Assassin’s Creed Unity Updates 1.2+1.3+1.4-RELOADED

Posted 20 Dec 2014 in GAME UPDATES

Assassin's Creed Unity Updates 1.2+1.3+1.4-RELOADED


Assassin’s Creed Unity is set in revolutionary Paris, France. It stands to reason a good majority of the characters are French. So why don’t they have French accents?



Assassin’s Creed® Unity is an action/adventure game set in the city of Paris during one of its darkest hours, the French Revolution. Take ownership of the story by customising Arno’s equipement to make the experience unique to you, both visually and mechanically. In addition to an epic single-player experience, Assassin’s Creed Unity delivers the excitement of playing with up to three friends through online cooperative gameplay in specific missions. Throughout the game, take part in one of the most pivotal moments of French history in a compelling storyline and a breath-taking playground that brought you the city of lights of today.

 Title: Assassins Creed Unity
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: Nov 11, 2014

Assassins Creed Unity Update v1.2+v1.3+v1.4-RELOADED
Size: 1.66 GB

The Links Have Been Updated


















Enjoy 🙂

Operating System : Windows ® 7 SP1, Windows 8 / 8.1 ® (64 -bit version only supported)
CPU: Intel Core® i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or higher (Intel Core® i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or more recommended)
RAM: 6 GB or more (8 GB or more recommended)
Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970, graphics memory 2GB or more (NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 290X, graphics memory 3 GB or more recommended)
Sound Card : Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card and the latest drivers
HDD: 50 GB or more

Assassins Creed Unity Update v1.2+v1.3+v1.4-RELOADED
Move This Files To The Game Folder Click On “Extract.Exe” Wait Until It Finished.
Enjoy :)
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Evrim (20 Dec 2014, 12:02)

    Too late for this. We needed this yesterday.

  2. Evrim (20 Dec 2014, 12:04)

    And update 1.4 was 5,5gb , other 2 was each 1.5gb. how all of this can be 1.5gb?

  3. Klay (20 Dec 2014, 14:41)

    Because we don’t need the online files, I think ech patch has been modified by the crackers in order to fit to the cracked game, so its size is smaller.

  4. Zak (20 Dec 2014, 18:51)

    just 1.6gb does it work ? it take the same effect as installing one by one?

  5. Notorious (22 Dec 2014, 15:51)

    Hello guys….Thank for all the effort…!!! I installed all the updates…LAst the 1,4…Now it freezes in start menu…any help plz !!! 😀

  6. Ali (22 Dec 2014, 18:53)

    just downlopaded
    It’s compressed inside an archive! you just have to copy to game folder click extract and it will begin expanding and updating just like other reloaded patches…

  7. raghav (23 Dec 2014, 10:58)

    cant download my Idm replys noy reachable
    & it is really reolaed update
    i think its fake

  8. Louis (23 Dec 2014, 17:55)

    I wanna ask, if I directly install update 1.4 do I still have to install update 1.2 & 1.3?
    or the update 1.4 already consist the update or fix problem in update 1.2 & 1.3?

  9. Johny (24 Dec 2014, 20:04)

    for me the game also freezes while loading after clicking CONTINUE .. please advise

  10. lazerator (28 Dec 2014, 3:54)

    I can confirm that the game works perfectly after patch is applied to RGmechanics repack.

  11. Ishan Sasanka (28 Dec 2014, 15:49)

    HI, Can i use this update for ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY-BLACK BOX edition?

  12. Sunny (30 Dec 2014, 2:51)

    I have the same question, can these updates be installed for ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY-BLACK BOX edition?

    And how please as i am a newbie in installing patch updates, etc .

  13. Sunny (30 Dec 2014, 15:47)

    thank you lazerator i’ll check !!

  14. Earl John Russell Lim (01 Jan 2015, 10:04)

    Hello, does anyone know how to fix the red thing in the part where it says “Press Any Button” something like that? and also I have a weird glitch in the main menu where the label does not indicate the correct function, for example in the Initiates button when you click it you will be prompt to exit assassin’s creed unity and return to desktop. Thanks in Advance!

  15. max (04 Jan 2015, 7:00)

    Works great with Black box…

  16. Sylvan (05 Jan 2015, 9:31)

    Does it work guys? Need positive replies

  17. SEATRON (06 Jan 2015, 14:09)

    – Issues with saves
    – Random pauses for 30 seconds
    – Random Crashes

  18. Juno (07 Jan 2015, 6:46)

    I keep getting a permission denied error, even though I have set both “extract.exe” and “arc.exe” to run as administrator. I’m on Windows 8 with the Unity torrent from this site.

  19. gkim (11 Jan 2015, 13:45)

    thnx for this…please upload Update 4 soon

  20. mateus remydio (15 Jan 2015, 3:22)

    cara, estou com a versão repack, e apos instalar os updates, meu jogo para de funcionar, da a mensagem

    ” .exe parou de funcionar”

    o maldito jogo esta funcionando antes de instalar os patchs, e agora ? como resolver ?

  21. Deadboy (23 Jan 2015, 17:38)

    Does anyone know when patch 1.5 comes out?

  22. Jake Long (27 Jan 2015, 3:00)

    Thanks a Lot !!! For AWESOME Size !!!!!!! 😀 and Working Link + Updates.

  23. Radziu (28 Jan 2015, 21:40)

    does it work?

  24. Apar0077 (30 Jan 2015, 18:46)

    Getting the message at 98.8% – ACU.exe: open: permission denied
    What should I do? Have already set acu.exe, extract.exe n arc.exe to ‘run as admisistrator’.
    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. Aiden (01 Feb 2015, 17:03)

    working fine witth DZ repack but its not solving the lag bug, anyone have any idea?

  26. sanchit (02 Feb 2015, 9:24)

    these links are no more working please fix them … please……….

  27. vignesh (04 Feb 2015, 10:52)

    i am using R.G.mechanics re pack . where after i updated all the update files i m getting ACU.EXE crash at the 2 sequence memory 1. what to do .? any help?

  28. samiur (08 Feb 2015, 6:35)

    Files has benn removed in us archeive plz reupload skidrow reloaded

  29. Harry (09 Feb 2015, 7:02)

    hello the link is removed again due the owner issue pls reupload and maybe with random name file

  30. Joaquin (17 Feb 2015, 17:19)

    I am using the patch 1.4 but i can’t continue my last game save im in the memory secuance 2 the part when arno wakes insede the jail the game stars perfectly but when it coms to load the save game to continue it stars working i proved downgrade to the earlier versions but it doesn’t work he save is corrupt but i cant stara new game and i cant fid the savs to he delate igthats the problem

  31. aqib (18 Feb 2015, 23:19)

    do i need 1.1 before 1.2 1.3 and 1.4??

  32. salvatore (22 Feb 2015, 16:22)

    game updated an i still get acu crash entering saint-marcel area, plls help!!!!

  33. Jake (05 Mar 2015, 1:08)

    Hey guys,
    There are a couple of guys on youtube that have figured out most of the fixes for this game.. Including the save fix. Just search for Ac Unity game fixis and you should find it

  34. Anthony (07 Mar 2015, 20:09)

    Hi guys, do i need the other versions first before i download 1.5?

  35. tunahan (18 Mar 2015, 11:05)

    thank’s bro it’s WORK 😀

  36. Asen (18 Mar 2015, 13:49)

    Hi guys, when I installa the update, for example I install v 1.4, must I install the previous ones or the latest conteins all the other ones?

  37. navidhh (19 Mar 2015, 6:07)

    does updates work with gold edition?

  38. help (01 Apr 2015, 14:02)

    how to install

  39. john (11 Apr 2015, 5:43)

    these are progressive patches. so yes, you need to install the previous versions of the patch before you install the latest one.

  40. adi (16 Apr 2015, 11:50)

    game freezes after installing updates!!! it starts but once i click on resume and loading starts at that point it just freezes and not responding comes!!!
    please advise

  41. L (28 Apr 2015, 9:29)

    Anyone else having DirectX 11 problems?? need help

  42. Fireheart (01 May 2015, 17:17)

    Does this updates work with ac unity paid.

  43. Numbers (04 May 2015, 23:11)

    Crash for me before going to jail in the prologue

  44. mee (19 May 2015, 8:38)

    Run xdelta3 with “-n” to disable checksums on .bat file to remove not responding error at start menu

  45. Sanket Anand (22 May 2015, 18:30)

    Hello everyone, i am about to download this game and would like to know that does the 1.05 crack unlocks all the 28 DLCs except the Dead Kings one ??

  46. sabradragon (01 Jun 2015, 8:43)

    does this reloaded patch for blackbox?? and if not what version of patch works for blackbox.?tnx

  47. sabradragon (01 Jun 2015, 9:08)

    and when i update should copy the crack to the game folder? each time i use a version of patch?

  48. Altairoze (15 Jun 2015, 2:17)

    anyone have a problem with southern part of the map, i always crashed when i went to a certain place there?

  49. Bhimabi (21 Jun 2015, 5:53)

    I installed all the patches. 1.2 till 1.5 and the DLC. But the ACU.exe stops working when i press start game ingame. help PLS!

  50. j (08 Aug 2015, 9:26)

    games crashes update 1.2 1.3

  51. justin (08 Aug 2015, 9:54)

    game freeze solution
    in order to play with update 1.2 through 1.5 you have to start a new game
    location;program data,orbit,720 [profile name] rld,move your rld folder to desktop and start a new game .
    only solution i came up with

  52. Lan (24 Aug 2015, 7:31)

    is this working on windows 10 OS? Thanks

  53. Toxics (26 Apr 2016, 21:41)

    download that application
    unzip it, lunch the instalation in the same folder of your game.
    wait the instalation, at the end in the BLUE screen of the instalation when he ask you (Y-N) click N to continue.

  54. richard (27 Apr 2017, 9:47)

    thanks for the upload but 1.4 torrent link is dead…can you please fix it? thanks

  55. Nameless (15 Sep 2017, 1:22)

    for everyone that is having problem wi crashes (.exe stop working)… you have to install ALL updates

  56. boiloco (12 Jul 2018, 22:06)

    Torrrent Link for update 1.4 is DOWN!!!!!

    Please update, thank you *kisses

  57. Doomer (02 Dec 2018, 17:26)

    We Need a working torrent file link for 1.4 update

  58. Same (25 Mar 2019, 7:59)

    Help, all the links aren’t avaliable , please help

  59. tom (20 May 2019, 10:12)

    pls. reupload patch 1.4….. all links area dead :((((

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