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Anno 1800 Lead the Industrial Revolution! Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age….



Anno 1800 Lead the Industrial Revolution! Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age. The path you choose will define your world. Are you an innovator or an exploiter? A conqueror or a liberator? How the world remembers your name is up to you.

Title: Anno 1800
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 16 Apr, 2019


Note: Not Cracked!

Size: 33 GB























    • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10(64-bit versions only)
    • Processor: Intel i5 3470, AMD FX 6350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 670 GTX or AMD Radeon R9 285 (2 GB of VRAM, Shader Model 5.0)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 60 GB available space

1. Extract
2- Wait For Crack!
3- Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Tom (14 Apr 2019, 15:55)

    Crack please!

  2. joan (14 Apr 2019, 15:56)

    ¿Is this the open beta version? Or final version?

  3. Dennis (14 Apr 2019, 16:00)

    WTF? Full unlocked?If this is really not the Beta with limited content then.. Daaayum that was fast af XD

  4. Guntrek (14 Apr 2019, 16:45)

    First?? OMG ROFL

  5. atlar (14 Apr 2019, 17:12)

    What is it the full version ? or beta version ?

  6. matannnnn12 (14 Apr 2019, 17:55)


  7. omg (14 Apr 2019, 19:08)


  8. darkrizzen (14 Apr 2019, 19:20)

    Co-op possible ?

  9. DarkRizzen (14 Apr 2019, 19:21)

    Coop possible ?

  10. Terry (14 Apr 2019, 19:45)

    Is it unlocked or no? Is not yet released thats why i am askiing

  11. lola (15 Apr 2019, 3:55)

    is the full game wich is a “preload” I think, so no crack yet.

  12. Bognar (15 Apr 2019, 6:27)

    Denuvo :/ we must wait 🙁

  13. retard (15 Apr 2019, 8:46)

    waiting and waiting so excited im fixing to squirt!

  14. fred (15 Apr 2019, 20:59)

    Crack please, I’ve been dreaming about this game all my life. . .

  15. timm (16 Apr 2019, 0:38)


  16. ifrit (16 Apr 2019, 6:36)


  17. zeke (16 Apr 2019, 10:46)

    need crack plz

  18. Ph4ntoM1985 (16 Apr 2019, 12:17)

    Crack Plz

  19. Fred_The Mage (16 Apr 2019, 12:31)

    I downloaded the game preload you have provided and sowing waiting for the crack to play. Please, groups give us this gift. With love of pc player. . .

  20. ifrit (16 Apr 2019, 12:56)

    uplay and denovo hard to crack wait 1 or 10 day for crack

  21. fred (16 Apr 2019, 20:39)

    I completed the pre load and now I’m sowing.

    Please, speed up the crack of the game.

  22. Pablo (16 Apr 2019, 22:03)

    waiting for crack

  23. resonablePerson (16 Apr 2019, 23:17)

    Stop acting like spoiled brats. I’m sure they’re doing everything they can.

    They’re doing it for free too so just sit down shut your mouth and wait. If you can’t wait just buy the game.

  24. John McKenzie (17 Apr 2019, 1:13)

    Thank you for your work

  25. RealtexYT (17 Apr 2019, 8:06)

    Why do I Need a key

  26. Daniel (17 Apr 2019, 11:29)

    @RealtexYT because it’s not cracked. The put in on note on the top of the page.

  27. Goldi (17 Apr 2019, 11:33)

    where is installer guys anyone help me , i downloaded but i cant find installer

  28. Alfonsotek (17 Apr 2019, 15:35)

    some news?

  29. roberto (17 Apr 2019, 18:21)

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwo yeeeeeeeeee

  30. Joe (17 Apr 2019, 19:20)

    Thank you Skidrow for adding my request of Anno 1800. I eagerly await the cracked version.

  31. Niko (17 Apr 2019, 21:08)

    What do i extract to run the install?

  32. Narv (17 Apr 2019, 21:43)

    It says “Uplay install is not detected”, is this problem will be resolve by the crack ?

  33. Zero (18 Apr 2019, 1:10)

    plz crack this!

  34. spooky (18 Apr 2019, 9:32)

    crack svp

  35. Alex (18 Apr 2019, 10:04)

    released 14th 🙂 you guys making us wait for the crack eh. we believe in you !

  36. joe (18 Apr 2019, 10:59)

    crack plz

  37. Fred_The_Dog (18 Apr 2019, 12:10)

    Waiting Cracking . . . plz

  38. Joe (18 Apr 2019, 13:33)

    Can you all please quit asking for the crack. I think Skidrow is already trying there very best in getting us one; No need to be repetitive jeez!

  39. roberto (18 Apr 2019, 18:18)

    crackkkkkkkkk plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  40. Wolff (18 Apr 2019, 18:38)

    Uptobox link is broken. Can u fix it pls ?

  41. Mac (18 Apr 2019, 19:49)

    PLZ read the note that skidrow put on the post it says “NOT CRACKED” so listen to the other comments about waiting for it being cracked and stop spamming with “crack plz” comments. be patient and trsut skidrow,

  42. Bibi (18 Apr 2019, 21:28)

    Is it possible to play online with it ?

  43. bubu (18 Apr 2019, 21:29)

    Posssible to play online ??

  44. laujon (19 Apr 2019, 9:44)

    crack please

  45. baba (19 Apr 2019, 12:27)

    cant wait for crack

  46. Nobody (19 Apr 2019, 15:04)

    to everybody asking for a crack, it will be a long time before one is available, as it using DENUVO.

  47. rizlabladj (19 Apr 2019, 15:08)

    ffs guys ??? first time downloading
    nooooo multiplayer will not be a option..
    and whats the point of typing crack please ??
    it takes time too crack a game.
    just wait for it :=) when finished they will post it

  48. Dan (19 Apr 2019, 16:37)

    i can’t fuking wait omggggggggggggg

  49. SomaTGW (19 Apr 2019, 16:39)

    The purchase link needs to be updates. It’s now unavalible to be purchased from the Steam store, and needs to be purchased on the Ubisoft store.

  50. anonym (19 Apr 2019, 16:51)

    when will the crack be ready?

  51. MadCrow (19 Apr 2019, 17:37)

    Crack please

  52. Syckool (19 Apr 2019, 19:53)

    How long does it take to get out crack?

  53. ArethisPT (19 Apr 2019, 20:38)

    Still no crack? I urge to play this 🙁

  54. Fred_The_Orange (19 Apr 2019, 23:51)


    Where are my crack?

    I urgently need to play this game.

  55. PEpsi (20 Apr 2019, 3:38)

    this is Day 6, good lucky cracking

  56. Tyloga (20 Apr 2019, 4:54)

    Can you all shut the fuck up? Skidrow is probably doing his best

  57. Ahmed (20 Apr 2019, 7:28)

    Guys can I download the game first
    Then download the crack?
    Or I must download the game with crack?!

  58. dogline (20 Apr 2019, 8:40)

    when will the crack be ready?

  59. Freelancer (20 Apr 2019, 9:09)

    You all need to urgently buy this game if you can’t wait 😉

  60. ahmedMahmoud (20 Apr 2019, 9:51)

    guys i have to download the game then put the crack?
    or waiting for crack and download ! ?

  61. atanik (20 Apr 2019, 10:29)

    le crack cet pour cand ???
    lannée prochenne ?

  62. Adolf Hitler´s Birthday (20 Apr 2019, 10:44)

    Jetzt wartet doch mal ab, Rom wurde auch nicht an einem Tag genommen.

  63. John (20 Apr 2019, 10:49)

    Lol guys if you “urgently need to play this game” then just fucking buy it if you are too impatient to wait for the crack

  64. Gomi (20 Apr 2019, 11:02)

    Guys wait for it, it will be worth it.
    And before anything else thank the team for the hard work they are doing.
    Thank you from my part.
    Have a nice one people.

  65. Rob (20 Apr 2019, 12:18)

    Buy it and help the studios 😉

  66. jack (20 Apr 2019, 16:49)

    honestly, i would have bought it if it was available on steam. But since it have became an epic games store exclusive i prefer to pirate it. I don’t want to give my personnal data to the chinese.

  67. light51 (20 Apr 2019, 18:05)

    Thanks to the team for what they do!

  68. maka (20 Apr 2019, 21:11)

    Well… epic exclusivity, no regional pricing and ubisoft launcher is fucking me because I am a studing and using a public network with other students so whenever I try to launch uplay it says “you attempted to login too much” and never allows me to log in or do anything online 😀
    I hope I am allowed to play this game with cracks after all this explainings because I am not even capeble o buying game 😀

  69. WIntr (21 Apr 2019, 5:03)

    Honestly the only reason for which I’m not buying yet is because I’m not sure my pc will play this game well, that and the fact that regional pricing is non existing, it’s 20 dls or so more than I’d be comfortable paying for this. Skidrow, you can do it!

  70. Mac (21 Apr 2019, 7:14)

    this game is not an exclusive to epic store wtf is this guy GET on the UPLAY store and buy the game from their ….ignorant -__-

  71. ghost (21 Apr 2019, 8:20)

    Jack, you don’t want to give your data to the chinese ? what phone do you have?:)) where is it made? what computer do you have? where is it made, or let me put it this way, all of your electronics, where are they made? ahaha what a joke.

  72. MR BEAN (21 Apr 2019, 10:49)

    I wanted to buy it, but payment fails, and the customer service isn’t of any help. If the crack is there first then the solution to be able to play the game legally, then it’s easy to guess where I will get the game from. It’s stupid I can only use the Ubisoft store when it isn’t working. Otherwise, I would have bought it on steam or somewhere else. Its already been a few days and still nothing. Now they even stop responding.

  73. Wali (21 Apr 2019, 12:45)

    Crack Please , i have downloaded this game for 3 days and no crack, i should have downloaded from CPY games , i have wasted my 2 days downloading from your website

  74. Gwendal Legrand (21 Apr 2019, 13:47)

    “Crack please crack please crack please” Insane!
    Go fucking buy the game or be polite…

  75. L33T (21 Apr 2019, 18:11)

    How is “crack please crack please…” impolite? You stupid troll go pay your little government for the “freedom”. And it would’ve been worse if they asked crack crack crack like I bet you do while being all alone.

  76. Pascuash (22 Apr 2019, 0:20)

    Hey Wali, if you can´t wait then piss off to CPY and spread your cancer there. Otherwise, either YOU crack it or you wait, unthankful cunt

  77. Dleonard (22 Apr 2019, 11:41)

    should I download the game first or together with the crack ? Thx 🙂 Keep the good job bro

  78. krusty (22 Apr 2019, 14:01)

    you can download the game now and the crack after. for the last anno (2205/2270) the crackstakes a lot of time so be patients folks

  79. Leo_ddw (22 Apr 2019, 17:18)

    I have a working crack for Singleplayer. But for Multiplayer it obviously doesnt work.

    Fine for me :)) Thx for the upload!

  80. samyon (23 Apr 2019, 7:12)

    Leo_ddw, please share the crack link for single player.

  81. Medved (23 Apr 2019, 8:27)

    Leo_ddw can you pls uploat you crack?
    Thank you

  82. spooky (23 Apr 2019, 10:18)

    uplode le crack plz

  83. Kremes (23 Apr 2019, 14:38)

    Leo_ddw doesnt have crack …. denuvo is not cracked for this game yet

  84. Kiraq (24 Apr 2019, 8:43)

    so generallly how long does it take to crack a DENUVO encrypted game? I mean like a month, half a year, or even longer? just curious 🙂

  85. sanane (24 Apr 2019, 12:50)

    what’s happen guys? To strong for you?

  86. Joti (25 Apr 2019, 1:16)

    Your mother’s are a lot easier to crack

  87. CamembertCuit (25 Apr 2019, 16:08)

    Ça sera bon la semaine prochaine nan ?

  88. Fury (25 Apr 2019, 18:00)

    Cela peu prendre beaucoup de temps, la patience est une vertu !
    Pensez qu’ils ne sont pas focaliser uniquement sur le crack de Anno.
    Patience .. Patience ..

    Merci l’équipe Skidrow pour votre boulot.

  89. Qwuack (25 Apr 2019, 18:09)

    Just here to give a thumbs up to the actual person who is trying to fix this for us… for free!

    Thanks Mate! Want to send you some drinks and snacks if I could.

  90. Erwi (25 Apr 2019, 18:21)

    The original game price 359,00 TL! My monthly salary is 2500,00 TL! Fck off…

  91. hitler (25 Apr 2019, 21:40)

    chill out retards, denuvo is extreamly hard to crack, wait for cpy they will crack it sooner or later, otherwise you can spend 60€ anf fuck off

  92. Zé das Ponta (26 Apr 2019, 9:26)

    Crack pls ?

  93. gro (26 Apr 2019, 10:08)

    @Zé das Ponta :
    Die with cancer pls ?

  94. Andrzej Krawczyk (27 Apr 2019, 9:10)

    Kiedy wyjdzie jakis crack??

  95. aakash dagar (27 Apr 2019, 18:00)

    eagerly waiting for crack…..

  96. Pulos (27 Apr 2019, 22:55)

    Thank you for all your efforf. P.S. some replys are pure gems. Crack plz ahahah.

  97. 381 (27 Apr 2019, 23:41)

    any idea when crack comes out?

  98. 6969 (28 Apr 2019, 10:14)

    Damn I check every day for the crack :’)

    Thanks a lot for your labour

  99. Hurensohnnominator (28 Apr 2019, 11:42)


    Sind Hurensöhne!


  100. Cestlavi (28 Apr 2019, 15:32)

    Thanks a lot for the crack Skidrow!! It’s a fantastic game

  101. Nice (28 Apr 2019, 15:33)

    Nice! Cracked and ready to go woooohoooo

  102. tayfun (28 Apr 2019, 18:41)

    does it work?
    did any one try

  103. Maya (28 Apr 2019, 19:12)

    @Cestlavi where did you find the crack ?

  104. daniel (28 Apr 2019, 19:52)

    Do you want attention?

  105. Retro (28 Apr 2019, 20:53)


  106. sanane (28 Apr 2019, 21:30)

    Joti does your ass still hurt from last night action 😀

  107. Pssycho.! (29 Apr 2019, 16:13)

    When can you expect the appearance of crack. Can anyone give the date

  108. RC (29 Apr 2019, 16:40)

    where is the crack ???

  109. The Voice Of Reason (29 Apr 2019, 17:40)

    Since nobody has asked yet, CRACK PLIIIIIIIIISSSSSS!!!!!!!

  110. the moralizer (01 May 2019, 0:42)

    Don’t crack games , it’s unfair and against the law.
    Shame on you Skidrow. shame on you.

  111. reverse psychologist (01 May 2019, 0:50)

    Please don’t crack this game, ok? Don’t crack it!

  112. the lier (01 May 2019, 0:56)

    I found a working crack!
    I have it right here in my left pocket. I can show it to you

  113. gusanbla (01 May 2019, 1:44)

    congratulations for the work.
    I would like to know if one day you can place the game trainz railroad simulator 2018
    Thank you

  114. razor (01 May 2019, 9:23)

    they r paid for not releasing the crack .i guess

  115. Reason (01 May 2019, 18:34)

    Of course they are being paid. these guys are mercenaries

  116. Zinc (02 May 2019, 4:46)

    Crack Pls.. waiting for a long time….

  117. Anna Tramontano (02 May 2019, 16:18)

    they are using Denuvo to protect the game so it won’t change nothing if you repeat “crack pls”. Just wait, like all the normal people here. u want the game for free? then, dont’ complain and wait

  118. Calcium Carbonate (03 May 2019, 10:29)

    I love the crack-lips I wholeheartedly do, but please gentlemen for the love of the crack, keep the noise from the lips down about the crack. Skidrow and Reloaded are the best gentleman there are and DENUVO takes a long time to crack so go and get your lips around a crack while you wait.

  119. yes (03 May 2019, 15:18)

    my name ralph

  120. JazZ (03 May 2019, 18:40)

    U a good boy Ralphie.

  121. Calcium (03 May 2019, 18:43)

    I´d appreciate the crack, please.

  122. jose joaquin (03 May 2019, 20:28)

    Crack please, your heroes¡

  123. Mousambani (05 May 2019, 15:16)

    Hey is the game ever gonna be cracked? Is just to know if maybe you are not trying to crack it. Thanks anyways

  124. Stry (05 May 2019, 16:54)

    When you see the latest games cracking and this one still not, you’re wondering somethings…

  125. slippman (05 May 2019, 17:59)

    i neeed the gd crack right now i can’t buy cuz i prefere “le galou ” le walou” ” the nothing to pay” like all of you dont try to give your shy ty selvz minty flavour bunch azz ols

  126. joja (05 May 2019, 22:33)

    ppl. you cant buy crack on this site. try on streets 🙂

  127. alex (06 May 2019, 20:35)


  128. ghost (07 May 2019, 11:19)

    I’m pretty sure they (and other big game crackers) were paid by Ubisoft not to crack it, or to put a delay on it. So chill, it will last at least 1 month until they will release the crack.

  129. wtfisthis (07 May 2019, 14:40)

    so How do you play this game? Is there not even Demo version possible??

  130. ANNO player (07 May 2019, 15:06)

    If this game doesn’t work, even in BETA version anymore, you should take it out of here. I just spent the whole day downloading it, only for it to send me to ubisoft and ask for a code. can’t even buy this one anymore. Take this out so ppl don’t get tricked on it

  131. Karl Kanal (07 May 2019, 16:23)

    @ANNO player

    Maybe you should start reading some Info before downloading something. “NOT CRACKED” it says, so stop crying.

  132. Peterpan (08 May 2019, 16:26)

    Denuvo 1 – skidrow 0

  133. paton (08 May 2019, 19:13)

    @ANNO player
    You’re trash and low.

  134. ANNO player (08 May 2019, 23:17)

    you guys are dumb pathetic triggered little losers. Everyone knows you’re the mods on here bitching under hidden names….. It litterally says Extract, which you can’t do.
    Some demos and Betas are playable, and I was very polite in how i stated things, but you pathetic little losers don’t deserve it.

    If you’re any more triggered by a simple suggestion, you’re welcome to come and blow me! Mwah!

  135. Spountboul (09 May 2019, 5:02)

    Merci pour le boulot 😉
    Plus qu’a attendre le crack qui ne tardera plus j’espère . Wait and see 😉

  136. Pedro (09 May 2019, 11:00)

    When will it be?

  137. Thelibrarian (09 May 2019, 19:08)

    @ ANNO player :

    1. The fact that you need a day to download 33GB is, in fact, a proof of your poor knowledge about internet. And espescially concerning leeching

    2. Barking like a childish dog and asking for a blow just show two things, from psychological perspective : you lack being blowed, and you lack capacity to argue with proper ideas. In other words, you’re a barker, not a biter.

    3. If you were not some selfish kid, you would know that denuvo protected game always take a while to get cracked. That’s why publishers use denuvo. If you’re so eager, then buy the game. You can’t blame others for not being fast enough to compensate your lack of money. Find a job, leave you mummy and be a man. Find a girl (or a boy) get blowed more often and pay for your games.

    4. And, lastly but most importantly : shut your full of hot air mouth. Lil virgin with no money shouldn’t bark so loud. Especcialy with no biting capability. Because they might end being the one blowing others. Be a good lil puppy. Stay quiet and stand down. And may be the gid men will provide you a crack in some weeks, without even asking your apologies or thanks. Arrogant shits like you with no knowledge, no money, no sex life and no balls are the worst. Your mouth is so big that you might end stepping on your tongue. But you’re just a full of hot air joke, puppy

  138. Shockflare (10 May 2019, 7:29)

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys do!!

    Cannot wait for the crack!!!

    Good Luck guys.

    I will keep checking in to see if you guys had success.

  139. the real librarian (10 May 2019, 12:16)

    And you rmessage just show us that your father was not cool with you … poor boy

  140. Pleed (11 May 2019, 6:14)

    It’s funny. Kids here have been angry against there mom for them not getting Anno. They have been schouting and rambling for money but can’t get it.

    So now they start to be angry against de hackers of the game they want to play.

    It’s like “I WANT IT, I WANT IT”….

    Kids these days … errr

  141. Ostruc (11 May 2019, 18:45)

    How much time does it takes for hackers to crack a Denuvo game ?
    I mean, is there an average time for it ? A constant observed on multiple games ?

  142. Thelibrarian (11 May 2019, 19:29)

    @thereallibrarian/anno player :

    No selfrespect at all. The guy is blaming others for hidding being fake pseudo, and then do the exact same thing because, i say it again, he lack balls.

    Poor kiddo. You mum should have swallowed you 😀 😀

    @Pleed : totally agree : barking puppys, not even able to hunt their food, but blaming others for not being fast enough to feed them.

  143. Gabriel (13 May 2019, 0:42)

    craaaaaaakk pleaseeeeee!!!!!! i need play this game

  144. Matafous (13 May 2019, 9:02)

    Everyone: WE WANT CRACK!


  145. 1800 (13 May 2019, 15:35)

    Release Voksi

  146. Anna (13 May 2019, 23:07)

    It’s funny how people find a way to throw their own shit even on a pirate game website hahah


    OH YOU SAID IM GARBAGE???? YOU ARE THE GARBAGE YOU PUPPY(HAHAHAHAH the dog references killed me jesus)

    Aiai… just wait, one day will be released or not and it’s ok

  147. gorance (16 May 2019, 17:25)

    So this one seams hard to be cracked up? still waiting

  148. JJ (16 May 2019, 18:43)

    I hope isnt hard… Seeing gameplay, great game. Ill wait.

  149. Maestro (17 May 2019, 6:20)

    omg peoples. buy or wait! dont cry here! when you have no money you have to wait. there you can here cry much but you never get faster a crack 🙂

  150. mastershoka (17 May 2019, 11:16)

    They already made a deal with company for Delay releasing the crack.they make a crack and ask for a deal with company. if company refuses they release it or else company have to pay for extension.i don’t know for how long it is extended but it is.

  151. lukasz Kuczyński (19 May 2019, 5:54)

    Crack plz

  152. 381 (19 May 2019, 17:43)


    How do you know that?

  153. mastershoka (19 May 2019, 23:27)

    Because i work in a game Making Company,i am not here to get the game but instead i was checking weather Ubisoft paid them or let them release the crack.i am not an employ in Ubisoft but a related Company.Denovu Games got high demand and hard efforts were put for making ANNO 1800.
    Do u think Skidrow Doesn’t make Money by Cracking games? Lets make it simple.Viruses has nothing to do with OS but the viruses were Made for the Reason of Making Money which is Antivirus.Computer is your Country, Viruses are Theft,Terrorists and Antiviruses are Police , Military.

  154. paton (20 May 2019, 20:24)

    Illuminati in gaming communities ?

  155. peet (21 May 2019, 14:04)



  156. maniako (22 May 2019, 5:04)

    Nice job guys ! We will wait for crack even it take long time… you’re the best !!

    P.S : for thoses can’t wait for crack go buy it !

  157. zaid (24 May 2019, 9:46)

    Yes but I still need crack!

  158. chippou (25 May 2019, 9:30)

    Stop asking for crack. just wait please!

  159. crackerz (27 May 2019, 1:47)

    crack plz

  160. happydude (27 May 2019, 17:19)

    when will they release the crack ? a week, 6 months ?

  161. PutangInaMo (28 May 2019, 8:48)

    OMG!!! You guys are a bunch of noobs. Crack this one quicker please.
    Cmon bruhhh

  162. Skidrow (28 May 2019, 9:51)

    crack will not be released. you were too unpolite.

  163. Luiz H. (29 May 2019, 21:34)

    Please, crack this game.

  164. gabriel (29 May 2019, 23:00)

    stop asking about crack, just wait!!!!

  165. Skidrow (31 May 2019, 14:30)

    crack will not be released. you were too unpolite

  166. bigmamma (31 May 2019, 15:44)

    please skidrow, crack this game ! thanks bro ! ♥ (enought polite for you ?)

  167. kevin (01 Jun 2019, 7:48)

    Lols, haha everybody is just waiting for it, can you blame em 😛

  168. Skidrow (01 Jun 2019, 10:40)

    No too late kids.

  169. futeeij (01 Jun 2019, 12:46)

    crack pls!

  170. Golgoth (03 Jun 2019, 15:11)

    So sad to see that some impatient guys can insult an entire team that works for our pleasure….
    Be sure that the majority of respectful players are silent and never speak here (as I do). I fully understand your annoyance, but in doing so, you are punishing the silent and grateful majority of your community.
    Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have already done and will do in the future.

  171. Skidrow (04 Jun 2019, 12:44)


  172. bebe (04 Jun 2019, 14:33)

    The game is now 37€ it’s OK for a game like that so i bough it

  173. Pjoter (04 Jun 2019, 17:51)

    @Skidrow . Funny how this turned out. I would love for the game to be cracked, but the comment section here is just to great to miss.

    I would actually want to ask you to postpone this crack for a while. Just let this this comment section fill up for a while. Somewhere we are going to meet a guy who is actually going to blame you for something. That would be funny.

  174. paladino2k (06 Jun 2019, 3:07)

    BuNcH oF nObs cRaK pLz FaSt

    Damn millenials… How dare you insult the King? Off with your heads!

  175. Skidrow (06 Jun 2019, 9:48)

    To late dumb losers

  176. Skidrow (06 Jun 2019, 14:18)

    No, you

  177. Skidrow (06 Jun 2019, 16:51)

    I decided I will not publish the crack

  178. Francesco (06 Jun 2019, 21:55)

    It is time that I wait in silence, and because of some, I will not be able to enjoy this game.
    I’m really sorry.

  179. Skidrow (07 Jun 2019, 2:53)

    It is unfair but the complaining kids have to be punished. Crack will be released in 2025.

  180. ahmedMahmoud (07 Jun 2019, 10:57)

    This is not skidrow team for sure
    just kid with fake name
    Waiting Skidrow ♥ ….

  181. cerwor (07 Jun 2019, 12:04)

    I am so sad 🙁 but i understans you Skidrow

  182. Mirza (07 Jun 2019, 12:30)

    Dear Skidrow, I’m saying sorry from all. For few number of people we can’t enjoying the game. Please reconsider your decision.

  183. Francesco (07 Jun 2019, 12:44)

    I won’t say anything, you are the landlord here.
    (excuse my English, use google translator)

  184. Elfy (07 Jun 2019, 12:57)

    Hello, I’m not used to speaking, but exceptionally I’m going to do it and probably for the last time.

    It would have been easier/faster to inform us that this last “Denuvo” protection was really too hard to crack for your team and/or took too many resources to do so rather than invent a story of vexation well childish and unworthy of your reputation (In this case stop allowing grumpy people to post…….), unless as some suggest your team has made a deal (for money) not to crack this game…..
    Afterwards and personally I would have liked to test it before a possible purchase but if it is not the case, Anno is not the only management game and I will recover.

  185. azta (07 Jun 2019, 13:41)

    2025 ? Very good 🙂
    I agree with you.
    The irrespectufull people only merit to wait a long time 🙂

  186. Skidrow (08 Jun 2019, 1:01)

    anyone can publish under such pseudonym, don’t take it personal.

  187. gamer (08 Jun 2019, 17:34)

    pls dont give us crack. some ppl need to learn lesson.

  188. Skidrow (08 Jun 2019, 20:39)

    Agora sou Br.. huehuehue

  189. Skidrow (08 Jun 2019, 20:56)

    Everyone can publish of course..

    Crack coming soon

  190. jdsdoce (09 Jun 2019, 10:06)

    thanks for the crack dude!

  191. israelbazua (09 Jun 2019, 19:45)

    pleaasee! craack!

  192. Skidrow (09 Jun 2019, 23:17)

    Everyone, you can crack it yourself or shut the hell up you ungrateful cretins.

  193. Skidrow (10 Jun 2019, 11:45)

    It will come !

  194. AD (10 Jun 2019, 11:46)

    it will come, be patient !

  195. Skidrow (11 Jun 2019, 16:47)

    I ain’t gonna release the crack

  196. Master D (11 Jun 2019, 19:56)

    Skidrow, you are absolutely right. I wouldn#t give a fuck for this little crying kiddies. They sholud ask their partens to buy the game instead of (ab)using this site to show, that they have no brain!!


  197. voodoo (12 Jun 2019, 9:12)

    yeah, i d like to test the game but when i see all those crybabies….
    just dont release the crack, i wil just wait a couple of monthes or one year to buy it at a cheaper price.

    i used a bunch of your cracks to test games and bought some , thx to u.

  198. Skidrow (12 Jun 2019, 17:38)

    All those dumbfucks who believe real Skidrow is typing here :-D.. You peasents..

  199. Kcina (12 Jun 2019, 21:22)

    Oh this is funny!

  200. Skidrow (13 Jun 2019, 11:07)

    Dont listen to this fake Skidrow, im the real one, im gonna release the crack ASAP, loooool

  201. skidrow (14 Jun 2019, 11:53)

    I’m BATMAN

  202. Kevin (14 Jun 2019, 15:00)

    Why not protect the using of the name skidrow, So we all know when it’s really you ?

  203. Kevin (14 Jun 2019, 15:02)

    Btw you should drop the steam link, steam wil not sell this game anymore it will only be sold through the ubisoft store .

  204. 1111 (16 Jun 2019, 22:01)

    is the crack out yet?

  205. Skidrow (17 Jun 2019, 19:38)

    yes it is

  206. Deplao (19 Jun 2019, 8:51)

    Hi Skidrow,
    You can determine whether it will take a week or two more. Or the exact date of the end. Your fan. Thanks for the good job

  207. Drakhor (25 Jun 2019, 8:04)

    Hey “Skidrow”, nobody believes you’re actually affiliated with the group, so quit your act already, stupid kid.

  208. Holešická 4746 (26 Jun 2019, 19:14)

    not working…not workink..and i dont wana buy dhis game …ut the crack becouse its not working

  209. Marina (29 Jun 2019, 19:58)

    Man, why haven’t I thought of getting a website and some hosting with ‘You know those games you want cracked? I’m totally gonna do it, just not now. Gimme some sweet traffic’ and cash in.

  210. Skidrow (08 Jul 2019, 20:41)

    You guys are dumb af for waiting for me to crack this lolol

  211. Dyatlov (09 Jul 2019, 7:51)

    3 Fucking months and still no crack?! WTF? Just take this shit down already.

  212. Tonton Adolphe (09 Jul 2019, 13:08)

    CRACK PLEASE !!! Schnell

  213. skidrow (09 Jul 2019, 20:27)

    i named myself skidrow

  214. DB (10 Jul 2019, 1:06)

    Where is the crack.. couldnt you just take the steam version and do a normal crack or does this require some sort of special uplay bs that is causing delays? Just curious

  215. Skidrow (11 Jul 2019, 17:20)

    All my comments here are fake and the future comments are just fake and should not be taken seriously

  216. Khuong (11 Jul 2019, 17:37)

    hmm…. Hey how is going? Is it too hard to crack or your team didn’t focus on this game?

  217. peteero (11 Jul 2019, 20:10)

    seems that Denuvo, the Anno 1800´s DRM, has finally cracked. We should expect a crack for the game on next days.

  218. sanane (12 Jul 2019, 12:21)

    Codex has already crack the Denuvo 6.0, so why still no crack for Anno 1800? May they pay you wait to publish? I see Money is always a matter..

  219. mastershoka (12 Jul 2019, 17:11)

    i already mentioned this long ago but people trolled me by saying i am an idiot.Skidrow wont release the crack as long as Skidrow is getting paid for extension and that extension is still long.This game is already cracked in CPY and 3DM site but the fact is 3DM wont allow u guyz to download as it supports only mainland China so your only option is CPY games.

  220. sanane (13 Jul 2019, 9:32)

    @mastershoka do you have a working link from the CPY games Anno 1800 crack? I can*t find!

  221. SkiDroW (13 Jul 2019, 12:29)

    crack @ 9:00 UTC+6

  222. Rich (14 Jul 2019, 13:26)

    crack NOT @ 9 UTC+6

  223. SKiDROW (14 Jul 2019, 15:14)

    hi im fake skidrow ..origin al sj=kidrow plz release the link or you gay

  224. Unknown (16 Jul 2019, 16:20)

    @mastershoka, we already mentioned this long ago… you are a idiot.

  225. Sium (20 Jul 2019, 15:25)

    where is a crack? how long i must waiting?!

  226. mastershoka (20 Jul 2019, 17:10)

    @sanane, i can’t post the link because comments will not be posted if they contain any link but if you Type in google cpygames it will appear in first link. open it like skidrowreloaded and on the top right corner there will be a search box.just type anno and run search it will appear.Remember there are too many ads and popups but keep closing useless links only focus on your main link you will get into download sections:Download links will be 1) CPYcrack 2)torrent 3)uptobox 4)1fichier 5)Mega and so on…
    but remember again if you click downloads remember to use ad blocks or you much have enough experience to counter several new links with ads. Like if you click on download link it will popup ad window do it 3 to 4 times after popping 2 to 3 ad windows your 4th or 5th window will be link of your download and you can easily figure ad’s because they show 18+ images with no link of download.
    And For Skidrow, i know its best among all sides for cracking games if only it doesn’t receive ransoms or doesn’t make any deal for extension.The Denovu Protection of ANNO 1800 isn’t strong nor weak Either but Not hard to Crack.Skidrow Did it long ago but Company doesn’t want Skidrow to expose it as long as its earning.

  227. Doge (21 Jul 2019, 12:32)

    you are a liar, the so-called crack on the website is a notepad file mentioning to link to get the complete password , nice try though.

  228. Elfy (21 Jul 2019, 19:26)

    @mastershoka, and the groundhog puts silver paper around the chocolate?

  229. Baronic (21 Jul 2019, 19:32)

    pobrałem z ale tam jest hasło.

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