Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition MULTi15-ElAmigos

Posted 05 Apr 2020 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition MULTi15-ElAmigos


In the second DLC, The Fate of Atlantis, venture into the fabled realms of….



In the second DLC, The Fate of Atlantis, venture into the fabled realms of Greek mythology to discover your hero’s true power and unravel the mysteries of the First Civilisation. Explore three new worlds from Greek mythology: Elysium, the Underworld, and Atlantis!

Title: Assassins Creed Odyssey The Fate of Atlantis
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 23 Apr, 2019

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

Included DLC:
• The Fate of Atlantis.
• Legacy of the First Blade.

NOTES: Updated to version 1.5.3 (03/12/2020).

Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition MULTi15-ElAmigos
Size: 55.7 GB





















    • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
    • Processor: AMD FX 6300 @ 3.8 GHz, Ryzen 3 – 1200, Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz (MORE DETAILS HERE)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 285, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0) (MORE DETAILS HERE)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 46 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Video Preset: Lowest (720p)

Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold Edition MULTi15-ElAmigos
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. DV97 (05 Apr 2020, 0:12)

    pls ,does the save from previous version work on this one ?
    A: Yes

  2. Dave (05 Apr 2020, 0:19)

    Tnx ELAMIGOS..
    That’s what i was waiting for..

  3. Helltio Everygames Twitch (05 Apr 2020, 0:25)

    No re3 or mk11 yet.

  4. Fart Bomber Deontay Wilder (05 Apr 2020, 0:27)

    nice game

  5. OrcBlogg (05 Apr 2020, 1:08)

    What’s the difference with this with Empress (106Gb) lol
    A: samething, this one is compressed incl 15 Languages, Installation time with 4 threads CPU and normal HDD – 15 minutes (16 threads + SSD = 7 minutes).

  6. anony (05 Apr 2020, 1:27)

    iclued deluxe pack?

  7. sdfsdf (05 Apr 2020, 2:01)


  8. sky (05 Apr 2020, 2:21)

    come onnnnnnnn resident evil 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. asd (05 Apr 2020, 2:26)

    The characters don’t move their lips when they speak. Does anyone suffer from the same problem or know how to solve it?

  10. empressedition (05 Apr 2020, 3:10)

    guys is this the same as the 100gb empress edition ? i downloaded that and really will be bumed out if this first sword dlc isnt included in the 100gb edition

  11. Kito (05 Apr 2020, 3:28)

    How to install the DLC on the previous game without losing the gameplay?

  12. dawy (05 Apr 2020, 3:45)

    If anyone wonders , the empress version is ultimate edition and is same version 1.5.3

    For some reason this page is more detailed than empress version , maybe to make ppl download again? no idea

  13. Azzazel (05 Apr 2020, 4:06)

    WOOOOOOO Thanks….
    waiting for ultimate edition

  14. Jovan (05 Apr 2020, 4:12)

    Hi guys i hawe problem, game wont lunch, my windows secure are dissable i done everithing fine but game still wont lunch.i try everithing on ty and didnt work.Old wersion of cpy game work fine on my comp but any of this new ones ,fitgirl and empress dont work ,on chacking everything is fine and nothing missing but game still dont lunch

  15. Jovan (05 Apr 2020, 4:20)

    Does anyone know how to fix.My game doesnd lunch, i try everything on internet that i can find and still wont lunch.i hawe same issues with fitgirl repach too.Old version of cpy work perfect on my pc.Eny fix?

  16. anonymous (05 Apr 2020, 5:09)

    Can anyone post a file of their save? I played this game way before and uninstalled erasing my save as well. Thanks a lot in advance!

  17. Plz Unlce don't touch me there (05 Apr 2020, 6:34)

    I hate babies

  18. Diy (05 Apr 2020, 7:17)

    Copy the CPY save to where exactly?

  19. YourSensation (05 Apr 2020, 7:34)

    Yeah, finally.. i was waiting for the dlc though.. but i miss playing the storyline again, Thanks skidrow and elamigos. Next, RE3 please :))))))

  20. arkor (05 Apr 2020, 7:50)


  21. @ OrgBlogg (05 Apr 2020, 7:56)

    installation time 28 threads and 3500 rd/wr m2-ssd ?

  22. VT (05 Apr 2020, 8:58)

    Will it work fine with the saves i have from the previously posted game “”

  23. kostas (05 Apr 2020, 10:10)

    does the game work fine guys?

  24. AgoS (05 Apr 2020, 11:37)

    please upload DLCs + crack only.

  25. tom1110101 (05 Apr 2020, 13:57)

    Game does not launch with or without admin rights

  26. Dante (05 Apr 2020, 14:57)

    Is this a Repack??? as Empress version is 101 GB and its 55 GB?? Anyone please confirm if its standalone game..

  27. Dante (05 Apr 2020, 15:05)

    Is this a repack as empress version in 101 GB and this is only 55GB?
    Anyone can please confirm? what is ripped or just a repack?

  28. murilogs (05 Apr 2020, 15:23)

    Do anyone know whats is the official ElAmigos portal? Once TorrentGamesPC is down forever

  29. after-work (05 Apr 2020, 15:29)

    the game dont work for me

  30. after-work (05 Apr 2020, 15:30)

    the game dont work for me…

  31. luca (05 Apr 2020, 15:32)

    how fix problem about italian audio dlc
    lengaaje pack empress have only audio of principal story

  32. khairul (05 Apr 2020, 15:32)

    this is a great game..they r on sale. i bought it to show how thankfull i am to developer of this game. u guys should too

  33. JAcksparrow (05 Apr 2020, 15:33)

    The game works fine, but I have no idea where to paste the CPY saves

  34. luca (05 Apr 2020, 15:35)

    there isn ‘t italian audio

  35. fdfdfdfdf (05 Apr 2020, 15:39)

    Resident evil 3 please Guys, Only you can beat denuvo!

  36. Ali (05 Apr 2020, 15:55)

    can we get the crack only elamigos

  37. gubins (05 Apr 2020, 15:59)

    saving does not work

  38. Kaz (05 Apr 2020, 16:06)

    The saves are in fucked up location for this version. I lost my old saves in the process of finding this shit. Well i’m not playing again but if you want here you go. So long partners 🙁

  39. Fedex (05 Apr 2020, 17:01)

    How to play “Legacy of the first blade” I only see the atlantis inside the game… Please tell me

  40. Ricardo Fort (05 Apr 2020, 17:03)

    @murilogs !! there’s the portal !!

  41. Minty (05 Apr 2020, 17:27)

    Kaz, thanks so much, was starting to lose hope

  42. Apotheosis (05 Apr 2020, 17:59)

    i need the main game to play this! or is standalone dlc?

  43. jacky (05 Apr 2020, 19:55)

    please seed :((

  44. Nicola (05 Apr 2020, 21:00)

    Non funzionano i dialoghi in ITA praticamente tutti i dialoghi con la lingua italiana sono muti diffondete un Repack grazie

  45. Caatifurr (05 Apr 2020, 21:10)

    Where the cpy save files are located?

  46. bona (05 Apr 2020, 21:22)

    This game works perfectly. Takes about 20 minutes to install. With all languages this dl is the same size as Fatgirl repack but hers takes almost 3 hours to install. Conclusion: Fatgirl sucks shit!

  47. oggy (05 Apr 2020, 22:21)

    Game is not working !
    Download install the game try to run it, but want start at all, try to run as admin from folder desktop still the same . . . Game want start !

  48. oggy (05 Apr 2020, 22:26)

    IF GAME WANT START ! ! ! !

    Well you must have “uPlay” download it and you can play the game 😀

  49. xAZAx (05 Apr 2020, 22:38)

    Se solo avessi un PC di fascia alta.. se solo avessi un SEEDBOX… se solo avessi uno straccio di entrata… i REPACK li farei io con lingua Italiana e tutto perfettamente funzionante… se volete cercatemi su google o youtube… basta scrivere AZARAM… purtroppo ancora non posso creare REPACK perchè non ho le 2 cose fondamentali… 1 PC.. e 2 un SEEDBOX… le versioni di ELAMIGOS le ho sempre consigliate… ma un pò di tempo a questa parte non inseriscono la lingua ITALIANA, sembra che lo facciano apposta…


  50. Laurent (05 Apr 2020, 22:57)

    Interest to this version compare to FitGirl repack Ultimate (2/4/2020) Version 1.5.3 and all DLC too ?

    Bona : 1h30/2h of installation on my SSD, but you download only 35Go…save time / storage / bandwidth…

  51. El Maqico (05 Apr 2020, 23:01)

    I have downloaded, installed and tested the game on windows 10 1909. Game works perfectly.

    The installation process take around 15 to 20 minutes & 70 GB space. Game is pre-cracked.

    Could’nt find Legacy of the first blade though. Must be installed in the original game.

    Thanks elamigos and Skidrowreloaded.

  52. sweetblade (05 Apr 2020, 23:58)

    i want to use save old please // Please tell the location of the new save file, please.

  53. Marcos Vinicius Vinicius Lopes (06 Apr 2020, 0:10)

    the game isnt saving progress at all
    any idea of how to fix?

  54. 4FUn (06 Apr 2020, 0:52)

    Where are located the Saved store so I can put my saved files?

  55. bona (06 Apr 2020, 5:05)

    @Laurent. Yeah I dl’ed Fatgirl 1 language 35gig & that was what would take well over 2.5 hours to install to HDD cos I don’t want to put on my SSD. Storage doesn’t bother me, I would rather have much faster installation. Makes no difference to bandwidth, perhaps you mean dl quota? Many ppl make this mistake.
    My point is that with 2 multi-language repacks of same size, Fatgirl’s takes MUCH longer to install. She is doing something wrong or using extreme archiving for no real advantage. I have a feeling that her old repacks were better but maybe just my imagination.

  56. des (06 Apr 2020, 8:59)

    i cant play, black screen waiting

  57. AB (06 Apr 2020, 10:13)

    can u plz upload the DLCs only plzzzzzzzzzz ?

  58. ZaZ (06 Apr 2020, 10:19)

    Hi everybody. Need help for a noob like me) How can i use savings from old version 1.0.5 that i downloaded from here for this version? I never did that before I don’t want to make a mistake and lose all my progress at all. What is the path and what should I copy paste? I am not using play as this is pirate version ( if this will help at all:) Please advise
    By the way this site the best)

  59. monk (06 Apr 2020, 12:48)

    where the saves are stored?

  60. Hemrod (06 Apr 2020, 13:01)

    Game don’t launch, if anyone got a solution…

  61. TCARFACE (06 Apr 2020, 14:10)


  62. Pux (06 Apr 2020, 14:27)

    TBH its the first game for a long which is singleplayer and 100% worth buying

  63. PAULO LUIZ FERRARESE JUNIOR (06 Apr 2020, 14:44)

    o jogo esta completo mas não salva processo .
    aguem pode me ajudar

  64. PAULO LUIZ FERRARESE JUNIOR (06 Apr 2020, 14:44)

    o jogo não esta salvando aguem pode ajudar

  65. mimimimimi (06 Apr 2020, 14:58)

    @kaz thanks a bunch.

  66. ckies (06 Apr 2020, 15:02)

    does this include UPlay Rewards like Icarus Pack?

  67. Maluvido (06 Apr 2020, 15:07)

    Guys I found the saves folder, follow the path
    C: \ Users \ user \ AppData \ Roaming \ uplay_emu \ name \ 5059 \ storage_files

    Galera encontrei a pasta dos saves, segue o caminho…

  68. Planitron (06 Apr 2020, 15:07)

    You can find your saves here

    C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\uplay_emu\Player\5059\storage_files

  69. Рангел Читалов (06 Apr 2020, 15:24)

    The game freezes at start … It remains on the starting image…..

  70. MR VAIN (06 Apr 2020, 16:15)




    1. EL AMIGOS


    3. MR DJ

  71. Emre (06 Apr 2020, 16:17)

    my game shut down with press button screen. anyone have a idea?

  72. hhh (06 Apr 2020, 16:51)

    To use your CPY saves with EMPRESS’s crack you have to copy / move all .save files from




  73. Juan (06 Apr 2020, 17:06)

    if it doesn’t start, move the game folder to the desktop, install uplay, leave the application open and run the game as administrator.

  74. Fedex (06 Apr 2020, 18:25)

    Help me please i cannot save the game. And i cant finde the savegame path locatation!!!

  75. PAULO (06 Apr 2020, 18:58)

    não carrega jogo salvo e não aparece o jogo salvo no menu iniciar do jogo, alguem pode ajudar

  76. hhh (06 Apr 2020, 20:00)

    people to save it you have to run the game as administrator.
    and who can not find the save path should first start a new game and then save it so that the save path can be created, then you copy your old game status in the folder storage_files/ only the save files not the folder5059

  77. Lawrence (06 Apr 2020, 20:48)

    I am getting 300kbps download and 3mbps upload, please seed guys

  78. Fedex (06 Apr 2020, 21:39)

    I can’t save the game. ive search any method ,but i cant. there’s no savegame path created also.

  79. Fedex (07 Apr 2020, 1:20)


    1) Enter the game Directoy Folder

    2) Search for “uplay_r1_loader” enter the file or open in notepad .and EDIT “SAVE PATH”

    3)Put the path for the carpet that you want to use and save in the desk, then copy and paste to the main game folder


  80. Hissori (07 Apr 2020, 7:14)

    guys, the links are dead. please update them, thank youu

  81. after-work (07 Apr 2020, 7:27)

    “desperate housemans” dont start for me some help please…

  82. judy hopps (07 Apr 2020, 8:35)

    thanks elamigos is the best

  83. Paul (07 Apr 2020, 9:27)

    How to transfer old save file from the oldest to this patch?

  84. Xami (07 Apr 2020, 13:58)

    Wont Work, any idea ??? Not Responding.

    Anyone download from FitGirl Repacks?
    Is it work?

  85. Adrian (07 Apr 2020, 22:34)

    The game dont pass the loading screen

  86. Balo the Bear (09 Apr 2020, 10:30)

    Hello guys for cpy players and for those who have problems with copying cpy saves to new game crack from empress and not working

    The solution is first of all copy the user id from ((cpy.ini)) and replace it with iempress user id number in ((uplay_r1_loader)) you can find it in the main file of the game last one or before last one after this
    Step 2
    move only the save files from cpy folder from
    documents /cpy / 5059
    c /users /pc username / app data / roaming / uplay emu / empress / 5059 /storage
    And it will work i did this method and worked for me

  87. SeptimusRaven (09 Apr 2020, 11:14)

    @Xami I’ve installed and even played a little yesterday, It works.

    The connection is set as offline by default but if you wish you can block the exe via firewall; i see a constant stream of complaints that say the game asks for cd key, requests that you install uplay, blah blah… well now the uploader set the connection off by default, therefore that particular thing simply cannot happen. Also, run your installer as admin, it’s pretty basic at this point.

    And btw, i’m pretty sure that even attempting to download a fitgirl repack is liable to net you some malware… you don’t even have to install the dam thing. Fitgirl repacks are bloated with viruses, malware and hidden promotional installers, that’s why they take so much extra space. Everybody knows this.

  88. Momoh031 (09 Apr 2020, 12:51)

    Hello thanks a lot !

    the download speed of this torrent is very low we need seeders :'(

  89. Jax (09 Apr 2020, 23:43)

    I deleted the old game folder whats the id cpy ini of fitgirl 1.0.6 version?

  90. sky (09 Apr 2020, 23:51)

    it work, but i can’t change just the look without change the armour.

  91. Jagdeep Singh Dhillon (10 Apr 2020, 1:42)

    1. Go to installation folder
    2. Search for uplay_r1_loader, it should be a .ini file
    3. Open it with notepad
    4. [Settings]
    GameAppId = 5059
    Username =[yourname]
    Language =en-US

    For example, SavePath = J:\Personal\Games\Assassins Creed Odyssey\SAVES

    It will work

  92. Jax (10 Apr 2020, 21:35)

    Nope custom path dont work.

  93. Sandy (11 Apr 2020, 3:24)

    Does anyone else get crash every 1 hour? At first, everything works fine but after several AUTOSAVE times, PC is frozen @@. If I want to play again, then I have to restart PC -> delete several old savegame (I only have 6 but it still crash). Can someone help me, please?

    Btw, it took upto 99% GPU (mine is GTX 1060) and alot of CPU.

    Ps: Works fine with ACOrigin; and the disk still has free space.

  94. Paradise Gamer (11 Apr 2020, 10:53)

    what is the difference between this and fitgirl repack?

  95. Seeker (11 Apr 2020, 21:12)

    The game doesn’t go pass the loading screen. Can someone please help with this? Everything else seems to be fine. I tried to run the benchmark (as it runs the game in it) but it crashed there as well.

  96. Seeker (11 Apr 2020, 21:15)

    The game crashes after the loading screen. I tried to run the benchmark as well, but it crashed there just the same. Can anyone help with this?

  97. SeptimusRaven (12 Apr 2020, 13:10)

    @Paradise Gamer

    This Repack: relatively acceptable file size (55 GB, whilst other releases have like 100 lol), automatically disabled online mode, relatively acceptable install speed (took me like 20 mins to install from an SSD onto a hard drive) and also… it works. That is ofc if you don’t try to run it on a toaster.

    Fitgirl Repacks (in general): seems like they’re working but may actually the point, meanwhile you may be secretly farming bitcoin for somebody without even knowing (best case scenario), or perhaps have your data mined and ransomed (middle way through scenario) or just plain old brick your pc with all the sh1t that’s been installed onto it, and i’m talking the latest and greatest in terms of malware that the internet has to offer.

    Only insane people still reliably download and install Fitgirl repacks… but then again, there are people with a high enough IQ deficiency to reliably throw away money at cheap Apple plastic, so… yea.

  98. NERO (13 Apr 2020, 10:23)

    anyway of getting the packs (from the store) for free?

  99. Zhou (13 Apr 2020, 14:29)

    complete pack or just DLC?
    does anyone have the new DLC i dont want to lose all my save games. 😀

  100. Vodka (13 Apr 2020, 15:20)

    works perfectly gg el amigos 1 hour installation and game launch
    Fitgirl installation was 5 hours for a game can’t launch WP

  101. Manuel Casoria (13 Apr 2020, 16:30)

    audio italian not work -.- why?

  102. Anotherquest (14 Apr 2020, 0:24)

    Is it a bug that i can not get any ability point when i’m leveling up? I should receive 4 points, i see the notification +1 point, but nothing is available in skill menu. How to fix that?

  103. infinite gratitude (15 Apr 2020, 10:42)

    Thanks you so much! already save game when you open it! lots of item needed. thanks you very much.

  104. Andre (15 Apr 2020, 22:24)


    you should go to the .ini file uplay r1 loader
    then apply your custom save path
    after that you will have to create a save through the game
    then you will have to log out the game and go to your custom ”save path”
    there you will find the save that u created through the game and you should simply just copy paste your cpy saves…

    remember: that you should first create a new save through the game and then copy paste the cpy saves…if u try to paste cpy saves before you make the save through the game it wont work….

    god bless u JAGDEEP SINGH DHILLON although i dont believe in him!!! LOL

  105. juju (16 Apr 2020, 2:33)

    seeeeeedd plsssss too slooooooooooowwww

  106. Tomáš Valenčík (16 Apr 2020, 18:38)

    i saved my game and closed it, but when i start assassin again then there wasnt any load option. What should i do ?

  107. ian (17 Apr 2020, 17:22)

    how will i install it ? uninstall the older version & install this one ?

  108. Thiggo (18 Apr 2020, 16:21)

    Doesn’t work for me, Stuck at splash screen and nothing happens, old cpy version worked fine

  109. stalker (18 Apr 2020, 22:48)

    @ian and @Thiggo
    it’s working without any problem I just install it like any other games
    and saving working too without uncheck read only

    if it’s not working for you make nvidia sharpening off , then try to launch the game
    if not go back for driver 441.41 cuz driver 445.75 have a lot of problems in games with nvidia sharpening
    if not delet old cpy save if u installed the game with different partition ,
    after it would be your windows try to reinstall fresh one cuz the game working without 1 problem at all in windows 10

  110. noxx (19 Apr 2020, 3:29)

    My game wont save whyy?????

  111. Lucky Luke (20 Apr 2020, 18:58)

    How to unlock all dlc? only have few things in inventory…

  112. kostas (21 Apr 2020, 17:31)

    Hello, what is the character level cap for this release,because i started a time ago with the cpy release and the level cap was 50.thank you in advnace!

  113. ko (23 Apr 2020, 7:05)

    seeeeeeeeeeeedd plsssssss too sloooww

  114. ko (23 Apr 2020, 7:14)

    seeeeeeeeeeeedd plsssssss too sloooww :(((((

  115. Chuck (23 Apr 2020, 21:57)

    The old CPY version worked flawless with no crashes. This one is a mess, constant crashes. In order to avoid the loading screen crash, keep swapping the hints as fast as possible. I hope this helps you as this was the only way I could get into the game.

  116. dassis3 (25 Apr 2020, 11:16)

    dont work =\

  117. TomX204 (28 Apr 2020, 3:55)

    it works, using HDD and core I3, takes nearly 3 hours to install. it’s heavy so it take some minutes to start the game. I heard somewhere if you cannot save, run the game as admin

  118. moher (02 May 2020, 9:28)

    I have a problem with the first mission – So it beggins – You have to target enemies and then switch between the tagets with mouse scrolls. This isn’t working for me. It can’t be skipped, so i’m stuck at this. Tried to remap my mouse scroll to different keys – nothing.
    Anyone with me who had the same problem?

  119. mad (02 May 2020, 10:01)

    I play Assasin Creed Odyssey in free weekend. Can I use savegames from it?

  120. Dynasty (02 May 2020, 17:55)

    Played 2 hours, saved manually, closed down, came back the next day and no saves anywhere, not even in the Appdata location.

    Deleted the game.

  121. Vinnnnz (04 May 2020, 19:41)

    someone help me about this, i hav tried ervything to save data , i m new to play this game
    so not looking for copy paste thing, but even i tried that problem it still doesnt work for me
    hav been wasted 2 hour and still cant fix the problem
    so how to save the game ?save and restart , gone , restart gone, restart game data gone…gone …gone
    [email protected]
    save my ass pls …thx

  122. chaos (05 May 2020, 8:39)

    Attualmente c’e’ un modo per poter installare l’audio in italiano? su tutte le versioni elamigos ed empress l’audio italiano non funziona.

  123. Mario (05 May 2020, 14:46)

    Doesn’t work. Only splash screen appears and nothing else happens. Someone knows how to fix it?

  124. Mark (10 May 2020, 5:57)

    Can someone please seed?
    I’m stuck at 50% with 0.2kb/s download speed.

  125. Marc Eksuzyan (10 May 2020, 16:57)


  126. pandasaurus (13 May 2020, 8:08)


  127. Jay (13 May 2020, 18:14)

    thanks brother your idea works really well ………have great gaming.

  128. jay (13 May 2020, 18:15)


    its works thanks brother ……have great gaming

  129. karthik (13 May 2020, 21:09)

    i want the dlcs seperately and could you list if it includes the dlcs in 100 GB

  130. Vociferatio (16 May 2020, 4:01)

    Como eu consigo acessar os jogos salvos anteriormente? Não consigo carregar os jogos salvos na outra versão

  131. sephir_lucrecia (22 May 2020, 14:29)

    Thx for this work, i have 1 question, if i buy later the game on uplay, can i put my save on it? thx

  132. Adek (24 May 2020, 22:17)


    Il language pack non è presente nel torrent, lo dovete scaricare a parte e copiarlo nella cartella di gioco.

    Dovete cercare su Google “assassin’s creed odyssey italian language pack download” e cliccare sul sito di Utility Web, c’è anche un video su Youtube dove spiega la procedura passo passo.

  133. FoxWasser (25 May 2020, 14:22)

    i have a question. in the game there are some places that seems useless. i heard some cyclops appear from there yet i never seen it. does it have a trigger? since i already ended main story and right now doing the after ending and legacy of the first blade dlcs. yet those 2 places still dont have any enemies. 1 ots at andros island in spanish name appears as bahia de nadie << though should have a different name.. and the other its at the south east volcanic istand. that palce name its cycliops of something yet no enemie appear there and no quest for it… consfused here if i need anything

  134. senyaka (27 May 2020, 22:30)

    can plsy without ubisof acc? hate that crap…

  135. blurr (05 Jun 2020, 20:27)

    didnt play cpy version. only this one.
    read the comments above and took note.

    played without changing anything. game would autosave, but doesnt manually save.
    Upon rebooting the game, there is no load option.

    applied changes within the rl.loader.ini to create a custom path for saves.
    tried the game again. the game would create autosaves, but manual saves dont save anything.
    returned to title screen to load games, and the manual save has no information.
    rebooting game. the title screen has no load option.

    anyone know what to do?

  136. blurr (05 Jun 2020, 21:11)

    tried everything from administrator, to changing permissions within the save folder.
    game simply doesnt manually save.
    wasnt prepared to rely on autosave and quicksave didnt do anything either.

    otherwise the game worked like a charm otherwise.

  137. piyush (06 Jun 2020, 10:56)

    does it have uplay rewards installed in it?

  138. piyush (06 Jun 2020, 11:40)

    does it include uplay rewards?

  139. Alexiossandra (07 Jun 2020, 10:26)

    Is there a way to get helix store’s items in the crack version?

  140. TriplebluR (09 Jun 2020, 2:29)

    I opened the game but i can’t find the different armor sets that are purchasable already in the game, like the helios set and so on. Are they just not include in this version or are they unlocked at a certain point in the game?

  141. SantaLamb (11 Jun 2020, 9:49)

    Why are there two Assassins Creed Odyssey in my PC which is:

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 62.6GB
    Assassin’s Creed OdysseyGold Edition MULTi15 Elamigos Version 1.5.3

    I am out of disc space which should i uninstall??

  142. hahv (11 Jun 2020, 9:55)

    I tried to install but system says virus, should I trust?

  143. Coyraca (11 Jun 2020, 23:11)

    Please unlock the game Re 3, Mortal Kombat 11, and red dead 2

  144. Shink (13 Jun 2020, 21:33)

    i will tell you everything u must know about this update.
    >it has all dlc .
    >savedatas from old version works, u just have to copy and past in the new location because the folders are not the same.
    >it has some bugs but not the king that could f…ck your savedatas
    >Legacy of the first Blade And The fate of atlantis, works Perfectely. in the main screen there is a option that says The fate of atlantis thats its only if u are not too advanced in the main story u can skip all of that en start directly in the dlc.
    >There are two special quest that u cant start. these are related to the cyclops Arges and Esterope so forget about them, u cant kill them because these two mission are special for uplay so you need to be connected to internet

  145. Kerolous kadis (14 Jun 2020, 2:48)

    you lying sons of bitches did u just update the description without changing the content ?
    this version doesn’t even contain the fucking DLCS.
    this was the last time i download from this scamming piece of shit website

  146. SeptimusRaven (14 Jun 2020, 19:36)

    @Kerolous kadis First of all, this release contains just about all the dlc’s; having played and tested this i can confirm that the dlc’s are present.

    Second, there aren’t any other scamming piece of shit websites where you can download this aside from thepiratebay maybe. But downloading from thepiratebay is like flipping a coin that’s got glue on one side… and that’s high chances of getting some kind of malware, if you don’t get the analogy.

    And lastly, you’re a poopy head. Learn how to install shit properly. Chances are you didn’t even bother to uninstall the previous release or something, you just fired up the setup from this release and selected the same folder that was being used by the previous version you had installed before. Just like that moron @SantaLamb did.

  147. iCesar (16 Jun 2020, 16:48)

    If anyone is having problem that the game won’t start, just add exclusion paste in windows defender, and check the threat history… There you’ll be able to restore the crack files and it’ll work as a charm. Peace.

  148. Fadi (17 Jun 2020, 12:17)

    How do i download dlc if i already have the game and finished the story, i dont wanna lose the progress

  149. Jayem (17 Jun 2020, 14:00)

    My savefile doesnt work please help
    I paste the save file from my created folder CPY_SAVES to uplay_emu 5059 storage_files and its not working
    How can i solve this

  150. AnestisMania (17 Jun 2020, 16:59)

    Yo icesar what did you do cause i have already avira (witch means windows defender its not even on) and nothing is deleted but the game still wont lanch

  151. AnestisMania (17 Jun 2020, 17:50)

    Yo iCesar what exactly did you do cause i have another antivirus and it didn’t delete anything but the game still won’t launch windows defender is disabled and avira doesn’t detect anything

  152. pico (21 Jun 2020, 20:19)

    Thanks boys, downloading… El resto que me la xupe feos qls 😀

  153. ed (22 Jun 2020, 14:34)

    so i bypassed the regular quest line to start fate of atlantis now im wanting to get the nemean set which was included with a dlc, i see all the hunts were already completed yet i cant find the gear set anywhere. but the game has been amazing so far thanks!

  154. Sergio (22 Jun 2020, 21:23)

    the torrent file is stalled

  155. Nobody (23 Jun 2020, 1:33)

    Saves don’t work.

    not importing saves from previous version, I mean saving at all.

    I played for a few hours, did a manual save, exited to desktop to allow settings change to take effect and when I launched it again I couldn’t load my save, there was literally no load button. and I can’t find the fucking save file location.

    someone give me a hand, where the hell do I find my saves?
    and don’t tell me
    “it’s at C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegame\\5059.” cause it fucking ain’t there. I already checked every possible path on my PC with “Ubisoft” in its name.

  156. Nobody (23 Jun 2020, 2:55)

    Game can’t save.

    no matter how many times I manually save, the game won’t create a save, it’ll tell me it has, but if I return to title screen or exit the game at all I can’t load my save because it doesn’t exist.

    I even check in the Uplay_Emu folder, there is no saved games.

    any fixes?

  157. Rob (25 Jun 2020, 5:34)

    If your having trouble saving or running game, find game directory. right click on folder. and make sure read only is unchecked. do the same for your entire c drive and documents folder where saves may be saved.

  158. ben (29 Jun 2020, 22:30)

    The uplay_emu folder is indeed as read only. Now the issue is I can’t change it. I will uncheck the box and click apply but when I open the properties it is check as read only again. Tried several guides to uncheck it but nothing helped. 🙁

  159. ben (29 Jun 2020, 23:17)

    Figured it out. There is one folder missing in folder 5059. Just create storage_files folder and it will start creating save files 🙂

    Path should look like C:\Users\User name\Roaming\uplay_emu\Ben\5059\storage_files

  160. J (30 Jun 2020, 2:12)

    Is torrent the only remaining option? The iso files don’t seem to exist on the other links. I just want your guys’ confirmation.

  161. BooperDoop (07 Jul 2020, 3:18)

    Question, Does this fix the fullscreen issue with the game? i downloaded first the fate of atlantis repack and two issues i have.
    1. it takes like 2 hours to damn install to my ssd
    2. its not fullscreening. it has two black bars on top and bottom. does this version fix that issue?

  162. didak (10 Jul 2020, 15:08)

    se que para ustedes sera basico pero saben como se instala

  163. Andrew (12 Jul 2020, 0:16)

    How does story creator mode work on the cracked versions?

  164. Dragonaut (13 Jul 2020, 12:17)

    if some1 have problem with saves, add custom save path in uplay_r1_loader.ini exaple: SavePath = C:\gry\Assassins Creed Odyssey\Saves….but ofc u need create a folder name “Saves” and this is worked 100%

  165. jeffinho (14 Jul 2020, 22:08)


  166. DixTi (17 Jul 2020, 16:45)

    Uplay ask me a Activation code. What i need to do ?

  167. jonathan (20 Jul 2020, 13:55)

    does anyone know where to download crack only ?

  168. Harami (20 Jul 2020, 19:51)

    Doesn’t work, game does not even open, don’t waste your time.

  169. Jeremy Samuel (24 Jul 2020, 10:32)

    Does anyone know if there’re any patch or additional cracks I can download for legendary items that were in the store ?? (like the abstergo set and the Odysseus set)

  170. sdfsdf (25 Jul 2020, 0:01)


  171. Xeneize (25 Jul 2020, 13:52)

    Para los que no le inicia el juego, primero deben descargar el programa UPlay e instalarlo, no te lo dice en Info pero es asi, necesita tener instalado ese programa de Ubisoft y ahi el juego inicia sin ningun prolema, no es necesario crear una cuenta en UPlay, solo tenerlo instalado, pesa solo 100MB y se descarga de la pagina oficial. El juego funciona y al menos a mi me salva las partidas sin problemas hasta el momento, esta en ESPAÑOL.

  172. Justin (25 Jul 2020, 23:47)

    Just a heads up, THE TORRENT IS BEING TRACKED. I got a Copyright Violation sent to me from my cable company when I downloaded the torrent listed here. So either use a VPN when doing so, or look for it somewhere else. You’ve been warned.

  173. Venim (26 Jul 2020, 13:53)

    Is this original game + dlc

  174. George (28 Jul 2020, 10:07)

    Any way to use the Oikos of the Olympians?

  175. Karlth (28 Jul 2020, 19:59)

    Works perfectly fine for me including my previous save file from the previous version , version 1.0.6

  176. Karen (04 Aug 2020, 22:54)

    Help me out guys, installed game properly, moved the crack as always and the game wont start no matter what I do, nothing happened with the windows security or turning on Uplay

  177. Pete (05 Aug 2020, 15:10)

    I installed the game and played 2 times without any problem, but today suddenly gets stuck when loading, in the hints screen. I’ve tried spam Q and E as someone suggested here but still stuck. Anybody got the same issue?
    Tried lower graphics but nothing..

  178. Yata (07 Aug 2020, 23:52)

    How can I connect to get Oikos of the Olympians stuffs? The game works perfectly for me, everything fine, just this feature i can’t have access

  179. moh (08 Aug 2020, 11:50)

    waht do languages support and is arabic from them ?

  180. marcelino (17 Aug 2020, 22:37)

    dont have my save file from codex…..

    help please !?

  181. thesystem (24 Aug 2020, 5:30)

    The game is working absolutely fine… Thanks for the torrent..

  182. hobomaster (30 Aug 2020, 23:11)

    Thx for that game. Downloaded, installed , read all of the comments here and i am baffled how stupid the majority is. Game runs perfectly with all DLC’s unlocked .

    Either you guys have malware infested systems or you are just stupid.

    Downloaded from 1fichier within 24mins . Installation took 8 mins on a Ryzen 7 3800X with 32GB of RAM and normal Sata6 SSD .

  183. IronWilled (04 Sep 2020, 8:43)

    I have a problem with this game. I don’t know why but I can’t start “A Mother’s Prayer” mission in this game. Maybe someone has a solution for me? Please I spent a lot of time on this game.

  184. Boy (12 Sep 2020, 16:23)

    Game doesnt start. Im stuck in splash screen forever. Even with uplay on. Downloading CPY version now…

  185. Pozzame (17 Sep 2020, 19:20)

    NO AUDIO!!!!!!!!!! >:-|
    WHY REMOVE AUDIO?????? WHY???????? >:-|

  186. kris (01 Oct 2020, 16:08)

    i7 860 8gb ram ssd 1:30 hr instal dont work used page for 4+ years or so to test game before i buy ..
    This game + any version of horizon wont even bot up for me assassins origin flawless max settings odeesy oginal max settings not ultra flawless thing my gen 1 cpu etc poor build from random parts is getting to old time for new pc no ide gona take my time this time when i build 1 remove power supply have 750w so i save on that gtx 970 g1 getting old but might keep it for 60 more days and get good cpu ssd and 16gb ram and decent moderboard and its like 8-900$+ right away 🙁 and info on 3070+ series looks like its time to wait for price drop in rtx 2000 series

  187. gorky (02 Oct 2020, 19:11)

    Para cuando la nueva actualizacion?

  188. Ac (04 Oct 2020, 1:49)

    for saves to work for countless attempt from CPY, you HAVE to copy in the CPY ID to replace the empress ID

    loads perfectly thereafter

  189. update (12 Oct 2020, 8:09)

    hey, last time i installed this game, i can play it, like 2 days ago, windows told me to update and now after the “health warning page” the game keep closing by itself, any solution?

  190. Rapsappeal (01 Nov 2020, 19:35)

    hey guxs…its too easy to solve the save problerm,first make a copy of your uplay savegame folder……you have to find the CPY.ini and change the de3fault savegame path…default ists on C:…go to your harddrive D: E: F: or whatever your second Harddrive letter is….just create a new folder an name it as you wish…important is only. that you copy the complete patch from the second Harddrive and enter it in the ini file…i thought the game is broken…but after i googled a bit i found the solution… i already told in my words…but i copy the Text i found…just focus and read…it IS not a big problem…

    1)Make a New Folder named as GAMESAVES in Any Drive(D,E,F,G,H) But it should not be ROOT drive(BY ROOT DRIVE I mean the Drive where Your WINDOWS is Installed)
    In My case my rooot drive is C:\ So i will not make there Instead I will Choose D:\
    Now Open the GAMESAVES folder You just Created And COPY ITS PATCH(Watch Me)
    2)Now go to the Folder where your Game is Installed .
    (In my case it is D\Games\Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey). Now open it and search for a file named as CPY.ini
    NOW open that file and Change the line [SavePath=%DEFAULT_CPY_DIR%] with the COPIED PATH LIKE THIS [SavePath=GAMESAVES]. Now Save the file and Close it.
    3)Now go to DOCUMENTS and Search for a Folder Called CPY_SAVES Now COPY this Folder And go to the Folder you created few Minutes Ago That Is GAMESAVES
    and PASTE IT there.

  191. PotatoLord (13 Nov 2020, 16:27)

    i was playing fine with the old ac odyssey version , as soon as i upgraded to this version i’ve been having terrible stutters on no matter what settings , virtually unplayable

  192. Marko (15 Nov 2020, 14:49)

    Game crashing after the loading screen
    Sitting on i7 – 10700k and 2070 super
    what’s the deal ? 😀

  193. cesar (18 Nov 2020, 2:32)

    this game in install not work, error =this archive is corrupt please give a new copy of the program 🙁

  194. gamer_504 (19 Nov 2020, 0:52)

    I dont have any DLCs..shit

  195. LEO D (25 Nov 2020, 12:01)

    i wait to long for the install but still 34% for hours
    if any one could help me here ?

  196. Django (29 Nov 2020, 20:47)

    Instalation dont work, nice job elamigos LOL

  197. s0c (01 Dec 2020, 17:59)

    At first game didn’t save but i solved it out. The only thing is that sometimes when after saving, loading save the game will just crush for no reason. Other games don’t crash and it’s not about PC because it happens only in this AC and temperatures dont go any higher than 60C on both CPU and GPU.

  198. Daniel Todorovic (05 Dec 2020, 7:35)

    I played for 2 days without any problems, i dint do anything and the 3rd day i enter the game i get rly rly low fps drops. So low that its unplayable and before this i played on high with 50fps no problem… I put everything to low, same thing i put back high i restarted my pc nothing… my gpu is updated and i got more then enough to handle the game cause i played on high for 2 DAYS wtf ?! I was looking in task manager to see if my paranoia is true that they put some kind of miner i dint find anything i cleaned my pc still no change… found few fixes on google but thats not changing anything for me

  199. Luke (08 Dec 2020, 19:12)

    The game crashes after defeating cerberus… anyone knows how to solve this?

  200. Anon (08 Dec 2020, 23:02)

    This is the game + 2 DLCs. Really fun game. Time to play Valhalla now

  201. wicked (17 Dec 2020, 14:51)

    can some one pleas help me i tryed instailling like 5 times now will not instaill

  202. Jass (22 Dec 2020, 20:58)

    Stack on loading

  203. Nexus (25 Dec 2020, 21:15)

    Nice Work! Great game, installed without any problems.

  204. Jag (27 Dec 2020, 5:15)

    Yo, is there anyway for the ubisoft store to work for this cracked game?

  205. Sanat Mohanty (29 Dec 2020, 16:22)

    This game is best. Thanks

  206. Marck (24 Jan 2021, 6:23)

    why it is stuck in 13% in the installation?

  207. Dario (05 Feb 2021, 13:25)

    Per risolvere il problema della lingua italiana scaricare questa patch:

  208. Den (21 Feb 2021, 2:00)

    How can we get the items/club rewards?

  209. sharp edge (25 Feb 2021, 8:34)

    game is in chines any language pack or something for english

  210. wat (05 Mar 2021, 21:06)

    Le jeu s’arrête sans explications apres un chargement apres 6h40 de jeu, quelqu’un aurait une explication svp ?

  211. pallamutt (21 Mar 2021, 9:04)

    turbobit links are dead :(((((((((((

  212. george (25 Mar 2021, 16:01)


  213. john (25 Mar 2021, 16:05)


  214. Mugi (16 Apr 2021, 12:23)

    When i get to mission where i enter cult temple the game just crash

  215. anas amer (21 Apr 2021, 14:37)

    did it cracked

  216. Kenzo (06 May 2021, 7:56)

    @Mugi Same as me, did someone fix this problem with the crash after the temple mission ?

  217. Gaturno (09 May 2021, 18:49)

    my game is crashing out of nowhere someone help me

    meu jogo ta crashando do nada alguem me ajuda

  218. Gaturno (09 May 2021, 18:50)

    my game is crashing out of nowhere someone help me

  219. Gaturno (09 May 2021, 18:51)

    my game is crashing out of nowhere someone help me

    RX 570 4GB (LAST DRIVER)
    12GB RAM
    I5 4440 4 CORES

  220. Walter (15 May 2021, 23:36)

    Working good!!

  221. Rimuru (16 Jun 2021, 13:17)

    If you have random crashes to desktop with no error shown, try running the game in compatibility mode for windows 7, fixed it for me.

  222. lemy (06 Jul 2021, 0:21)

    I played a little bit and saved. Then when I open again the game, all progess was lost. Anybody knows why?

  223. Zannn (16 Jul 2021, 0:01)

    Guyss helpp me, why my download speed so sloww if i use torrent, but if i use idm its so fcking fastt, plsss, helpp me?

  224. Zeus (25 Jul 2021, 9:06)

    Who has a problem with freezing the screen and throwing to the desktop when playing on AMD graphics cards, reinstall the drivers for Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.12.1

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