Borderlands 3-CODEX

Posted 29 Oct 2019 in PC GAMES

Borderlands 3-CODEX


The original shooter-looter returns, packing bazillions of guns and a mayhem….



The original shooter-looter returns, packing bazillions of guns and a mayhem-fueled adventure! Blast through new worlds and enemies as one of four new Vault Hunters. Play solo or with friends to take on insane enemies, score loads of loot and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy.

Title: Borderlands 3
Genre: Action
Release Date: 26 May, 2019

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Borderlands 3-CODEX
Size: 58 GB

























  • OS: Windows 7/10 (latest service pack)
  • Processor: AMD FX-8350 (Intel i5-3570)
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB)
  • Storage: 75 GB available space

Borderlands 3-CODEX
1- Extract
2- Install
3- Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. mtkut (29 Oct 2019, 22:29)


  2. wow (29 Oct 2019, 22:29)

    first lol

  3. first (29 Oct 2019, 22:29)

    im first

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    i am first haha i am ebin and cool

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    Whoa thanks guys !!!

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  12. mart1n1991 (29 Oct 2019, 22:31)

    Holy fuck great job Codex I hope you will crack RDR 2 aswell

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  18. fuckKT (29 Oct 2019, 22:33)

    uploading REEEEE

  19. NINA (29 Oct 2019, 22:33)

    thanks codex
    i hope we see more games like this

  20. Black Ice (29 Oct 2019, 22:33)

    FINALLY!!!!… Thank You

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  22. mtkut (29 Oct 2019, 22:33)

    HAhahahahhaha i was first, bow to da King, you twats

  23. JeisonBR (29 Oct 2019, 22:34)

    Whoa, cracked already? Nice! Looking forward to the torrent link, I’m a huge huge Borderlands fan since the first game, but I’m gonna seed the HELL out of this one, for several semi-obvious reasons!

  24. Umud (29 Oct 2019, 22:38)


  25. Helltio Everygames (29 Oct 2019, 22:39)

    Cool,sadly on ps4 had lags when someone enters to menu,at least in local coop,that didn’t happen in previous borderlands and that sucks,proof? ok here’s our gameplay look when some of us put the menu and see the awesome lag.
    I will test pc version but even if it does work good i love to play originals haha,im here just because i do tests games thanks to you guys.

  26. Helltio Everygames (29 Oct 2019, 22:40)

    Thanks for this,when Mortal Kombat 11? i don’t care if the game has only 4 characters is just for test on pc,i already have the game for ps4.

  27. JB (29 Oct 2019, 22:43)


  28. First? WHO GIVES A FUCK??? (29 Oct 2019, 22:44)


  29. SSSQ (29 Oct 2019, 22:45)

    At least it’s not the next starwars game. ^^

  30. Astutoysagaz (29 Oct 2019, 22:46)

    Never is too late! Thanks CODEX

  31. MR24 (29 Oct 2019, 22:48)

    Suban la wea oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  32. calihead (29 Oct 2019, 22:55)

    nice…thankz alot

  33. Who cares? (29 Oct 2019, 22:57)

    @First? WHO GIVES A FUCK???

    You actually just cared by being mad about people says “First”
    Btw, nobody cares too about all you just said. I didn’t even read.
    Peace&Love hobo

  34. Release Date? (29 Oct 2019, 22:58)

    The release date writen in this page? May, 26th, 2017? WTF? XD

  35. LEGEND (29 Oct 2019, 23:12)

    CODEX you never fail to Surprise us!
    Good Work!

  36. `Donnie Darko (29 Oct 2019, 23:14)

    Sweet Mother Of Jesus !!!

  37. mik (29 Oct 2019, 23:17)

    call of duty , and ghost recon please

  38. mtkut (29 Oct 2019, 23:18)

    I laughed so much at that rage comment about writing “first” XD that is why people are writing “first” to trigger the ragers

  39. #whocares? (29 Oct 2019, 23:18)

    Nope, i still didnt care, i just LOVE throwing my opinion out there, and I dont believe that u didnt read it all, i fuckin’ KNOW u did!!! lol. Just admit it, it’s not like ur admitting u suck dick…again.

  40. k_88_d™ (29 Oct 2019, 23:22)

    You kids happy now? Are you done crying and bitching?

    The some here need to learn how to be grateful.
    For how much can Codex cash your thanks for in the bank..?
    Huh? What?


    I hope the crack is bugged and the game is unplayable.

  41. asFASFasf (29 Oct 2019, 23:26)


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  43. sorryjames (29 Oct 2019, 23:35)

    oh god i feel sorry for that guy from >implying we can discuss video games

  44. XTREM2X (29 Oct 2019, 23:36)

    Thank’s for game CODEX 😉

  45. MarioV8 (29 Oct 2019, 23:38)

    finaly thank you codex this is amazing

  46. David (29 Oct 2019, 23:38)

    How come no download link works?

  47. yawot (29 Oct 2019, 23:42)

    Is it just me or everything says “uploading” on each link? What does it mean? Anyways, thanks CODEX for this!!! Took a while but we all had faith in you! Guess I’ll have to wait for a while before I can actually download it…

  48. JeDikkeMoeder (29 Oct 2019, 23:47)

    Amazing, I’ve been refreshing the Crackwatch page for 46 days now and here it is. Thanks

  49. newyear (29 Oct 2019, 23:48)

    Eat shit Epic Games and 2K games.

  50. Anonymous (29 Oct 2019, 23:59)

    There’s NOTHING to download!
    ALL links are still coming up UPLOADING!!
    A torrent is only a few KB’s and the crack by itself a few megs for the people that downloaded the original unlocked version. I’d rather you NOT have posted this until something….ANYTHING… was actually available!

    A: Torrent Added! Refresh

  51. William R Monahan (29 Oct 2019, 23:59)

    all of the people who post first replies… all it does is show how pathetic your lives really are that you are sitting at the computer screen refreshing over and over just so you can be the first to respond. Seriously, sit back for a second and think about it logically and see how ridiculously sad it makes all of you out to be.

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  53. Never (30 Oct 2019, 0:05)

    Downloading and Uploading.

  54. Carlos (30 Oct 2019, 0:07)

    Muchas gracias codex

  55. Kruger (30 Oct 2019, 0:07)

    It didnt take so long… but i more expecting COD MW instead this oh well.

  56. Frank (30 Oct 2019, 0:16)

    hope gamezfull upload this soon by elamigos

  57. Hericzin (30 Oct 2019, 0:19)

    The first is gay

  58. Sona (30 Oct 2019, 0:23)

    Thanks CODEX..
    please crack assassin’s Creed Odyssey fate of Atlantis and Metro Exodus The Two Colonels …

  59. Yuuji (30 Oct 2019, 0:24)


  60. htor (30 Oct 2019, 0:29)

    downloaded the unlocked version a while ago, anyone knows how to download crack only? torrent is an iso file so I can’t select what to download 🙁

  61. LeHeGe (30 Oct 2019, 0:30)


  62. olyxv (30 Oct 2019, 0:32)

    Can anyone explain to me how to download the crack? I already downloaded the unlocked version.. Thanks!

  63. Tyrone McNiggerson (30 Oct 2019, 0:34)


    Got a problem with that, white boi?

  64. Retired Cracker (30 Oct 2019, 0:36)

    Please crack PES or FIFA

  65. yohehe (30 Oct 2019, 0:38)


  66. sherif (30 Oct 2019, 0:44)

    the crack file only please
    doae any one have the crack file only

  67. new_user217 (30 Oct 2019, 0:47)

    hey …. are you guys torrent downloading okay ? mine keeps crashing ….. that never happened before (sorry for my terrible english)

  68. JOHNNY BRASA (30 Oct 2019, 0:48)

    CODEX thank you so much, you don’t know how happy I am to be able to download this game, CODEX you are awesome.

  69. Arrogance (30 Oct 2019, 0:51)

    Bow down to the King!

  70. Breezy (30 Oct 2019, 0:52)


  71. СаняКиев (30 Oct 2019, 0:56)

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  72. sag (30 Oct 2019, 0:57)

    thanks man

    now call of duty

  73. Red (30 Oct 2019, 1:14)

    First!!! Finally!!!

  74. BeefyAdmiral (30 Oct 2019, 1:15)

    Thank you Codex! You are the lifeline for pirates like us Thanks a bunch

  75. JJ (30 Oct 2019, 1:17)

    Call of duty plzzzz

  76. Wolf_V (30 Oct 2019, 1:18)

    Yes, finally.

  77. Seed you sick fucks (30 Oct 2019, 1:43)

    Seed plz

  78. Trepped (30 Oct 2019, 1:51)

    Can we get a link for crack Only. I already downloaded the game 1 month ago, thanks!

  79. berkto (30 Oct 2019, 1:51)

    i already have the game files, i just need the crack folder. how’s that gonna work out?

  80. Steven (30 Oct 2019, 1:59)

    @Trepped: unfortunattly, crack only will not work for u, cuz game receive many update after first release, so u have to download it again!

  81. Petroska (30 Oct 2019, 2:19)

    NOT WORKING FOR ME…. I install it like every single game of Codex but nothing, someone knows why?

  82. Sonyk (30 Oct 2019, 2:35)

    You’r the best, guys. <3 <3 <3
    And please, dont forget to SEED

  83. Samuel Gauthier (30 Oct 2019, 2:43)

    OmgIm downloading at 300kbs. It needs a bit of seeds

  84. Bilbo Baggins (30 Oct 2019, 3:03)

    Finally the bois have done us proud, game works just like retail (same bugs etc.) Does not include the Halloween DLC or if it does the dude just isnt appearing on sanctuary for me. Thanks CODEX for the hard work and Skidrow for the upload.

  85. Xiggs (30 Oct 2019, 3:07)

    Can you please upload the crack only?

  86. cyrus (30 Oct 2019, 3:19)

    thanks for your hardwork

  87. lola (30 Oct 2019, 3:48)

    Apparently there is a god, Codex.

  88. nick (30 Oct 2019, 3:58)


  89. Killia5 (30 Oct 2019, 4:05)

    100 kb se va a descargar la semana que viene D: alguien me pase 1ficher premiun para bajarlo rapido

  90. FartingSimulator (30 Oct 2019, 4:27)

    Nice game.

  91. Co-opAnonZ (30 Oct 2019, 4:28)

    Any news on how co-op might be possible? whether by lan, online pseudo-lan, or steamfix?

  92. Luccas (30 Oct 2019, 4:40)

    Thanks CODEX!! Fuck epic games.

  93. atahualpa (30 Oct 2019, 4:44)

    I hope that F1 2019, FIFA 20, will follow soon, thank you again CODEX!

  94. Harshjit Dave (30 Oct 2019, 4:50)

    Call of duty modern worfer 2019 please codex
    Thanks you games

  95. Café (30 Oct 2019, 5:19)

    This is the best site to download games without comparisons! Get to the point, the game, no more. Other than that they help you step by step in the Descriptions on how to install and the Game Setup Setup is all right for you just to install the game! Best site by far!

  96. paranoid (30 Oct 2019, 5:23)


  97. colruyt55000 (30 Oct 2019, 5:35)

    THanks CODEX . Not a game i was waiting for , but good to see CODEX is back on Denuvo cracking since CODE VEIN .
    Really hope CPY will decide to come back finally either cause i am still waiting and hoping to see games like : Team Sonic Racing , Beyond Two Souls , Heavy Rain , Fifa 20 , Pes 2020 & Need For Speed Heat to be crack as well as Starlink & Fe . Those games shouldn’t be a prob for CODEX/CPY to be cracked i am sure .

    Games like COD , Mortal Kombat 11 and Anno 1800 seems to be a no go since both need online connection all the time .

  98. sourox (30 Oct 2019, 6:06)

    seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed plz
    thank you codex

  99. jef (30 Oct 2019, 6:30)

    Merci pour ce DL

  100. Nervermind (30 Oct 2019, 6:32)

    Big thanks CODEX.

  101. LegacY (30 Oct 2019, 6:52)

    merci c est genial !

  102. elvis (30 Oct 2019, 6:53)


  103. nope (30 Oct 2019, 6:56)
  104. dzdz (30 Oct 2019, 7:17)

    sad , it doesnt launch anyone got the same problem ?

  105. tpen (30 Oct 2019, 7:19)




  106. AleNet (30 Oct 2019, 7:21)


  107. honver (30 Oct 2019, 7:26)

    seriously guys,BIG FAT THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.CODEX.CPY,SKIDROW.and the others that i didn4t mention,GOD BLESS

  108. vaulthunter (30 Oct 2019, 7:37)

    dont understand the whole excitement…

    sometimes you just have to buy a game to support the developers…

  109. GT (30 Oct 2019, 8:14)

    this is not that time

  110. qwertZ (30 Oct 2019, 8:43)

    is the an online coop for this crack?

  111. DON'T SEED!! (30 Oct 2019, 8:52)

    If you are downloading using a torrent, when it finishes CLOSE your torrent client …


  112. stiffy (30 Oct 2019, 9:01)

    To all you idiots who downloaded the Unlocked version: We told you at the time but you just wouldn’t listen or maybe you don’t even have enough intelligence to read but we TOLD you not to bother with it cos now you have to download the whole thing again …. SUCKERS!! lmao

  113. mega (30 Oct 2019, 9:21)

    1. claiming to be first shows the entire world that you are a retard and we need MORE school shootings.
    2. i hope its a fake, literally 58 gigs of viruses.
    3. hey idiots.. the release groups dont read these comments! they dont hear you thanking them and whats more they probably hope you all die in fires.
    4. you fagots have fun with the sloppy seconds, the rest of us were done with the game a month ago.

  114. azza (30 Oct 2019, 10:02)

    fuck that epic store vs steam thing cause we have codex 😉
    Good job

  115. lagister (30 Oct 2019, 10:02)

    multi player ??

  116. anarox (30 Oct 2019, 10:04)

    game got boring really fast!

  117. moosetif (30 Oct 2019, 10:14)

    Great work CODEX.

    next COD and PES

  118. Jotaro (30 Oct 2019, 10:51)

    VERY GOOD !! awesome work! @mega you are a faggot

  119. annlive (30 Oct 2019, 11:09)


  120. TheStupidOne (30 Oct 2019, 11:12)

    Hello if i play it now and later when it will be on steam do u think i will can use my saves ?

  121. spreaditandwinkit (30 Oct 2019, 11:33)

    Now you are all creaming your pants are you ?

  122. ze_luis (30 Oct 2019, 12:18)

    To everyone: don’t lose your time with this, IT’S NOT WORKING, codex is becoming a real lazy mofo releasing these shitty cracks

  123. zsdfxdrgfdxr (30 Oct 2019, 12:22)

    Fuc% Codex, the crack does not work

  124. asddff (30 Oct 2019, 12:28)


  125. Ramsey (30 Oct 2019, 12:45)

    the game Not loading and not starting

  126. Thankyou! (30 Oct 2019, 12:49)

    Thaaaaank you!

  127. GT (30 Oct 2019, 12:55)

    @mega calm down Randy Pitchford, you have enough money

  128. leo (30 Oct 2019, 13:02)

    COD MW next

  129. Pedro (30 Oct 2019, 13:03)

    works fine for me

    Do not run this game with admin rights – it most likely wont start at all

  130. Markwoski (30 Oct 2019, 13:10)

    Hey will save from this version work with orginal game from steam ?

  131. Rafael Freitas (30 Oct 2019, 13:18)

    So…the game don’t run, great work huh

  132. xknow (30 Oct 2019, 13:31)


  133. Karwi (30 Oct 2019, 13:31)

    Poss to get just a crack?

  134. Rafael Freitas (30 Oct 2019, 13:31)

    The game works, take 10 minutes to open for the first time, and a looooot time to load (more 5 minutes)

  135. Sam (30 Oct 2019, 13:34)

    game install correctly but not launching help please

  136. AngryBird (30 Oct 2019, 13:39)


  137. Alex (30 Oct 2019, 13:40)

    damn the download is slow

  138. Folioman (30 Oct 2019, 13:57)

    I swear the day it is avaliable on Steam I’ll buy it! But never on epic store! My pc doesn’t deserve this… So thanks a lot to give me the opportunity to play it without a year to wait…

  139. Thiago (30 Oct 2019, 14:06)


  140. Bigbaloo64 (30 Oct 2019, 14:25)

    Thx a lot CODEX. You’re the one !!

  141. Damir (30 Oct 2019, 14:39)

    Make sure the exe is not running in compatibility mode with admin rights selected.
    Check Properties-> compatibility on the exe and remove “run as administrator” in case its selected

  142. Mask AxDxC (30 Oct 2019, 14:53)

    OMG Thank you <3

  143. ryzen 2700 (30 Oct 2019, 14:57)

    I will wait for repack max 20 gb

  144. Jonathan Whitmore (30 Oct 2019, 15:02)

    Slow download…..been waiting 46 days for this, frustrating when you have 500MB download speed but only downloads at 1MB a sec….grrr, oh well its freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  145. abskii (30 Oct 2019, 15:20)

    it’s working until a certain quest when you are going to watch tv. stuck on it. damn.

  146. Player1 (30 Oct 2019, 15:27)

    Thanks a bunch yall!!!!!!!!!

  147. traitor (30 Oct 2019, 15:28)

    @mega, but at least we have 60$ more in our pockets and no pubic hairs in our mouths from sucking the dick of randy bitchford, you pathetic waste of human space.

  148. GT (30 Oct 2019, 15:36)

    Just tried it out, looks like things are not working as intended. the game starts up after about 30 seconds but it never gets further than a black screen and closes right after. does anyone know a fix for this? i thought i’ve seen it on crackwatch but theres to many retards posting meme’s there to find it back.

  149. GT (30 Oct 2019, 15:41)

    to come back on my earlier post, after starting the game up about 6 times, it just decided to start randomly working lol

  150. no way (30 Oct 2019, 15:44)

    @Jonathan … you really have 4000 Mb/s internet? Shit, I thought 1000 was the fastest .. pretty expensive too.

  151. Sami (30 Oct 2019, 15:57)

    So has anyone played on the Crack yet? Have there been any issues? 🙂

  152. garloch (30 Oct 2019, 16:07)

    fix the fucking torrent mfs

  153. Ratnaveer Singh (30 Oct 2019, 16:16)

    What version of the game is it, deluxe, super deluxe or just the base game?

  154. GT (30 Oct 2019, 16:28)

    wow this game is GPU heavy. my GTX 1060 6gb is struggling lol.
    for those with similar cards that want to maintain 60fps i recommend high overal settings with medium volumentric fog, space screen reflection, SSAO, shadows and turn motion blur off completely.

  155. Stanos (30 Oct 2019, 16:29)

    Good Codex !!!

    Need For Speed Heat Please !!!

  156. chris (30 Oct 2019, 16:56)

    Game won’t start

  157. the help (30 Oct 2019, 17:13)

    This game does work

    1. Dont run it as administrator
    2. Dont allow it past firewall like normal instead cancel it when prompted
    3. double click borderlands 3 and let it wait for like 15 minutes or until loaded, took me about 1 minute but mines on an ssd
    4. start a new game before going into the settings or game will freeze, once the game is loaded and you play a couple of minutes the game will let you go into setting and play normally from then on, but will always take a while to load.

  158. GT (30 Oct 2019, 17:23)

    @Rataveer base game from the looks of it

  159. Pathalfurt (30 Oct 2019, 17:23)

    Everyone is thanking like crazy while it does not work. I can run mostly every game (newer ones) on ultra settings but this game does not even start. Installed fine, copy pasted crack fine and then added administration rights for running. Game seems to be on task manager but 0% on CPU and everything else. Waited 5 minutes befoe quit. Tried again and nothing. Tried 4 times and nothing. Fuck this. FitGirl has usually best stuff. Her’s might work.

  160. Hyago (30 Oct 2019, 17:30)

    any fix for the brazilian language?

  161. Pepe (30 Oct 2019, 17:50)

    Remember that Epic Games already paid for your copy!

  162. Reddog (30 Oct 2019, 17:55)

    I’ll wait for the 20 DLCs and get the Goty version in 2020.

  163. Sanae#1 Fan (30 Oct 2019, 18:01)

    Those high quality screenshots tho lmao

  164. dood (30 Oct 2019, 18:37)

    Codex you guys are the best. Thanks a million!

  165. dood (30 Oct 2019, 18:38)

    @the help

    Thanks man, works like a charm for me!

  166. GT (30 Oct 2019, 18:40)

    @pathalfurt what part of DO NOT RUN IN ADMIN mode did you not understand?

  167. razor (30 Oct 2019, 18:58)

    Launch the game from desktop (it won’t start after waiting for a long time), then go to task manager and close it. Now open the game again from desktop shortcut and it should start after a short while. It’s weird, but that’s how I made it boot up.

  168. NoCookies (30 Oct 2019, 19:01)

    Where can I get only the crack? I’ve already downloaded the 53GB version

  169. Nikolas (30 Oct 2019, 19:09)

    Thanks CODEX, but not working.

    MESSAGE on win7 (SP1) : Entry Point Not Found – bla bla bla link library kernel32.dll

    What does that mean?

    Thanks anyway!

  170. Warnielle (30 Oct 2019, 19:09)

    Update 3?

  171. pumuky47 (30 Oct 2019, 19:21)

    gracias codex porfabor idioma en español

  172. pumuky47 (30 Oct 2019, 19:24)

    gracias codex porfabor idioma en español 1000 gracias

  173. xorak (30 Oct 2019, 19:48)

    why the game won’t start ?

  174. Thatguy (30 Oct 2019, 19:51)

    Thanks for the Crack Downloading it now, but nobody is seeding i have 246kb dload and a massive 1mb/s upload wtf lol

  175. Macquan (30 Oct 2019, 19:56)

    For some reason my game isn’t loading. It’s running in the background but nothing is loading

  176. stiffy (30 Oct 2019, 20:01)

    Pathalfurt … you are a total fuckwit. Everyone is saying DON’T run with admin rights but you are too lazy, stupid or both to read & you deliberately set admin rights on. You don’t deserve to have any game run cos you are a complete retard. Sheesh, what a loser!

  177. Jonathan Whitmore (30 Oct 2019, 20:02)

    Why is this download so damn slow???? Never had this problem with any other game off this site and I have over 20 games from here….

  178. KrisB (30 Oct 2019, 20:35)

    Task Manager -> Set Priority -> High

  179. Pedro Ramos Garcia (30 Oct 2019, 20:40)

    Thank you CODEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG, I cant believe this guys.
    Incredible work always.
    I love you.

    CODEX ARE GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  180. Jason Voorhees (30 Oct 2019, 21:01)

    Yeah bitches! You were the first alright. The first to drink my ass juice! Ass JIZZUSE! #Assjuice Sweet. Only what, almost three months for this beotch. THank You CoteX, you fucking rule!

  181. Alex (30 Oct 2019, 21:11)

    I made the mistake of downloading the Unlocked version when it came out and just installing the crack over it. DONT DO THAT. The Unlocked version has all day 1 bugs in it and its terrible crashes. I got stuck on lvl 2 cause a mission quest didnt complete. Just download this version instead and use the installer. It took me like 4 hours to download and install it again.Instead of saving time by downloading the Unlocked , I actually lost time by having to download the game twice.

  182. B3 (30 Oct 2019, 21:12)

    I get “Your settings have failed to save. Would you like to try saving again?”. Before I even get to do anything.

    If a click YES I get the same msg over and over again. If I click NO I get “Press any key” and then setting failed to save msg once again.

  183. you ball gobblers (30 Oct 2019, 21:23)

    game runs great with average card on max setting … borderlands always runs good cos cartoon graphics. hope is better than previous bordelands

  184. zombozo (30 Oct 2019, 21:28)

    How much time for the first update ?
    Like the week 1 update that fixes the claptrap bug

  185. Finho (30 Oct 2019, 21:30)

    Para os Br que estejam com dúvida. O jogo estar funcionando sim, mas ele demora pra ir para tela de titulo na primeira vez. Entra e espera que ele vai travar como se estivesse com lag e vai ficar com tela preta por um tempo. Vai demora para entra o jogo! e um detalhe importante quando der os 2 clicks para abri o jogo. Click na área de trabalho click com o botão direito na tela e escolha a opção atualizar o jogo ira abrir é só espera! Só não sei como traduzir ele pra br!

  186. karlito (30 Oct 2019, 21:33)

    Is it possible to change the language?

  187. Peter (30 Oct 2019, 21:36)

    how can i change languaje?

  188. Second (30 Oct 2019, 21:48)

    Tfw you’re twelve but you’re still stuck on the 2008 bullshit of “first”… That just confirms that most of you fucks is too poor to get a job and actually buy games..

  189. bag (30 Oct 2019, 21:48)

    game is buggy as fuck i cant change even graphic settings higer, some settings cost crash, and i only played 5 min……. this torrent is horrible

  190. K_88_d's a fag (30 Oct 2019, 21:53)

    not a whole lot else to say, K_88_d’s a huge fag, loves taking ANYTHING up the pooper.

  191. jessika040 (30 Oct 2019, 22:18)

    I load from the Morning till now, and short before it is done, it stops, i go on 1fichier again, the Link is expired… great… Where are the links with smaller downloads,why i must load the whole Game…dont get this…

  192. Dippo (30 Oct 2019, 22:20)

    Stuck after killing the first boss. When supposed to look at the monitor, the sound start for 20sec but not the video. I have looked online where it is said that you have to install Windows Media Feature Pack but it doesn’t work for me. If someone finds something, i would be happy to be informed. Thank you random future pirate.

  193. alex (30 Oct 2019, 22:21)


  194. bag (30 Oct 2019, 22:29)

    cant change AA it will crash instantly

  195. Nerd da nasa (30 Oct 2019, 23:05)

    não baixem não vale apenas o jogo não esta pegando alem de demora pakas pra baixar o jogo não abre mesmo você abrindo como ADM mesmo assim o jogo aparece no gerenciador de tarefa mas nao abre é o uso dele fica sempre em 0 uma perca de tempo

  196. GT (30 Oct 2019, 23:35)

    @second too poor to get a job and buy games, yes exactly. but what does that make you? someone with a job and money that still goes around pirating games? that makes you an even bigger piece of shit

  197. kuukupiipitin (30 Oct 2019, 23:50)

    There seems to be still problems with the game or the crack.
    Cant go to any planet anymore as i crash on the load screen, this started after trying to get into lecta city and getting a crash 3 times in row on loadscreen, giving up and going into sanctuary to be stuck there with same problem now infesting every planet.
    dunno if relevant but game runs reletively smoothly 60-40fps on 1440p with
    AMD phenom II x6 1055T @3.8ghz
    RX 580 8gb
    8gb DDR3 ram
    win 7

  198. Never (30 Oct 2019, 23:59)
  199. Loser (31 Oct 2019, 0:09)

    Seed you greedy, selfish, egoist fucks!

  200. Juankar (31 Oct 2019, 0:15)

    El juego no se ejecuta, menudo truño, y si lo hace se queda en no responde.

  201. kunhalmi (31 Oct 2019, 1:38)

    Please codex : Moons of Madness game

  202. KLEBER MODESTO FEDEROWICZ (31 Oct 2019, 1:41)

    Anyone with the monitor bug in the beggining?

  203. Eduardo (31 Oct 2019, 1:57)

    Não inicia.
    Win 10 1903.
    Gtx 1060.
    16 ram.
    R5 3600.
    Ultimos drivers.

  204. David (31 Oct 2019, 2:28)

    It’s not starting for me.
    When I double click the Borderlands 3.exe its not starting.
    The process has started though.
    But nothing else happens.
    Anyone else!?

  205. still (31 Oct 2019, 2:32)

    Don´t Download this shit!!, does´t work 58GB for nothing

  206. Todd (31 Oct 2019, 2:41)


  207. abskiii (31 Oct 2019, 2:52)

    this game works for me. but on a certain quest after defeating the first boss where you are going to a watch on a monitor. it gets stuck right there. so fuck that. right haha

  208. xdk (31 Oct 2019, 3:04)

    for portuguese language change language on codex.ini to “brazillian” with two ll

  209. Sanzio (31 Oct 2019, 3:36)

    Para quem for brasileiro e ver isso:

    Para jogar é necessário entrar no Firewall do Windows e permitir o acesso do aplicativo “Borderlands 3” por lá. Depois execute normalmente (não execute como administrador).

    Eu consegui acessar o jogo pelo ícone do aplicativo que fica dentro da pasta (Borderlands 3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64)

  210. mega (31 Oct 2019, 3:44)

    it fills me with such joy to see so many of you retarded homos having issues running it! i went out and bought some random kid a candy bar at the convenience store, his mom was poor.. and probably a junkie.. just like you shitheads!

  211. Michael Alexandre (31 Oct 2019, 4:05)

    Don`t Run
    Win 10 1903
    RX 5700XT
    i7 3770K
    lastest drivers.

  212. revolta (31 Oct 2019, 4:14)

    jogo funcionando perfeitamente, só demora pra carregar no começo a primeira vez.

    game working perfectly, it only takes time to load in the beginning.

  213. Munter (31 Oct 2019, 4:16)

    Games now crashing when trying to access new planets or just fast travel to planets in general 🙁

  214. Praxit (31 Oct 2019, 4:38)

    Codex with this release. Has taken over the scene. They cracked latest Denuvo protection with all the frosting. Nothing they cant do now. ;)..

  215. Shockwave (31 Oct 2019, 5:29)

    Hail to the CODEX! Great work sir or woman or alien idk 😀

  216. tinker (31 Oct 2019, 5:48)

    anyway to get golden keys or use shift codes? I can use a trainer to get more keys but need 1 initial one to use them.

  217. Jack (31 Oct 2019, 6:51)

    The game worked perfectly here, I tested all versions, this one, FitGirl Repack and Elamigos Repack. The game takes a long time to start (max two minutes), probably a denuvo check (an SSD helps solve this) and my rig is:

    *Processor: FX8350 Stock Clock
    *Memory: 2x4GB Corsair XMS3 DRR3 1333MHz
    *VGA: ASUS GTX 970 Strix
    *HD/SSD: SSD Crucial BX500 240GB + WD blue 2TB 7.200rpm
    *OS: Windows 10 v.1903

    My only problem (and many from what I noticed) is that it does not change the language from English to pt-BR (text only) and I’ve tried everything from shortcut parameters to various editions in .INI

    Note: Even though my setup is old, the game ran perfectly between 50~60fps in FullHD with most filters and effects on ultra, some on high and volumetric fog on medium with FOV in 100

  218. alextreme (31 Oct 2019, 7:05)

    me same at B3 user

    your setting have failed to save and if i click yes or no its same….not continue

    pls help

  219. jTAG (31 Oct 2019, 7:10)

    ok after several attempts with blackcreen & crash, i updated windows and GPU drivers (AMD).

    Now game start (can’t test more time to go)

    TO change language :

    OakGame\Binaries\Win64\CODEX.ini => change manually your language here (tried to french and it work). You can change your ingame name too.

  220. Faucheuse (31 Oct 2019, 8:00)
  221. Twistie (31 Oct 2019, 8:04)

    Thanks dudes you are amazing

  222. Zatfo (31 Oct 2019, 9:10)

    To change the language

    disk/borderlands 3/oakgame/binaries/win64

  223. Andre (31 Oct 2019, 10:21)

    open but bei AMD logo close
    ryzen 9
    rtx 2080 ti rog strix
    ssd force mp 400
    16 gb ram
    last drivers

  224. Cyka Blyat (31 Oct 2019, 10:25)

    Dafuq is this shit. Takes forever to load and crashes in the options menu. If i see claptrap dancing in the loadingscreen 1 more time i’m gonna kill myself.

  225. kalis (31 Oct 2019, 11:07)

    Everything works no problems thanks to codex

  226. zoidy (31 Oct 2019, 11:10)

    It doesnt work. Crashes and beginning

  227. bearr (31 Oct 2019, 11:35)

    Keep getting an error

    The procedure entry point AddDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll.

    any way to fix this?

  228. moaze (31 Oct 2019, 11:58)

    bonjour j’ai une erreur quand je lance le jeu ! Si quelqu’un a une solution? Merci d’avance.

  229. Winner (31 Oct 2019, 12:57)

    Don’t seed. If you got this with a torrent make sure you DON’T seed. Seeding is for losers .. fuck those cunts don’t seed at all … no seeding, forget about seeding. Just don’t seed. Remember:
    After you get the game, stop your download or quit the torrent client. don’t seed. don’t seed.
    no seeding. just DON’T SEED. Fuck ’em all don’t seed. Play the game & DON’T SEED!!!

  230. nico (31 Oct 2019, 13:44)

    ecran noir au lancement du jeu long patientez …une mise a jour de mes drivers a aussi été necessaire jouable en lan avec adminvpn

  231. jimmy (31 Oct 2019, 14:30)

    Games Always keep crashes. Please Fix.

  232. ballen (31 Oct 2019, 15:24)

    wait for update+crack
    this version got the annoying random freeze that can happen at anytime, ingame or in the menu in the start even

  233. dude486 (31 Oct 2019, 15:40)

    Game does not start at all

  234. Merizon (31 Oct 2019, 15:45)

    Everything is working FINE ! No black screens, no long loading times (using C: SSD) even MULTIPLAYER WORKS VIA HAMACHI !!! Playing right now with my friend ^^.

  235. IloveBrick (31 Oct 2019, 15:58)

    For those having problems launching the game, Try NOT running as admin and check the task manager if the game’s is using only the memory and the numbers are fixed, if it is, the game won’t launch. Force close it and try again.
    It takes a while to load, even in powerful machines, but the game is running great at least. Its wonderfully optmized.

  236. DeiviStrife (31 Oct 2019, 16:25)

    Hi, if you’re getting the black screen and crash, search in Windows’s explore bar for Firewall, and in Advanced configuration, create a rule for Borderlands3.exe for letting in and letting out, after that just wait.

  237. gilberto taxista (31 Oct 2019, 16:32)

    palmeiras nao tem mundial

  238. Wesz (31 Oct 2019, 17:16)

    Can some one upload the .exe in the directory “Borderlands 3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64” ?
    My AV delete the file i think :/

  239. Anonymous (31 Oct 2019, 19:20)

    I just wanted to say thank you CODEX! FOr all your releases. Not everyone can afford a $60 game and this gives us the opportunity to play. If you can support the game, please do it’s fantastic. Keep up the good work. You make a lot of people happy!

  240. Rasun (31 Oct 2019, 19:25)

    @Wesz, just add Borderlands 3 folder to exception and unpack game again again.

  241. PUSSI BOI (31 Oct 2019, 19:32)

    everything working… thanks codex!

  242. Kiryas (31 Oct 2019, 21:07)

    Thanks guys,
    but somebody know how change language ?

  243. fry (31 Oct 2019, 21:07)

    how to change tehe language??

  244. Douglasxxzx (31 Oct 2019, 21:09)

    Thanks for the work you guys do. Always giving us free games, even tho people complain all over this site.

  245. stalkers (31 Oct 2019, 21:40)

    thx guys all of you

    the game working good with DX 11 and DX 12

    it takes some time to start at the first time just wait for it to start

    one crash with DX 12 but with DX 11 working good

  246. mega (31 Oct 2019, 22:57)

    the release groups dont see these comments you morons.
    if you are too poor to buy games you play you shouldnt have a fucking pc in the first place!
    the fact that so many of you have issues running this game makes me laugh, because not only are you poor youre fucking stupid.

  247. Sethos (31 Oct 2019, 22:58)

    I’ve a bug with the monitor , someone have the same bug ? or fix for this ?

  248. dash11 (31 Oct 2019, 23:19)

    thanks codex awesome

  249. Geri (01 Nov 2019, 0:08)

    Status 88500000 this is what i get and the game wont start pls some one can help ?

  250. JoPic (01 Nov 2019, 0:24)

    For the codex just crack, go to

    When you go to visuals, and then the advanced tab it freezes, idk if it does it with this version.

    Does this one have the dlc?

  251. jovan (01 Nov 2019, 0:31)

    HI guys,i hawe problem ,when is start to download this game is extremly slow.Usualy i download files with 1,5mbs but this game downloading with just 50 to 100kbs.How can i fix this problem?

  252. jovan (01 Nov 2019, 0:59)

    Hi guys, i hawe problem,when i download speed is extremly slow, usualy i download files adt 1,5mbs but this file wont pass 100kpbs ,How can i fix this problem,i try o diferent computer and is same

  253. PH (01 Nov 2019, 2:26)

    Aqui o jogo nao abria, ele iniciava no gerenciador e fechava. Bloqueei ele no Firewall e desativei o MSI. Pronto, rodando tranquilo por enquanto com tudo no ALTO 60 fps

  254. mega (01 Nov 2019, 2:35)

    gaming in 2019: spending 500$ on a video card, 300$ on a cpu, 200$ on ram, 900$ on a monitor, 150$ on a keyboard, 100$ on a mouse, 200$ on a psu, 300$ on cooling… so you can steal 60$ games and fuck the developers you like the most right up their asses.

    kill the internet.

  255. Cicada (01 Nov 2019, 2:36)

    Will I get the Fortnite meyhem bundle by downloading this?????????????

  256. Fedealvarezar (01 Nov 2019, 2:47)

    Anybody got the “watch the monitor” bug? I can’t fix it, download two different versions of borderlands 3 and test on two different computers.
    I have updated Windows 10 Pro

  257. ludo 34 (01 Nov 2019, 3:03)

    hey merci pour ce jeu,
    j’ai un bug avec la manette impossible de la faire fonctionné. j’ai essayé deux manettes ps4/xbox360 sa marche pas

    hey thanks for this game,
    i have a bug with the gamepad impossible to make it work. i tried two ps4 / xbox360 controllers it’s not working

  258. ton (01 Nov 2019, 3:17)

    Cracked with the ass!
    Why launch with so many erros and crashes like that ?

  259. Yaahaah (01 Nov 2019, 7:05)

    Constantly crashes, better wait for an updated crack

  260. maka (01 Nov 2019, 7:22)

    yesterday the game work perfectly but today when, i want open it he tell me

    error / Oakgame/Binaries/win64/oakgame-win64_shipping.exe oakgame createProcess0return 2
    what hapen some one no ? ty

  261. idlehands (01 Nov 2019, 7:59)

    use fitgirl guys..its only 28gb on english voice over..!!

  262. CynicalTeacher (01 Nov 2019, 9:45)

    Getting a crash when I try to take the Drop Pod to Athenas. No problems up till now but now am unable to leave the ship lol.

  263. Marek (01 Nov 2019, 10:21)

    working fine thanx for your work.

  264. Venom (01 Nov 2019, 10:23)

    For change language: go Codex.ini fichier and change language=english to language=french for example .

  265. Butt Monkey (01 Nov 2019, 10:54)

    Yeah this runs perfectly but a little bit slow to start especially the first time. First start I went into video settings (like usual) but everything I did made it hang for like a minute so it’s better to start the game first and THEN go into settings .. once you’ve started the game settings is normal. I deleted the Gearbox, AMD & 2K videos so I don’t have to see them every start.
    Borderlands again .. for me I never can play it for long or enjoy it: Super annoying little robot fuckwit who never shuts up, shitty cartoon graphics with black outlines on everything, lousy weapons (at least to begin with) & shitty gunplay. Just never seems like fun to me … tedious and boring. I’m sure plenty of you guys love it though so good luck to you … hope you enjoy.

  266. scr34m360 (01 Nov 2019, 11:22)

    game doesnt run.

    not running in admin mode
    let sit while its running in the background for 2 hours
    game does nothing….

  267. stiffy (01 Nov 2019, 11:45)

    @mega … you really are a stupid cunt. Amazon & crApple Wankintosh make billions of dollars & pay virtually zero dollars tax, yet WE are the criminals for getting a $60 game for free? As always in this world, the biggest criminals walk free.
    By the way, in my country it is completely legal for me to download & play this. Oh, before I forget, you are a fucking stupid, pathetic maggot loser.

  268. Wavend (01 Nov 2019, 15:04)

    I work, but in game he wants to constantly save, so unplayable, I will surely buy it

  269. mega (01 Nov 2019, 15:55)

    @stiffy- hooray for being a bitch ass swiss. you are still STEALING property, and if your country wasnt a little commie bitch it would have laws prohibiting theft like the entire rest of the fucking world. fuck apple, like 100% kill every fagot who buys their over priced garbage on this planet, foxcon was the absolute worst mobo manufacturer on the planet until apple came along and started selling overpriced shit hardware as gay flair.. but amazon? amazon gives probably close to a million people jobs (not just directly in their company but when you work out third party sellers and the entire shipping industry) and im sure those people are all taxed. you gotta realize retard, the entire world isnt a communist fuck-hole. not that it matters, because they dont STEAL products and sell them!

    you want to talk to a stupid cunt i suggest you hit your fat ass momma up. you dont have a RIGHT to steal a fucking thing you parasite. i hope you paid 700$ for your 200$ video card because of import taxes you pathetic little fuck.

    note to all (not just this virgin fagot): i have over 100 hours of the legit game with 0 crashes, no giant load screens, no issues at all really aside from it being a pretty tedious game that feels exactly like something i have already played 3 times. controller works, friend list works, options work, oh yea most importantly i can sleep at night and not feel like a whore because i supported a developer whos game i actually played! a couple years from now when all they are making are shit games not worth playing remember that you homos DIDNT support the developers who made the games you enjoyed.

  270. Artie (01 Nov 2019, 16:02)

    @scr34m360. Dude, you must be blind.

    You could not read that EVERYONE is claiming that you SHOULD NOT RUN IN ADMIN MODE?

    Let it sit for 3 more hours, and use the time to think about your stupidity.

    Damn how I hate this reply posting sessions.

  271. plc22jay1187 (01 Nov 2019, 16:31)

    mega why u come to pirate site just to talk shit to ppl? who u expect to find here.. mother teresa? just fuck off an bother some one else dickface asstard. we will pirate game if you like or not

  272. Ryda (01 Nov 2019, 16:45)

    Its the crack or just the game that is a buggy mess with countless CTDs? Speacialy if it happens in loading of certain areas, like lectra city that can brick your character (if you don’t have a save backup or someone to join)

  273. stiffy (01 Nov 2019, 17:42)

    mega … as always on every page you comment you are a pathetic, shit-for-brains, maggot, cum-breath faggot (yeah, learn to spell, retard). You obviouly know nothing about anything: Amazon in most areas of the world pays almost $0 dollars tax while every honest worker must pay to support hospitals, social welfare, civic works etc. Look it up you wanker it’s well known … in fact there is a push in Europe to force such large companies to pay a standard amount so no matter what else you say, they are criminals.
    I don’t expect you to understand because you obviously don’t have the intelligence. You obviously have no life or you wouldn’t be on a free game download site hanging shit on the people who are using it … just so tragic. Crawl back into your mother’s basement & shut your cum-filled mouth before your boyfriend bitch-slaps you into submission again. You are the worst kind of troll & such a sad keyboard warrior stupid shit-licking cunt.

  274. stiffy (01 Nov 2019, 17:46)

    lmao at ‘commie’ … god you really are such a smegma-brain … if you had 1 brain cell it would be lonely. It must really hurt to be you

  275. Will (01 Nov 2019, 18:19)

    the game doesn’t open here, it’s running in second plan 🙁

  276. duck (01 Nov 2019, 19:43)

    for the ones saying it wont start if you are not on ssd its going to take ever to load run as admin and wait for hard drives my ssd takes about 2 mins to load my hard drive after 4 mins i switched drives

  277. Mohammed Sayed (01 Nov 2019, 22:10)

    Can I get a link for the crack only please?

  278. Singularity (01 Nov 2019, 22:17)

    Its works perfectlty for me 😀

  279. youen (01 Nov 2019, 23:05)

    It doesn´t work correctly

  280. Soli (01 Nov 2019, 23:13)

    HI do you know how play whit a friend ? thx

  281. Sage (02 Nov 2019, 1:38)

    Please Seed

  282. sulian (02 Nov 2019, 1:54)

    Anyone have issdone.dll error ? need help

  283. MrMacall (02 Nov 2019, 2:19)

    Very nice game, very nice graphics, worth buy, every penny. Too slow load time, for this cracked version.

  284. The Mighty One (02 Nov 2019, 2:43)

    in order to play Lan, you use Hamachi with your friend or anyother fake like lan. you both start new game and at the begining of the level one of you will find the room.

    At the exe folder. there is CODEX ini change Epic ID with hex.

    and you will play flawlessly.

  285. Mega is a cuck (02 Nov 2019, 5:20)

    @mega you realize you contradicted yourself right? You said it’s a game you felt like you’ve played three times and follow up with ‘when the developers make shit games’. Games are already shit. The same feminist social justice crap each and every time. If it’s not that, it’s DLC up the ass. The only game in recent memory I actually enjoyed was Stellaris which I WAS going to pay for until everything they could possibly make into DLC was made into DLC. Fuck these game devs who think gaming is their political platform. Fuck these game devs who want their cake and 500 more cakes. There isn’t a single game on the planet worth buying right now and if all game crackers suddenly died and there was no one left to make pirated material I, and I am sure many others, wouldn’t give two single fucks. I only continue to pirate in the vain hope something of any value will be made. So far I have been left wanting.

    Fuck off with your cucked ideology of ‘stealing is wrong man!!’ and go back to whatever cum-caked shithole you crawled out of. No one who knows anything about the current state of gaming gives two shits if it’s stealing because it is already in the trash can.

    That’s not even touching on the ‘piracy is not stealing it’s illegal sharing’ argument.

  286. sadasdasd (02 Nov 2019, 7:03)

    maya and lilith is dead

  287. Abad00m (02 Nov 2019, 8:23)

    awesome as always <3 2 bad torrent really are crazy slow 300kb/s

  288. HolyZealots (02 Nov 2019, 8:32)

    @The Mighty One
    Can you please explain how to change Epic ID with Hex.
    Iam not sure what hex is.

  289. Mega (02 Nov 2019, 9:10)

    i’m sorry guys i have no social life and no friends
    my life is so sad i just need to talk shit here
    to be a keyboard warrior is my life because in real life i’m nothing

  290. mega_is_dumb (02 Nov 2019, 9:28)

    Amazon is already working on fully autonomous warehouses, so they don’t have to pay employees. As soon as they are ready, all those jobs will be lost. The same goes for delivery, while they have actual humans delivering packages at this point, they want to get them done by drones in the end. So also these jobs will be lost. Look at their Amazon Fresh shops, everything is manages by cameras and sensors. No jobs there either. Other companies are also following this path, less employees means less cost and most importantly less rights to pay attention to, like breaks, work conditions, safety, etc.
    Oh yes, what an awesome company Amazon really is………NOT!

  291. epiphany (02 Nov 2019, 10:33)

    So not only does it take a while to load, but it ocasionally crashes on startup smh, anyone have a fix?

  292. Joe (02 Nov 2019, 11:18)

    Can i use shift codes in this cracked version? how can i unlock good weapons in this cracked version?

  293. waitsa (02 Nov 2019, 11:19)

    Who managed to make this game work more than 3 minutes?

  294. Beluka16 (02 Nov 2019, 13:23)

    I had isuess to start game, but after looking on internet for fixing it i make these steps:
    1. when installing game disable antivirus
    2. go to firewall and make new rules and block them
    3. then i blocked the bordelands rules too

    If not working everything try reinstall windows and uptade gpu and actualisation for windows.

    Hope it will help.
    Game is starting normaly (max 3minutes) and without problem playing no crashes.

  295. Joe (02 Nov 2019, 14:02)

    Don’t run well after successful install and run game, it freeze when I try to change the visual settings, eats A LOT of memory almost full 16gb. When launching the game it will show optimising shaders loading screen. A cracked game so of course you cant play online with this. Other than that, this is a legit cracked game. Not optimized well. Instead, I have chosen to uninstall straight away.

  296. mega (02 Nov 2019, 14:22)

    you are some annoying little ignoramuses.. why does amazon pay no taxes in some places? oh, could it be because it INJECTS money into the places?! you fucking brain damaged fagots (that IS the correct spelling, imbecile) obviously have no clue how the world works and even less of a clue how games work. obviously you cant use shift codes in a cracked game, i mean holy fucking fuck how stupid can you kids be!? its the same as the other THREE borderlands games that have been released (go figure it feeling like a game i played 3 times already you knuckle dragging slack jawed fuckwit) which means the formula is getting stale. stellaris and every other paradox game is the same bullshit, i pity you stupid fucks for supporting them ever because they have ALWAYS been greed based cunts.

    stealing is stealing by the way, not that i expect some eurofag to comprehend that because 0 AAA games (or even AA games for that matter) come out of switzerland.. infact pretty much nothing does.

  297. FlexingBoiii (02 Nov 2019, 16:59)

    What version is this ???

  298. PUSSI BOI (02 Nov 2019, 17:07)

    everything is working…

    if don’t work for you, do this: kill yourself

  299. gratefulgamer (02 Nov 2019, 17:35)

    @Mega What the hell are you doing? In no universe are you allowed to talk to people like this. You should be ashamed of yourself. You talk like you are some sort of justice warrior who is setting people straight but damn i have not seen anyone show their ignorance at basic humanity in a long time.

  300. REEEEEE (02 Nov 2019, 20:05)

    @mega Stealing is bad. Games are good. Even games which are the exact same. Everything I like is good and you like is bad.

  301. Void (02 Nov 2019, 20:06)

    How do i change the language? PT_BR btw

  302. Bongsmoker42 (02 Nov 2019, 21:02)

    Gotta wait for an update to patch the Lectra City and Athenas crashes.

  303. sillywillyhaha (02 Nov 2019, 22:12)

    Gotta wait for an update patch, To patch the Lectra and Athenas crash issues which is only in the codex release of borderlands 3

  304. stiffy (02 Nov 2019, 23:52)

    Awww, poor little sMega. Ya gotta feel sorry for him really. He was born when his mother had really bad stomach pains so she went to the crapper & dropped an ugly disgusting stinky shit. She noticed it had some hair on it so she reached in, picked it up & wrapped it in shit-paper. Over the years it grew into a bigger & bigger piece of shit .. this is sMega, or Mega-Shit as is his real name. He only went to school for two years cos the other kids hated him .. let’s face it: He’s only a big piece of shit & stinks so bad .. no brain, just shit. EVERYONE hates him.

    There are so many bad things in the world: The CIA admitted to committing 100,000 SERIOUS crimes worldwide every year. Yeah, you read that right, one hundred thousand … that’s over 270 per day. SERIOUS crimes .. like murder, kidnapping, bombing etc. Fucking unbelievably evil. Israel shoots unarmed civilians, jails children & continues to steal more & more land every year … just SOME of their crimes. So many bad things are happening in the world all the time yet the best thing stupid smega can do is come to a free game download site to try to hassle people. He doesn’t have the brains or the balls to tackle anything real or meaningful cos, as we know, he is just a huge piece of shit .. totally fucking useless garbage that needs to be flushed. Would make the world a better place. Go on Mega-Shit .. jump in front of a train … just die you ugly cunt!

  305. ben (03 Nov 2019, 0:47)

    i got it working by
    1-installing it on a hard drive
    2-run it and wait for up to 5 minutes and check its cpu and ram usage in task manager
    3-force close it if it does not do anything
    4-run the game again. wait and check task manager
    5-force close it if it does not do anything and restart your pc
    6-i ran it. force closed it. and restarted my pc twice and saw the game started using more cpu and ram instead of O% cpu and a few hundred MB of ram. so i let it keep running for a few minutes even when it sometimes shows not responding
    7-then the game loaded and crashed after the first logo . so i restarted my pc again
    8-now is running fine on 2 of my pc. and time to load is 3 minutes max to menu on hdd
    9-one of my pc got it working after the first restart. so its a hit or miss
    good luck

  306. user (03 Nov 2019, 0:58)

    Please split the huge file into 20, 10 or 8.5 GB (Double Layer DVD) parts each.

    Thank you!!!

  307. oh1no (03 Nov 2019, 1:22)


  308. Murdamook (03 Nov 2019, 5:40)

    Works great thx!

    finallly got LAN game working on Zero tier if anyone want to join 2/4 🙂
    @[email protected]

  309. mega (03 Nov 2019, 5:46)

    yea.. thats because i HAVE no respect for you simpering fuckwits. you are sub-human twats that deserve every bit of misery this world dumps on you. i am just an example of somebody who ISNT paid to be nice to you little fagots. cant boycott my games, or ruin my career, or shame me on twitter.. so i get to be completely unrestrained. you ask the dumbest fucking questions, you fail to follow the simplest of instructions, and you in short fail catastrophically at life. why the fuck would i care about how you losers feel? youre generations of lowered bars and dashed hopes, you epitomize the worst that humanity has to offer… for fucks sake you cant even steal a game properly!
    number of issues i had running a legit version of the game on my m.2 drive? ZERO! i bet you shit-birds eat mcburgers out of the dumpster when you get a chance too (its probably where your parents met).

  310. mega (03 Nov 2019, 8:57)

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  311. PEP (03 Nov 2019, 9:06)

    This worked for me:

    In my case the game could run in background till it stopped ad 510 MB.

    Change the time on your PC for the timeline in London.
    You have 2 launchers in Game folder. Launch the crack one (the one that weights more than 500 MB)
    (C:\Games\Borderlands 3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64) without admin permission!

    Hope it will work for you too.

  312. TDRA (03 Nov 2019, 9:47)

    for those who want to play LAN game, use radmin VPN, i found is the easiest and fastes way/program to set a working lobby

  313. splash (03 Nov 2019, 10:00)

    I had the problem that the game would not start or if it started to main menu, I was not able to start a new game. The problem was, that the ISO file I downloaded from here installed corrupted PAK files. I used the CRC check from Fitgirl to verify that all files are healthy. Firgirls release also had corrupt pak files, so I had to combine them. After that, the game started fine. The next problem was, that I could not start a new game. Looking at task manager I saw how the game would use up all memory and swap and finally just close itself. I changed graphics settings to the lowest possible and from there I was able to start a new game. From there you have to try out different settings which run fine.

    It’s not the crack, it’s the crappy game. It’s full of bugs and memory leaks!

  314. PEP (03 Nov 2019, 10:23)

    This worked for me:
    In my case the game could run in background till it stopped ad 510 MB.

    Change the time on your PC for the timeline in London.
    You have 2 launchers in Game folder. Launch the crack one (the one that weights more than 500 MB) without admin permission!

    Hope it will work for you too.

  315. sin4sin (03 Nov 2019, 10:46)

    mega yo are such a dweeb assmunch. im gonna dl anything an everything i want here and so is every1 else. jus keep playin with your lil dick in your moms garage shitcake

  316. gratefulgamer (03 Nov 2019, 13:40)

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    I am certain that you are as physically small (in every way) as you are mentally small. I can see no other explanation for you to act the way you do.

    I feel sorry for you.

  317. ^this guy is a cunt (03 Nov 2019, 13:42)

    So mega is a boomer, should have known. Imagine being old and still use “youre” instead or your or you are.

    And he still doesn’t understand that people also boycott Epic game store and their trash method that will destroy pc gaming slowly. This game would have sold like crazy if it was on steam. Also I’m sure mega never downloaded a tv show episode, or downloaded music or whatnot. What a great man he is.

    Fucking hypocrite. Congrats for running the game with denuvo and EGS spyware.

  318. Yasin (03 Nov 2019, 15:42)

    How can i play with my friends on hamachi ?

  319. Bury me with my money (03 Nov 2019, 18:21)

    The game opens. then, when i select New Game qand choose the dificult and mode of Coop, when i press E to confirm, the game closes. How i can fix this?

  320. stiffy (03 Nov 2019, 20:06)

    omg it’s so SO sad that mega-shit thinks anyone will read his braindead garbage posts. I learnt many years ago that the rantings of a shit-licking retard are worth less than nothing. I can just see everyone else sadly shaking their heads at the special needs guy mega-shit who thinks he is doing so well but in reality doesn’t have the intellectual ability to see the real world around him. He is beyond sad, too tragic .. don’t waste your sympathy on him; he is malicious, he sees only hatred & that is what he deserves from others.

  321. bang bang you dead (03 Nov 2019, 22:09)

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  322. Luigi Raupp (03 Nov 2019, 22:22)

    Game Works fine in – i5 2500k – gtx960 2gb – 12gb ram. The dlc dont work but the main story is fine.

  323. CPY-ARMY (04 Nov 2019, 1:17)

    So many children complaining to themself. if the game is not working for you for some reason do ur research you probably have something missing like a driver or outdated updates or even the antivirus is blocking something. & About the drama going on here Really? who gives a shit about some random ass faggot opinion and insults about anything on a piracy website. What an idiot wasting his life doing nothing lol.

  324. pepe el loco (04 Nov 2019, 4:41)

    don´t work

  325. mega (04 Nov 2019, 6:37)

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  326. magic77hamster (04 Nov 2019, 7:08)

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    By the way, this game runs great for me with no problems at all. Not a big fan of Borderland but it’s nice to be able to check it out so thanks to Skidrow Reloaded. Keep up the good work guys.

  327. Abad00m (04 Nov 2019, 8:05)

    i had loads of problem starting this game, everytime i try start it nothing happen it just got stuck around 510mb and had to manualy close the game from taskmanager. after som searching around in the game folder i found out that in Borderlands 3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64 theres another borderlands3.exe file and this is works perfect for me game works whitout any issues or lag

  328. jimmy (04 Nov 2019, 9:28)

    how can i get Golden Key?….

  329. Mines (04 Nov 2019, 12:07)

    Legit and works flawlessly – No need for a crack either, just install and run.
    Thank you hackers!

  330. James (04 Nov 2019, 12:36)

    can`t change the language =/

  331. stiffy (04 Nov 2019, 13:50)

    I think I worked out mega-shit’s problem: He’s a wheelchair guy. So as well as being mentally handicapped, he’s physically handicapped too! He has nothing in life so he comes here and obsesses over the games & people. Such a sad loser .. too sad for me so I’m out of it. The faggot boy-toucher can say what he likes cos makes no difference to anyone or anything; simply shows how fucked-up so many retards are but especially HIM.

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  332. Ham Sandwich (04 Nov 2019, 16:45)

    So everything is working fine, until I get to ellie’s

    cannot approach the doorway to meet her without crashing.

  333. jiss (04 Nov 2019, 16:53)

    language only ENG ? thx

  334. Perp (04 Nov 2019, 18:05)

    it wouldnt work until i updated nvidia drivers and rebooted pc. Now it starts up within a minute, hope it helps others

  335. picachu_boi (04 Nov 2019, 22:38)

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  336. Azure Knight (04 Nov 2019, 22:54)

    IsDone.dll error tried fixing it but nothing, anyone can help?

  337. mega (04 Nov 2019, 23:17)

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  338. Freyzord (05 Nov 2019, 0:35)

    Any fix black screen?

  339. MixmastR (05 Nov 2019, 6:31)

    running successfully,
    1. when the installer loads.. check both boxes. click to start the install.
    2. when you see the game icon on the desktop, run it normal, no need for admin running.
    3. i ended the task of the first run because task manager says it’s not running.
    4. run again, and let it run, the screen went black and claptrap ran across the bottom of the screen about 4 or 5 times.
    5. the game opens and loads.
    note: it didn’t take a whole lot of time.
    my rig: I5-9600k, 16 GB mem, two RX570s video cards
    the game speced my rig, it will take a few minutes at first startup.

  340. mega likes to watch his lady get plowed by black bulls (05 Nov 2019, 6:48)

    @mega if you pirate doesn’t that make you a terrible human bean? I mean EVERYONE who pirates is shit right? So you’re shit? Nevermind, we established that already. I think the only way you can make amends for how much of a pathetic cunt you are is to kill yourself to be honest.

  341. mega (05 Nov 2019, 10:14)

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  342. SadJesus (05 Nov 2019, 11:32)

    the game crash when going to athenas someone know how to fix it?

  343. Sandro de Vega (05 Nov 2019, 11:40)

    Did not work. The process starts and the game does not.

  344. Bob (05 Nov 2019, 14:18)

    Hi guys, anyone knows about Golden Keys in this version of the game? I think maybe we can’t get to work but only works with connection to Shift and blah blah…

    PS: Thank you CODEX 🙂 .

  345. BulletRemedy (05 Nov 2019, 14:54)

    Wow Mega has some serious mental health issues! Not going to bother adding to any additional comments in regards to this guy, or any other guy/girl for that matter.

    But WOW!!!! Please Mega, seek some help. It seems you’re reaching out but in the worst way possible. Wherever you are, UK or AUS; There’s plenty of help out there, You seem very hurt and sad AF! You’re representing the worst Humanity has to offer, but go to a trained psychiatric professional and get better.

    All the best on your endeavours …..

  346. Kevin (05 Nov 2019, 15:07)

    Take some notes kids. Remember to not care about protection and just focus on getting laid or youll start trying to lecture people on morality in a website which people go to get cracked games.

  347. Ravenz (05 Nov 2019, 16:15)

    Game is working fine. Run without admin rights. However as others have stated the game crashes when trying to go to Athenas or lecktra ( something like that ) city. Kicks you out to desktop and when you reload you are back on ship and can not drop ship to planet without ctd.

  348. jello4433 (06 Nov 2019, 1:16)

    i will be all over this game if it works well

  349. smh tbh (06 Nov 2019, 3:50)

    @mega how often does Tyrone come every day to ride your lady? Twice, thrice? Pretty sad honestly.

  350. Luna (06 Nov 2019, 12:29)

    Someone can plz upload just the crack? I have downloaded the game, but when haven’t the crack :/

  351. claudio (06 Nov 2019, 13:45)

    bosta de jogo.. jogo chato do caralho…

  352. gratefulgamer (06 Nov 2019, 17:03)


    It is people like you who do the shooting, but you probbly see that as a compliment.
    Like other people here said, please get some therapy you really need it.

  353. Faisal (06 Nov 2019, 17:36)

    I’m getting a status error 88500000. How can I work around this?

  354. Topo (06 Nov 2019, 18:51)

    Hola, me sale el mismo error el: 8850000.

    ¿Alguien sabe como solucionarlo?

  355. leo (06 Nov 2019, 20:35)

    CAUTION !!! Cuidado con este archivo torrent !!! Me atascó la máquina !!!!

  356. Xerany (06 Nov 2019, 22:17)

    Please upload the torrent to a website that isn’t complete garbage and requires me to disable any and all protection I have, thanks!

  357. Big Pig (07 Nov 2019, 3:45)

    Fucking CODEX stopped working! Had to get the Fitgirl version which works!!!

  358. Ragecuite (07 Nov 2019, 12:30)

    For the CRASH on LECTRA city after loading screen, put all you graphic on very low. It worked for me.
    I was on ultra graphic Didn’t try on medium or anything one per one, just did very low graphic and it worked…
    Hope it can help ^_^ .

  359. Dunamis (07 Nov 2019, 14:03)

    it was working flawless upto level 15. Now game wont even start. Everytime i click to continue game it starts to load then just exits to desktop. Its definitely a crack problem.

  360. Ragecuite (07 Nov 2019, 14:08)

    For the CRASH on LECTRA city, it doesnt work anymore on low graphic for me… Maybe i just got lucky but i couldnt finish all the quest, now i keep crashing. i give up with Lectra.

  361. Shawshu (07 Nov 2019, 15:15)

    Hey all,

    I’m getting a “Sorry, something went wrong. For solutions, please visit … ” error message when launching the game. One solution for the actual game is to update the Epic Launcher, but I’m not finding a fix for the cracked version. Any thoughts?

  362. Ryda (07 Nov 2019, 16:57)

    Game is a mess, crack is another mess on itself (not that i blame the guys, they had to deal with the cancer that is denuvo) Lectra City, Athenas and the game no always starting issues are cracked version specific problems.

    Only solution is to either wait for a proper/refined crack or for the steam release because at this point running this game is more of a headache than it is worth.

    But still, to the CODEX guys, Thanks for the work done.

  363. NoNameRequired (07 Nov 2019, 20:03)

    Srsly, this is a huuuuge mess. Cannot rly play yet.

  364. Morty (07 Nov 2019, 21:45)

    For everyone who has problems:

    Make sure your installation is not corrupt!

    I downloaded the ISO from here and installed the game without any errors.
    But then I just could not get the game to start at all.

    In the end I downloaded the game from Fitgirl. After setup, it does a CRC check and guess what, 2 files were corrupt! So ran the CRC check tool from the other installtion folder (ISO version from here) and there were 7 files corrupt!

    Fortunately they were different corrupt files in both installations, so I was able to copy the 2 good files from the ISO installation to the Fitgirl installation and replace the corrupt ones. From there the game started just fine.

    The only problem I had was with the anisotropic filter. I had to turn it off in order to create a new game. It didn’t matter if I play it on lowest of highest settings, as long as anisotropic filter was OFF, The only difference was FPS. Played for hours without a single crash or problem. Finished the whole game now with all side missions.

    So make sure your files are not corrupt (use Fitgirls CRC check tool), at the first start you might need to kill the task in task manager if it is doing nothing, turn off anisotropic filter, do a benchmark run on your new graphics settings to see how it performs. I ended up using a mix of high and medium settings giving me constant 60+ FPS.

  365. Beej (08 Nov 2019, 3:40)

    Here’s the solution i found on reddit
    If it crash on loading screen again and again, and you can’t Lectra, then:
    – Enable console (Injector
    – Choose character in main menu and click “~”, or “Tab”,
    Command “Open Sanctuary3_P”

    It will take you to sanctuary 3, then load into a different map and go to lectra city on foot. DO NOT FAST TRAVEL to lectra city. You have to use this injector if it crashes again to take you back to Sanctuary 3. This is a legit software, but you might have to turn your antivirus off to download it. My anti-virus picked it up as virus too, but it’s not

  366. Prasad M (08 Nov 2019, 4:45)

    Hey Skidrow, None of the above torrent link works. Upload new links. Awaiting this awesome game. 😉

  367. 58Gb or 28Gb ? (08 Nov 2019, 8:01)

    Hi, anyone can tell me why game sizes is 58Gb and the other 1 is 28Gb??
    Does 58Gb make it more contents? like DLC?

  368. dunamis (08 Nov 2019, 12:27)

    Beej (08 Nov 2019, 3:40)
    Here’s the solution i found on reddit
    If it crash on loading screen again and again, and you can’t Lectra, then:
    – Enable console (Injector
    – Choose character in main menu and click “~”, or “Tab”,
    Command “Open Sanctuary3_P”

    It will take you to sanctuary 3, then load into a different map and go to lectra city on foot. DO NOT FAST TRAVEL to lectra city. You have to use this injector if it crashes again to take you back to Sanctuary 3. This is a legit software, but you might have to turn your antivirus off to download it. My anti-virus picked it up as virus too, but it’s not


    can this be done from the main menu screen? As when i click continue it just crashes to desktop.

  369. YO (08 Nov 2019, 22:27)

    Download and add borderlands.exe and click on play a few times, the game is instant starting ^^. Play with or without Cheats. Fixed my Problems.

    On DX12 the Game needs longer to load, so. Ur Choice

  370. Gregson (09 Nov 2019, 0:55)

    Google for: Watch Monitor BUG
    The very first link in the google results should be from the gearbox forums, access that thread and scroll down a little – you’ll see someone posted a google drive link to a movies folder, which is probably missing from your install – this is what is causing the monitor bug!
    Grab that zipped movies file and extract it into your Borderlands 3OakGameContent folder, so it looks like this: Borderlands 3\Oakgame\Content\Movies
    After that, fire up the game again and it should work.
    If it still doesn’t work and you’re on Windows 10 N, which comes without media player and it’s assets, you’ll need the media feature pack for windows – google for : Latest Windows Media Feature Pack
    Get it installed and you should be good to go.
    If it STILL does not work, you might have K-lite codec pack causing an inteference.
    There is a proper way to tell K-lite to let windows use it’s native codecs, but i can’t be arsed to look that one up, so you can just uninstall K-lite or revert it to it’s default settings.

  371. Aloupad (09 Nov 2019, 8:50)

    Can you put another uptobox link plz , this one is dead .
    Thank you for your attention.
    And for the work 😀

  372. GT (09 Nov 2019, 15:01)

    For all those who experience game crash after Claptrap´s intro dance, upgrade your GPU drivers and/or download GPU driver software from AMD or Nvidia. Had the same problem, not anymore after the update.

  373. ClapCrap (09 Nov 2019, 18:50)

    does anyone knows wich version of the came this is?
    If its before or after the patch of September

  374. shogo (09 Nov 2019, 19:33)

    Everything is awesome till Lectra city (but you only have a side quest there so ok lets dont care about that) but then you proceed in the story and cant go to planet Athenas and you are doomed idk if everyone has the same problem or just a few of us, but i assume its something to do with the crack cuz non of my files are corrupted i blocked the game and did everything you have to do (unlike meny others here) so pls do something with that, i know its hard and im not complaining just im not sure if you guys are awere of this problem or not

  375. Jeth (10 Nov 2019, 5:37)

    Anyone else experiencing where you can’t fast travel to other location while in sanctuary ship?

  376. Dammit (10 Nov 2019, 13:10)

    I tried updating my graphics driver and it is the latest version. The game crashes every 5minutes or so…

  377. mumie (10 Nov 2019, 14:21)

    … seed PLS have DWL rate 2.3 Kbs -.-

  378. poop (10 Nov 2019, 14:22)

    cant go to Athenas it crashes on loading, thats a shame.Would buy retail but I aint giving Epic exclusive games my money

  379. NickNick (10 Nov 2019, 15:27)

    For people who are having issues getting to Athenas, then there is a work around. Open the game and get it to just before the point where the game crashes (usually when you are at the drop pod). Then tab out of the game and open a second instance of the game (there is a second executable in \Borderlands 3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64 if that helps) and get that to the same place.

    Tab back the the first instance and click on the drop pod and then immediately tab to the second instance and click on the drop pod. The first instance should then crash out in the background, but the second instance should keep running.

    If this is successful you will then get a save point in Athenas, but you will then need to do this same trick when loading the game in future from the main menu (where you click on “Continue”). This will probably need to be done until you have cleared Athenas (but I can’t confirm that myself)

    I tried everything including updating Windows and the Video Drivers, and lowering the settings to very low, but nothing was consistent except the trick above (which even works with DX12 and High settings)

    The downside is that you get two load times, and for people experiencing long load times this can be a pain. You can reduce load times a lot by reducing the video settings though

  380. Nath (11 Nov 2019, 0:02)

    NickNick thank you so fucking much was about to just delete this cause i couldnt find a fix <3 <3

  381. mega (11 Nov 2019, 9:44)

    ..or just buy the game and not deal with all that bullshit. its SO funny that you sad fucks are suffering this much for a mediocre game.

  382. Jello4433 (11 Nov 2019, 18:48)

    alot of trouble loading stuff

  383. Dunamis (11 Nov 2019, 18:50)

    Anyone found a fix for the issue were you click continue to continue your game and you just get sent back to your desktop?

  384. Beej (12 Nov 2019, 5:41)

    Yes it works on the title screen and it should work for you if your game is crashing as soon as you click continue.

  385. mega (12 Nov 2019, 9:50)

    just delete c:windows\system32, restart pc, let windows do its thing, all problems solved.

  386. fedees (12 Nov 2019, 13:38)

    Must be something to do with the reboot.. i tried ao many times a week or so ago, and now since win updates and reboot,, it worked first time like a dream, didn’t even have to wait very long for main titles to show up…though it seems like @NickNick, HAS DISCOVERED AND SEEMINGLY OVERCOME A WHOLE DIFFERENT ISSUE, PROB NOTHING TO SDO WITH THE CRACK….ffs appologies caps…

  387. :^) (13 Nov 2019, 4:27)

    @mega open mouth insert barrel

  388. bearr (13 Nov 2019, 5:54)

    can anyone play the Bloody Harvest campaign? or is it just unavailable even if there’s Maurice there?

  389. mega (13 Nov 2019, 11:40)

    yea.. you cock munchers TOTALLY get to play the limited time content for the game you STOLE.. idiot.

  390. Doudi (13 Nov 2019, 15:08)

    @mega i try but my pc its dead i dont understand. I read this mes with my phone, help ?

  391. mega (14 Nov 2019, 2:59)

    @twattypants open mouth insert anus.

  392. alpha (14 Nov 2019, 15:37)

    Size In Disk ?? please

  393. :^) (15 Nov 2019, 9:34)

    @niiice. take you all day?

  394. orion (16 Nov 2019, 3:57)

    @Doudi You shoulnt have listened to Mega. He tricked you. System32 are files for windows to run. Now you have to reinstall Windows.

  395. mega (16 Nov 2019, 23:15)

    problem solved

  396. Jello4433 (17 Nov 2019, 0:57)

    the game is broken for me and freezes after claptrap

  397. szawel (17 Nov 2019, 18:18)

    Corrupt save file three times. Waiting for the patch because this version is unplayable.

  398. farfadai (17 Nov 2019, 21:28)

    can we have french ?

  399. Need FR translation (18 Nov 2019, 0:03)

    how can i have an FR patch , for the text only ? i can play in eng but.. sometme a weird accent is taken and i dont fully understand … so if someone have an idea i’ll take it thx ! 😀

  400. mega (18 Nov 2019, 13:56)

    want it in french? buy the game you piss swilling fagots!

  401. Garcia Emmanuel (18 Nov 2019, 14:42)

    Je n’arrive pas à mettre en francais malgré le fichier texte CODEX ou l’on choisi son nom et la langue. Le nom ce modifie mais pas la langue, que faire?

  402. mega loves the sausage (19 Nov 2019, 2:12)

    @mega why so asshurt?

  403. asd (19 Nov 2019, 18:44)


  404. osk (19 Nov 2019, 18:45)


  405. MuffinManiac (20 Nov 2019, 0:40)

    Hi Codex , Skidrow

    may i request to upload a patch file for Borderlands 3 ?

    I am stuck in the quest “Family Matters” where quest door wont open.

    Gearbox addressed this issue through an update and hoping you could give the patch file too.

    Many Thanks!

  406. mega (21 Nov 2019, 10:14)

    if you want the latest patches and updates for the game.. BUY THE FUCKING THING! do you twats not get that they are patching it weekly for a reason?

  407. Kike (21 Nov 2019, 18:50)

    I got a problem. This game’s torrent ALWAYS makes my uTorrent crash. It’s the only torrent with wich I have this problem. Someone know any solution? I already tried to reinstall it.

  408. lu1sy4brudy (22 Nov 2019, 12:27)

    5.2 score in Metacritic, wtf is wrong with this world. This is so far the best game of the year

  409. mega (22 Nov 2019, 14:09)

    best game of this year doesnt mean much.. its been a pretty shit year when you think about it, also i would honestly rate outer worlds above it. there is not much to do in borderlands 3 after you hit cap and the grind to cap is mindless (kill the same 2-3 bosses over and over).

  410. cavello (22 Nov 2019, 15:42)

    just stfu 😛 @mega

  411. MRLoki (23 Nov 2019, 14:13)

    Hope there’s an update patch or a new version soon. The latest updates to the game have introduced mayhem 4 and new content already.

  412. Mohamad (24 Nov 2019, 14:55)

    you are the best

  413. zvenguer (25 Nov 2019, 7:48)

    the game exists while i’m playing and there many other bugs , for exemple i can’t refill ammo from vending machine and many other stuff regarding quests please help

  414. Sapphiress (25 Nov 2019, 21:31)

    This really needs an update. It’s so buggy it’s almost unplayable.

  415. mega (26 Nov 2019, 2:43)

    buy it losers! its like you stupid fucks dont comprehend “beggers cant be choosers”

  416. Sapphiress (27 Nov 2019, 8:35)

    @mega blow it out your ass dude. I plan on buying it when I have the extra money. What are you even doing here? You obviously don’t understand a thing about the piracy scene. We don’t come here to steal games and never pay for them, we come here to try before we buy. So kindly, take that high horse you rode in on and go get fucked by it. If I would have gone out and bought this game and it ran like this day one I wouldn’t have been happy, and I refuse to spend $60.00 on something that for all of know runs like shit so when I can play bug free and I have $60.00 I will be buying it.

  417. mega (27 Nov 2019, 10:10)

    @sap- the cracked version runs like shit you fucking twat, the actual game i and many others had 0 problems with. “when you have the money” comes a fuck of alot later when you have already played the game doesnt it… retard. as for my knowledge of the scene.. i was through with it before you knew what to do with it. i remember shitting on fucking morons like you back when you were asking “how do i play a .rar file” and “how do i open a iso file”, for fucks sake i remember dubbing cassettes. if you cunts are here to steal games then go suck a dick and be happy with the SCRAPS that you get, dont sit here demanding updates.

  418. Buahahaha (27 Nov 2019, 11:50)

    What a sore looser xD I love fatties refreshing threads every 5 min just to call someone twat and feel better xD

  419. markone (27 Nov 2019, 16:34)

    @mega ok boomer

  420. mega is a cunt (27 Nov 2019, 16:59)

    man.. you suck

  421. Sapphiress (27 Nov 2019, 17:00)

    @mega it most certainly does not run fine. I know multiple people who bought with the same graphics card and there are still major fuck ups.

    I’ve been cracking shit since using ollybdg and nopping the hell out of old win95 programs dude dont try to flex any limited and obviously flawed knowledge you have on me. Your spouting off random bullshit that any dirka customer service rep would know. so your whole bullshit spiel you’re going on about iso files and cassettes doesn’t even make a valid point. You’re literally wandering around trying to start an argument So go buy a gun suck on the barrel and pull the trigger you fucking pussy. I bet your mommy and daddy won’t miss you kid and obviously you have no friends if this is how you act. And no your mlp and lol figurines doesnt count as friends.

    I never demanded an update I just said it runs like shit. Let’s see how much shit you actually buy dude? Because my steam library alone has almost 500 games all bought and paid for, Let alone the other hundred of so I have in other launchers, and have physically. You’re not coming for any moral high ground here, all you’re doing is making yourself look like an ass.

  422. mega (27 Nov 2019, 19:29)

    sap- im well over 2000 games on steam jerkoff i have 200+ vr games alone, couple hundred more on uplay and origin, and hundreds on consoles. 500.. if you are going to brag about something atleast have it BE something. stupid fuck sitting here bragging about his 2 inch dick.

    its not bullshit either, dumb asses like you have been asking stupid questions and making idiotic statements all along. you dont know how to run or maintain your machines so they blame the games. “this really needs an update. its so buggy its almost unplayable” arent your fucking words? go for a ride on your uncles lap you shit lipped scrote sucker.

  423. mega (27 Nov 2019, 21:59)

    i sorry about that bullshi. im gay and i have problems. and i want to suck u =)

  424. look at this faggot (28 Nov 2019, 10:32)

    Serious talk mega, but what are you missing out of life that you expect to find here? It’s not to “le troll le epic exdee exdee exdee” because you’re so very bad at it. So what? Why not just come clean I think you’ll feel better.

  425. mega (29 Nov 2019, 13:42)

    i live to make you dumb spunk junkies rage

  426. You need medical attention (30 Nov 2019, 10:44)

    The game does run like poop, poorly optimised and the stuttering issues are beyond a joke, to suggest everyone with issues have a lack of maintaining their rigs clearly shows how inept you are, regardless of your fabricated statements.

    I suggest you seek medical attention, I pity you for the inordinate amount of time you’ve spent on here making yourself look like a complete tool, “you live to make people rage”. I agree there are some clueless kids on here that demand too much from this site for nothing, nor do they take the time to read install instructions and expect to be baby fed cracks but…

    One has to question, if you’re getting any personal affection in real life or indeed any sort of human contact considering the bullshit you’ve spouted about owning over 3000 games…?

    Normally the case and to generalise as you so have willingly done so, this behaviour relates to a case of said individual being lonely, family disowned you, living in a 1 bed studio flat, income supplied predominantly by benefits and a lack of social empathy and/or social interaction with zero real life goals. With nothing to aim for in real life and zero stature, you feel the need to “try” to elevate your position in a virtual environment as there’s zero chance of it happening in real life.

    I do pity you and suggest you seek some form of attention other than the premium rate phone numbers. You’re free to reply but I won’t be reading it, as my engagement with you doesn’t pass beyond this message, fortunately I’m in the conscious of knowing this will either agree with you or provoke you, regardless of which I’ll have moved on content in life both ingame and out and you can spout all the vulgarities you like it won’t get read by me.

    Replying to this knowing I won’t personally read it, dictates to everyone you’re clearly not right in the head. Seek help, before you end up taking a full auto into a school somewhere..

  427. fcfcan (30 Nov 2019, 13:18)

    need iso link asap

  428. mega (30 Nov 2019, 13:28)

    not bullshit.. i have been playing videogames as long as they have existed. im an ACTUAL gamer, not just some knob jockey who plays whatever filth ign tells me to play. just having humble monthly adds about 100 games a year.. what kind of cretin are you that you would think 3000 is even a big number? i know people who are bundle junkies that have over 5000 games on steam alone.

    as for the rest of your clueless psychobabble.. i have already achieved all my goals. including playing through borderlands 3 without a single issue, no stuttering, no lag, the only issue i had was the mic volume being too low at times. its common knowledge that this crack is shit, which gives people a negative perception of the game before they even actually play it.

    a bitch like you doesnt post these sort of pretend insight posts without coming back to check for a response, youre not fooling anybody. fight the urge to respond with all your pathetic soul.. or just change your tag again. nothing you say permeates me. now im going to go kick a random 12 year old down an escalator for fun while thinking oh SO deeply on what youve said..twat.

  429. lu1sy4brudy (30 Nov 2019, 20:00)

    Is there any way to play the bloody harvest event? I talked to maurice but nothing happens

  430. mega (01 Dec 2019, 5:22)

    the event ends on the 5th anyways. if you wanted to play it you should have bought the game. they obviously didnt crack it properly and probably wont until the steam version comes out (because steam is the worst copy protection since shrink wrap), i cant really see them spending a month to re-crack the game every week or 2 as up updates roll out when its apparently pretty hard to do or they wouldnt have fucked it up in the first place.

  431. mega is a fucking faggot holy shit (01 Dec 2019, 6:47)

    @mega “or just change your tag again”…hmmm….could you be talking about me? The guy who has done nothing but fuck with you since he entered the fight? Or the other outrage poster? Or do you seriously think it’s been one guy all along? lol. Please don’t tell me you thought it was one guy!!

    ps: telling people they don’t get under your skin is a bat signal. Now I know all my fucking with you paid off!!! ;))))

  432. xman (01 Dec 2019, 11:09)

    all torent link broken. please renew link.

  433. mega (01 Dec 2019, 13:02)

    “fight”? look future rape victim, you little bitches dont phase me. nobody “fights” a gnat, they just swat it and move on. the fact that you are enough of a homo to try and pretend to be me says everything in the world about you, youre a retarded kid. the very reason i cheer when schools DO get shot up.
    you arent even the only little peon changing their name (bet you thought you were brilliant for doing so though), it doesnt accomplish anything because i can see patterns in how people type (like morons who think sentences can start with “or”). if youre enough of a pansy to sit there changing your name constantly 90% of the time i will just ignore the comment, because youve said NOTHING of any importance, relevance, or even interest.
    do you even know what a bat signal is? im pretty sure you dont. im also pretty sure the savage fuckings your uncle has unleashed on you have had a permanent effect.

  434. i am laughing much harder in real life tbh (02 Dec 2019, 5:55)


  435. mega sneezes glitter (02 Dec 2019, 6:32)

    BTW mega, we all know we are living in your head rent free. p obvi tbh.

  436. mega (03 Dec 2019, 8:19)

    @fagot- again your ignorance betrays you. nowhere did i say it was 1 person.. but you being a giggling fucktard hiding behind a screen surprises nobody. “p obvi” you are living in your mommies basement rent free.

  437. mega (06 Dec 2019, 12:43)

    Im so stupid and no life some times, sorry all of you.
    I can lick your balls if you want

  438. mega (12 Dec 2019, 10:17)

    big “NO” on the ball licking.. perhaps you should just end it all since you are so very pathetic and useless.

  439. joker (12 Dec 2019, 17:33)

    please somebody seed it >.< my download doesnt move

  440. Troublecul (19 Dec 2019, 11:02)

    Merci beaucoup CODEX from la baguette land

  441. Legion (23 Dec 2019, 12:00)


  442. Aman (24 Dec 2019, 2:40)

    Is patch 4 coming?

  443. More like micro (29 Dec 2019, 2:58)

    Yikes, you’d think that decades after the cassette era people would have figured out how to deal with their childhood traumas. You sure mention uncle fucking a lot and I gotta tell you most of us can’t relate to your experience. Sorry that happened to you though, it clearly messed you up. But I get it, therapy is expensive and takes effort. Raging on the internet is free and any retard, as you say, can do it.

  444. Mig09 (30 Dec 2019, 7:06)

    HI, the game was running well last month, but now, it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tested to reinstall it, but it blocks at 522 264k of memory, and nothing more happened. Somebody have a solution? Sorry for my bad English, I hope that it you can understand me.

  445. Mig31 (30 Dec 2019, 7:10)

    HI, the game was running well last month, but now, it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tested to reinstall it, but it blocks at 522 264k of memory, and nothing more happened. Somebody have a solution? Sorry for my bad English, I hope that it you can understand me.

  446. Mig31 (30 Dec 2019, 8:08)

    Yes, it work !!!!!

  447. Mig31 (30 Dec 2019, 8:11)

    Yes !!!! It work again, THX MixmastR for your solution.

  448. Mig31 (30 Dec 2019, 12:52)

    It’s working again, thx ben and MixmastR and others who help me.

  449. Ponta (05 Jan 2020, 1:52)

    Working fine, using RADMIN or HAMACHI and turning off your firewall you can play together in COOP Mode

  450. TrueGamer (25 Jan 2020, 23:09)

    This might be a too late post but none the less this version is working perfectly
    only issue is the long loading time but that’s it just dont do the admin and compatibility mode and you’ll be fine.

    1. Finish main game
    2. Finish all side quest
    3. Crew Challenges is hard for sometimes you have to be very near for to show on the map.
    4. i get few crashes only if i use trainer or cheats

    So yeah 100% working.

    Too bad its not updated like fitgirl but it works.

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