and i cant play. is this an anty pirate system or something?

  9. tutu (05 Sep 2020, 10:18)

    What’s different from the day one crack?

  10. Le Charlatan (05 Sep 2020, 10:22)

    Thanks lads, i thought this game was so awesome and got hyped to hell but after playing it for a bit, i realized it’s not really my thing and not worth buying. This is why you always play cracked before making a choice kings.

  11. Adase (05 Sep 2020, 10:49)

    Anyone know ho to get the launcher going? I want to use mods

  12. thibault_is_a_very_gay_name (05 Sep 2020, 11:05)

    Looks like we’ve got an old-school bigot here, fellas. “homosexuals and jews.” If you’re going to be a piece of shit, at least get with the times.

  13. Rdr 2 and other AAAA games (05 Sep 2020, 11:33)

    Cracker cant crack the game because software developers sued

    And other big groups

    Sorry but its true.

  14. traitor (05 Sep 2020, 11:36)

    so many fucking idiots on this website who think that there werent homosexual people in medieval time, lmao. you fucking idiots never had history lessons or never were at school at all. pathetic sacks of shit, lmfao.

  15. Thanks for the game! (05 Sep 2020, 11:46)

    At the ppl that complain about the gays, theres an option in game when you start a new game to take them out or make the trait spawn less often. Regarding jews, if you really feel like you need to attack a minority then Id suggest making a religion in game that can call crusades on jews, totally doable, thank me later.

    @adase yes there is, go to the CK3 folder then into “launcher”
    inside you’ll see a file called “launcher-settings.json”
    open it with Notepad and find “distPlatform”: “steam”
    thance the “steam” to “pdx”
    that way the launcher starts offline
    enjoy your mods <3

  16. Mods (05 Sep 2020, 12:09)

    I managed to get mods working, here’s how:
    1. Install the launcher right clicking on ”solve compatibility problems” when the installer ask where to install it select the path to the ”launcher” folder inside the game (not the default one).
    2. After installing the launcher just run it as admin and activate the mods. (mods should be on documents/paradox interactive/crusader kings III/mod.

  17. Vandam (05 Sep 2020, 12:27)

    Crusader Kings III Crusader Kings III: Royal Edition
    ✔Main Game ✔Main Game
    Expansion Pass: ✔Expansion Pass:
    – Fashion of the Abbasid Court ✔-Fashion of the Abbasid Court
    – First Flavor Pack ✔- First Flavor Pack
    – First Major Expansion ✔-First Major Expansion
    – Second Flavor Pack ✔-Second Flavor Pack

  18. Baguette (05 Sep 2020, 12:54)

    The launcher is used the same way the launcher for the rest of the Paradox games out there:

    1.You find it in your: Crusader Kings III\launcher\dowser.exe

    2.After you need to go into you launcher-settings.json at: Crusader Kings III\launcher\launcher-settings.json

    3.Change the line “distPlatform”: “steam” to “distPlatform”: “pdx”


  19. zain (05 Sep 2020, 13:37)

    post the game,shadow fight 3!please

  20. Yasin (05 Sep 2020, 13:43)

    Crusader Kings III\launcher dowser.exe @adase u can subrsicribe mods on launcher

  21. ADRIAN (05 Sep 2020, 13:50)

    To use the launcher you need to run the dowser.exe in the launcher folder

  22. Beck (05 Sep 2020, 14:03)

    Just google it.
    Its just a simple patch fix. Adds nothing new

  23. AbusedPet (05 Sep 2020, 14:20)

    @Adase pretty easy go into launcher folder open the launcher settings and change ”steam” into ”gog” then just launch the launcher and you should be done.

  24. Haagse Harry (05 Sep 2020, 15:06)

    @Based Fag Department

    Then this must be a game for you then, seeing you like to suck cock and shit…

  25. anon (05 Sep 2020, 15:09)

    to use the launcher you need to open up the launcher jpog with notepad and change “steam” to “pdx”

  26. Dylann Roof (05 Sep 2020, 15:41)

    shit crusader king

  27. David (05 Sep 2020, 15:42)

    how do you open the game?

  28. Brian Davids (05 Sep 2020, 16:26)

    Le Charlatan, like so many of these games, it’s really only half a game (well 1/3), and you need both for so many DLCs & mods (which are yet to come out) to get what’s a proper game, it’s how they all operate these days, relying on the 10% of complete morons to buy 12+ DLCs, spending $400+ for a game in total.

  29. Nvizir (05 Sep 2020, 16:29)

    this version doesn’t work for me, keep stuck on the loading screen for hours.
    i’ll stick with the first version posed

  30. Henry Lucas (05 Sep 2020, 16:33)

    crap shit

  31. s (05 Sep 2020, 16:38)

    where is tony hawk pro skater 1+2 ?

  32. Blah (05 Sep 2020, 16:43)

    Crashes on startup.

  33. Historical Facts (05 Sep 2020, 16:59)

    @thibault @Based Department both of you are ignorant fools who don’t know history what so ever. SJW’s got jack to do with this, specially when, if you’d actually read a book, had Viking Troops were all over the Arab and Mediteranian Euro countries fighting as retinue troops, which is why you see fair haired, blue eyed and red headed people today. I get they are trolls saying dumb stuff, but i don’t stand for morons who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

    and @adase, The cracked versions don’t have a launcher, if you want to add mods, you have to go to your ” This PC > Documents > Paradox Interactive > Crusader Kings III and then create a mod folder in there, then put your downloaded mods in that folder and that should work.

  34. Grimgar (05 Sep 2020, 17:03)

    i still like the play of the 2nd one where i can be immortal..

  35. Khazadi (05 Sep 2020, 17:21)

    can anyone tell whats the difference between this version and the Goldberg version that came day 1 of the release?

  36. SarkenHS (05 Sep 2020, 18:00)

    Don’t listen to everyone claiming it’s a “queer game” or “there’s jews and homosexuals everywhere”.
    There’s neither more nor less homosexual and jews than in CK2.
    Even in my several tests games, I never had a homosexual character to control and I must’ve find like less than 5 homosexual characters alltogether.

    Anyway, thanks for the patch! : )

  37. bigbri (05 Sep 2020, 19:23)

    @khazadi This one includes the first hotfix Paradox have done

  38. Historian (read it with french accent) (05 Sep 2020, 20:15)

    We know species usually have 10% to 20% of their population with different behavior in issues of sexuality, from mouse to cats, dogs and yes, humans too, so Homosexuals have always been a thing, also, arabs weren’t all brown, a lot of them were white, remember, the Islamic Caliphate extended from Persia to Iberia, and if you don’t believe arabs can be white just look for Bashar Al-Assad, he is a really white dude.

  39. Mog (05 Sep 2020, 20:50)

    i think you need a real solid basis in History and/or previous knowledge with other Paradox games to fully enjoy it.

  40. iwasaspaceman (06 Sep 2020, 0:12)

    gotta say i’m enjoying this queer game, bisexuals everywhere and no one can stop me from fulfilling the one true gay agenda.

    srsly though, i hope paradox get out the promised patch/expansion featuring the create your own ruler bit soon.

  41. kamehameha (06 Sep 2020, 7:25)

    people who say this game is for sjw’s are wrong. the homosexuals, arabs, and all the other fairies are there so you can destroy them with swords. enjoy this game, it’s so good.

  42. Oseari (06 Sep 2020, 7:42)

    If you guys want to use the launcher follow those steps. I figured it out messing around with the games file on my own.:

    1) install the “launcher-installer-windows.msi” in the launcher folder. (not sure if this is 100% needed. i did it.)
    2) Edit the file “launcher-settings.json” in launcher folder. (I used notepad++). Look up and remove the line that says:
    “distPlatform”: “steam”,
    should be the 6th line.
    3) For the next step you have two choice,
    a) edit the line that says: “exeArgs”: [ “-gdpr-compliant” ], to “exeArgs”: [ “” ],
    or b) edit the line that says: “exeArgs”: [ “-gdpr-compliant” ], to “exeArgs”: [ “debug_mode” ], to use cheats ingame
    4) Run dowser.exe (I added a shortcut to this file and changed the icon to the same icon as the one in binaries).
    5) Enjoy your modded game.

  43. Red (06 Sep 2020, 8:27)

    Game is not SJW. It would be if it tried to change history and rewrite it so that gays are acceptable and women are respected as leaders in most countries. But in order to make a religion that accept gays and women, you need to create a heretic cult.

  44. Thevoidz (06 Sep 2020, 10:34)

    The game crashes when i start it. I goes full screen then crashes.

  45. Hitler (06 Sep 2020, 12:20)

    Lmao SJW ruined it? I can commit genocide on every fucking race and ethnicity there is. I love it.

  46. Pesimista Cz (06 Sep 2020, 13:10)

    Thanks.. all ok looks like ….

  47. DD (06 Sep 2020, 15:47)

    game crashes when it launches

  48. Kc (06 Sep 2020, 16:48)

    Has anyone gotten Garments of the Holy Roman Empire and Fashion of the Abassid Court to work properly? I’ve tried every version I can find and no dice.

  49. Kc (06 Sep 2020, 16:50)

    Has anyone gotten garments of the holy roman empire and fashion of the abassid court to work? I can check them in the launcher but they do not show up in game.

  50. malkav616 (06 Sep 2020, 18:58)

    Anyone having trouble with the game loading?
    I launch it and i see the splash screen and then the screen with “initializing game” and the music playing but it just stays stuck there until i try to click something and it crashes.

  51. ng (06 Sep 2020, 18:58)

    Game crash on start-up. DLC related?

  52. guizo (07 Sep 2020, 0:04)

    any chance of a LINUX version??

  53. brahim (07 Sep 2020, 1:45)

    the game shuts down after ” Initializing Game “

  54. bigbri (07 Sep 2020, 6:06)

    @oseari You figured out something that has been posted repeatedly already, and which has worked for, and been poted on every other PDX game in recent memory? Good job!

    Of course some of your steps aren’t really necessary. You can just change the dist_platform to steam, and run dowser, no need for the other shit. Also probably also easier to add “-debug_mode” to the launch shortcut as well, that way you can have two, one with and one without, and choose much more quickly whether or not to start with it on.

  55. kmz (07 Sep 2020, 10:45)

    Game doesnt start crash imediatly any fix someone ?

  56. User3 (07 Sep 2020, 15:12)

    This game is so f’ing retarded, it hurts just how much 🙁
    Please don’t buy this game, let them go homeless or they are gonna make this game normal to play?!?!?
    Wtf is wrong with this people, why is a gameplay mystery /!?!? Just how this game is out anyway?!?!?!

  57. Mets (07 Sep 2020, 15:12)

    Game crashes on start ive done everything else that is suggested in the thread

  58. XCebola (07 Sep 2020, 22:44)

    game crashes

  59. Xico (07 Sep 2020, 23:36)

    something is wrong i start in binaries ck3 and crash it

  60. Evalation (08 Sep 2020, 0:21)

    How do I activate the DLC’s?

  61. Evalation (08 Sep 2020, 0:50)

    The Dlcs do not work.

  62. Solez (08 Sep 2020, 6:34)

    For someone may be using Windows 10, and the game crashes on start-up
    Disable you anti-virus
    Latest Windows 10 update makes window’s anti-virus hard to turn off, so this is how to disable the anti virus.
    – Press Crtl+R type “gpedit.msc”
    >go to : Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components
    > Click on Microsoft Defender Antivirus, Double Click on Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus > Tick Enabled , Apply , OK
    Try to start the game

  63. Solez (08 Sep 2020, 8:50)

    For someone may be using Windows 10, and the game crashes on start-up
    Disable you anti-virus
    Latest Windows 10 update makes window’s anti-virus hard to turn off, so this is how to disable the anti virus.
    – Press Crtl+R type “gpedit.msc”
    >go to : Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components
    > Click on Microsoft Defender Antivirus, Double Click on Turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus > Tick Enabled , Apply , OK
    Try to start the game

  64. malkav616 (09 Sep 2020, 8:43)

    @Solez I tried what you said and also disabled my own antivirus but still crashes on the initializing game screen

  65. w. (09 Sep 2020, 12:20)

    if anything in this game is SJW, it would be the omission of slavery

  66. K (10 Sep 2020, 7:30)

    I cannot get mods to work. I see them in the launcher and I add them to playset but when I launch the game ( yes I’ve selected te playset) its just the base game. I’ve tried a cheat mod and a full conversion does anyone have any advice?

  67. R. (10 Sep 2020, 10:34)

    never get past the initializing screen, recommended system requirements more than met, tried what @Solez and others have suggested to no avail.
    Got launcher to work and mods to download though so that’s something i guess…

  68. LL (10 Sep 2020, 12:50)

    I have got mods to work by placing them with mod file and folder in \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\

    Running the launcher and activating them.
    Exiting the launcher.
    Running game from ck3.exe in the binary folder.
    Mods seem to work.

    Got totally lost in the vampire masquerade mod not sure how it is supposed to work.

  69. *Ring* RING* (10 Sep 2020, 17:56)

    no gay jews pls

  70. run (10 Sep 2020, 21:06)

    I cant seems to use the “run” command, it says command executed but there is no effect from the txt file that i use.

  71. T (11 Sep 2020, 1:16)

    If you’re having problems with the game crashing on startup, see if your folder names arent too long, and if they are try to shorten them. The game has some files with really long names, and if your folder path is also too long windows has problemas accessing the files because the path is too long

  72. Delyn (11 Sep 2020, 17:07)

    T (11 Sep,2020, 1:16)

    Wtf,this worked for me. thank you very much

  73. Fosite (11 Sep 2020, 20:39)

    T (11 Sep,2020, 1:16)

    Lol that dumbass probleem. Not even the first time i run into it. Anyways Thanx o/ that instantly solved the issue.

  74. Zlu (12 Sep 2020, 14:37)

    We are 3 ppl who downloaded the game, not the same version between torrent and other links.

  75. Popipi (12 Sep 2020, 18:53)

    How the fuck do you play the game ? :/

  76. Evalation (13 Sep 2020, 1:24)

    Does anyone know how to activate the Dlc’s please?

  77. Ja (13 Sep 2020, 13:34)


    I had the same bug, I was able to solve the problem by unplugging my controller

  78. copyholder (16 Sep 2020, 8:21)

    Can’t find the cloud save, if anyone can help, cause after a lot of save things become slow. Tx

  79. KUNNIHUNTER (16 Sep 2020, 14:38)

    It’s good that there are fags and jews because you can just assassinate them.

  80. Alvaro (16 Sep 2020, 19:34)

    Cant change the language to spanish, I change it in the options but doesnt work and the language is still in English, any solution?

  81. Christopher Privett (18 Sep 2020, 6:27)

    Can execute homosexuals and laugh… 10/10 based and redpilled

  82. Gregor Clegain (19 Sep 2020, 15:58)

    Does the difficulty reset to Normal every time you load a save?

  83. Yupyup (22 Sep 2020, 17:16)

    How to enable debug mode? Can anyone help?

  84. Evalation (27 Sep 2020, 18:53)

    Can someone please for the love of God tell me how to activate the DLC’s? They are in the game files but they are not working.

  85. bigr (28 Sep 2020, 19:49)

    1.1 update

  86. Crusader King (29 Sep 2020, 10:00)

    Any idea when the 1.1 update will likely get uploaded? 🙂

  87. Request (29 Sep 2020, 11:30)

    1.1 update is released, please upload this too. Thank you.

  88. Bianca (29 Sep 2020, 13:30)

    Pls the 1.1 update

  89. wak (29 Sep 2020, 17:31)

    pls 1.1 update

  90. Pipi (29 Sep 2020, 17:41)

    Please upload 1.1 uptade. We believe skidrow <3

  91. jonatha (29 Sep 2020, 19:34)

    pleas upload the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. jonat (29 Sep 2020, 19:34)

    Please upload the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Steakman (30 Sep 2020, 1:35)

    1.1.1 update is out, huge list of fixes. 😉

  94. ezboy (30 Sep 2020, 2:01)

    1.1 pls that would be very nice

  95. hetm (30 Sep 2020, 3:57)

    Please post updates too.
    Patch 1.1.1 is out and my mods are not working

  96. Raiton (30 Sep 2020, 7:31)

    La actualización 1.1 por favor

  97. mat (30 Sep 2020, 16:37)

    patch 1.1 please

  98. Victor (06 Oct 2020, 4:51)

    how to make mods work i change to pdx then ii run as admin the dowuser then i select my mods and activate then i start and nothing

  99. stormfront (08 Oct 2020, 17:07)

    will i go gay if i play??

  100. gayboy (21 Oct 2020, 8:19)

    What do you mean? You’re already gay.

  101. swing (25 Oct 2020, 9:18)

    @gayboy LOL

  102. Yoshi (20 Nov 2020, 13:48)

    Most boring shit ever, playing once u seen it all.
    It’s a gimmick. They didn’t even try to make a real ‘new’ CK game, it’s just pretty cartoon layer over simplified repetitive mechanics

  103. Fenriz Magni (24 Nov 2020, 13:16)

    Please upload the new patch 1.2 which contains the character creation feature, thanks

  104. DRIDRI (03 Dec 2020, 13:10)

    An error has occured, nice troll idiot the game can’t running

  105. Evalation (09 Dec 2020, 20:28)

    So I guess this game will no longer be updated? What happened?

  106. shitshow (18 Dec 2020, 15:00)

    the game is full of homosexuals and other lgbtq+ idiots, it is a complete shitshow

  107. Parapligo (07 Jan 2021, 0:27)

    i downloaded the game but i cant play it, how do i “crack” it or whatever you have to do

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