Assassins Creed Odyssey

Posted 10 Nov 2018 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Assassins Creed Odyssey-CPY


Choose your fate in Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey. From outcast to living legend….



Choose your fate in Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey. From outcast to living legend, embark on an odyssey to uncover the secrets of your past and change the fate of Ancient Greece.

Title: Assassins Creed Odyssey
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Release Date: 5 Oct, 2018

Support the software developers. BUY IT!

NOTE: The game is updated to the latest version and includes all DLCs

Assassins Creed Odyssey-CPY
Size: 62 GB






































    • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions only)
    • Processor: AMD FX 6300 @ 3.8 GHz, Ryzen 3 – 1200, Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 285, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2GB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 46+ GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Video Preset: Lowest (720p)

Assassins Creed Odyssey-CPY
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2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


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    full cracked?

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    Un grand MERCI !!!!!

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    Yes! Yes!

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    WOW ..
    THANKS ..

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    nice one !!!

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    sekiro next please

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    Is this real? Its already cracked?

  10. OooF (10 Nov 2018, 20:17)

    where da links at? i see nuttin

  11. Neotgmax (10 Nov 2018, 20:17)

    A big thanks to CPY and Skidrow o/

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    Hell YEAH ,nice job

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    esperando sair download

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    first omg omg omg cpy omg omg

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    good work end shadow tomb raider next please

  18. miguee (10 Nov 2018, 20:19)

    yo sabia que CPY y va a volver

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    welcome broo CPY good work fuck denova

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    hitman and assassins creed on the same day

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    hell yeahhhh 😀 fiirst

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    YES! Thank you!!

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    You can’t download anything

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    omg yyyyyyyeeeeeeessssssssssss ! thank you so much skidrow

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    Yes fucking yes oh wait I have a big exam for next week .God noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Finally !

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  34. Phack Denuvo (10 Nov 2018, 20:24)

    Legendary Savior is back again with a Big Bang!

    Welcome Back CPY and Thanks Skidrow…

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    yesssssssssssssss finalyyyy.a good thing happen today hh

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    cpy you are GOD!

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    give me the torrent plsssssssssssssss nowwwww

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    CPY Please Crack Resident Evil 7 GOLD EDITION..

  43. _Gungrave_ (10 Nov 2018, 20:30)

    why is this listed as a CPY release because it was FKDRM that cracked it.

  44. zergtoast (10 Nov 2018, 20:31)

    where are the links?

  45. old man (10 Nov 2018, 20:33)

    this is ubisoft nightmare

  46. Nevado (10 Nov 2018, 20:34)

    thanks cpy and fckdrm legends! now fifa, pes, forza and rise of the tomb raider please!

    fuck denuvo!

    never pay for game denuvo, never!

  47. carlos (10 Nov 2018, 20:35)

    why i cant dowload the game?

  48. Soren (10 Nov 2018, 20:38)

    Well done guys, thanks for your hard work.

  49. kibedi levente (10 Nov 2018, 20:39)

    Hold your tits people they need to upload it first,way a little longer and everyone will get it.Nice Job skid row and Copy you are Legends!!!

  50. Stev (10 Nov 2018, 20:40)

    ty CPY <3

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    Nice Work … 🙂

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    oh fucking yes! I was waiting for it, thank you so much CPY !!!

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    a7la mesa 3la al f5aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  54. SNAFvS (10 Nov 2018, 20:54)

    And you can crack separately?

  55. Shinigami (10 Nov 2018, 20:55)

    64 GB — nice, download speed 0.1 % per 3 minutes. nice… after 2 weeks will be downloaded xD

  56. crazyboyz (10 Nov 2018, 20:55)


  57. Amir (10 Nov 2018, 20:57)

    Plz crack Life is Strange 2

  58. Jason Statham (10 Nov 2018, 21:04)

    pls repack

  59. garnit (10 Nov 2018, 21:06)

    Shinigami, mine is 9,8 mb/s 😛

  60. pipo (10 Nov 2018, 21:10)

    Welcom Back CPY

  61. Pes Lover (10 Nov 2018, 21:11)

    Plzzzz Pes 19

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  63. Thirteen (10 Nov 2018, 21:14)

    Merci beaucoup, je l’attendais depuis sa sortie ! et tu l’as enfin craqué ^^

  64. Timothy23 (10 Nov 2018, 21:19)

    Thank you! 😀 thanks thanks 😀

    Plesae Far Cry 5 newest Version with all Dlcs und unlocker 😀

  65. chico (10 Nov 2018, 21:25)


  66. yeah! (10 Nov 2018, 21:28)

    Well, now that CPY is back, they have a LOT of backlog with games waiting to be cracked. Still waiting for Tomb raider and Monster Hunter here.

  67. mirai (10 Nov 2018, 21:31)

    cpy=bad crack just warning

  68. DANDY (10 Nov 2018, 21:33)

    Does it work for Radeon?

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    Awesome! Now, please repack it to at least 59gb lol I can’t dl 60gb+

  72. Mustafa Sarmad (10 Nov 2018, 21:36)

    Hell yesssssssssssss

  73. riaz ahmed (10 Nov 2018, 21:37)

    cpy plz upload super mario odessey

  74. Dicon (10 Nov 2018, 21:43)

    And the processors Phennom 1090t and 1100t ?

  75. snoopy (10 Nov 2018, 21:48)

    Thank You! It was really fast, it was a surprise even on a special day for me, i was just checking the page for news and info… and voala, Odyssey right in font of my eyes! 😀

  76. dsdfsd (10 Nov 2018, 21:49)

    1.0.3 ? 1.0.6?

  77. bigbanger (10 Nov 2018, 21:55)

    I don’t know why people bother saying ” skidrow do this next please”. FFS they upload whatever the fuck they want to and seeing one or two comments isn’t going to change their minds, so fuck off with that shit. Second, it’s amazing that people already got this game cracked, been hyped about it and aside from the tedious grind, have heard that it is a real good game, thanks for uploading.

  78. Shinigami (10 Nov 2018, 21:55)

    @garnit well , i know… but this is weird i am with optical net… like who download 50 MB per second, but this one i guess … nobody seeds… or distance…. its like omg…. max 2 MB per minute..

  79. wat (10 Nov 2018, 22:11)

    God bless you bastards! The fight against denuvo continues!

  80. Arwayne Bud V. Coloma (10 Nov 2018, 22:11)


  81. Perico (10 Nov 2018, 22:21)

    Now, Farcry 5 with all updates and DLCs and I would be happy

  82. arkan (10 Nov 2018, 22:26)

    jogo chato…1:34:45 so tem cinematica….e jogabilidade uns 40 minutos.
    Paia demais. Alias todos os assasin’s ficaram chatos.

  83. Linas (10 Nov 2018, 22:27)

    WOW is it really true someone wake me maybe im dreaming and my eyes BIG O.O

  84. Linas (10 Nov 2018, 22:27)

    thanks so much for upload

  85. Linas (10 Nov 2018, 22:30)

    Jeezas some files will be erased from C disk totaly to get space :))

  86. KDF (10 Nov 2018, 22:37)

    Thanks cpy,crack is 100% working for v 1.0.6 files.this is the crack only for v 1.0.6 files

  87. Leonardo (10 Nov 2018, 22:40)


  88. clinths (10 Nov 2018, 22:41)

    Nice comeback, now on to the next, Shadow of the tomb raider

  89. Pedro Ramos Garcia (10 Nov 2018, 22:45)

    CPY YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Le Capitaine (10 Nov 2018, 22:53)

    Moulte merci 😉

  91. B.L. (10 Nov 2018, 23:08)

    Fckdrm seem has cracked Hitman 2 just few hours ago!

  92. roberto (10 Nov 2018, 23:13)

    thanks skidrow

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    thanks now wait for fifa 19

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    thanks a lot cpy

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    great thx

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    Omg Thank You very much Skidrow and CPY

  98. GeraltW2 (10 Nov 2018, 23:56)

    omfg!!!! i love you skidrow! and CPY too! CPY games are always legit so i know this will work. has anyone tried it so far? work well?

  99. Eddie (10 Nov 2018, 23:59)

    Thanks Skidrow you save my ass! how close I’m going to purchase original game!

  100. Cred (11 Nov 2018, 0:00)

    Please, crack Life is strange 2

  101. matthew (11 Nov 2018, 0:02)

    seed you faggots

  102. David Simic (11 Nov 2018, 0:11)

    What did i tell you guys about a month and a half ago?Do you remember my comment?Just believe in this group.So,here we are.There is our game.

  103. CrazyCrow (11 Nov 2018, 0:20)

    Thx CPY

  104. Aaron (11 Nov 2018, 0:26)

    Been waiting for this one! Thought I’d check the page and here she is! 😀

  105. ANDREY FELIPE OLIVEIRA DA ROCHA (11 Nov 2018, 0:34)

    SIIIMMMMMMMMM, agora só falta tomb raider para meu fim de ano ficar perfeito.

  106. Aruzen (11 Nov 2018, 0:35)

    There’s nothing wrong with your connection. No one is seeding yet… I have the same problem.

  107. Zuma (11 Nov 2018, 0:43)

    Wellcome back my brother. CPY

  108. sag (11 Nov 2018, 0:55)

    Fucking helllllllllllllllllllll

    Thanks a ton man

    plz ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ also

  109. ginko (11 Nov 2018, 1:05)

    anyone else’s torrent stuck at 0%? ive never had any issue with skid rows torrents before

  110. mohamed a ehrhman (11 Nov 2018, 1:06)

    Welcome to my return team beloved always the strongest team and the smartest team … You are delivering a wonderful message to all over the world not only have the money are only those who get well-being .. cpy

  111. Lemon Guy (11 Nov 2018, 1:15)

    I hope this is not like the AC:Origins with Curse of the Pharaoh DLC included because that release was not working for some specific computer specs. Downloading now and will hope for the best.

  112. ShadowCien (11 Nov 2018, 1:23)

    Has anyone downloaded the first torrent link(zippyshare) yet? Is it working? I’m trying to download rn but speed is pretty slow so far. Will it speed up?

  113. Rodrigo (11 Nov 2018, 1:23)

    Gracias CPY!!! Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition please! :()

  114. `Johan (11 Nov 2018, 1:42)

    Really guys, you’re the best!

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    finally one AAA game again..

  117. Jawad Ul Islam (11 Nov 2018, 2:27)

    i love you love you bro thank you thank you

  118. manuel (11 Nov 2018, 2:48)

    thank you very much, absolutely gonna try it.. but to finish it damn i have my doubt, cause u know this is ubisoft (some say ubish*t).. its fun to play for some weeks then you get bored cause too much repetitive side missions with a weak story & gameplay
    list of games that i never finished: Farcry 4,primal & 5, ghost recon wildlands, watch dogs 2, ACorigins..
    list of games that i have finished + dlc : witcher 3, gta 5, mass effect andromeda, fallout 4, mafia 3, rise of the tomb rider, final fantasy 15, etc.
    am i the only one that easily get bored with ubish*t games?
    i hope im wrong for this one

  119. Roki (11 Nov 2018, 2:49)


  120. seed (11 Nov 2018, 2:58)


  121. seed (11 Nov 2018, 2:58)

    Im sure my last message wont get past Moderation… SEEEED PLEASE! 🙂

  122. seed (11 Nov 2018, 3:18)

    no one seeding?

  123. Robert (11 Nov 2018, 3:47)

    pls Games crack

    Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    Yakuza 0
    Monster Hunter World
    Forza Horizon 4

  124. denevo-killer (11 Nov 2018, 3:52)


  125. voski (11 Nov 2018, 3:53)

    Thank you cpy

  126. [email protected]## (11 Nov 2018, 4:29)


  127. Virtue (11 Nov 2018, 4:36)

    Seed calm your bitch ass down and be patient or buy the game. No one gives a flying fuck what you have to say or bitch about. You stupid bitch. God bless!

  128. Kruger (11 Nov 2018, 4:41)

    Another game i wont play or another AC 😀

    No, im not going buy new shitty PROCESSOR because they lazy to make it playable on more then CAPABLE CPUS.

    I do that after i couldnt play more games… YOu can eat shit UBISOFT and DIE.

  129. Kruger (11 Nov 2018, 4:49)

    Can you realeaserather SOTR.

  130. sane (11 Nov 2018, 5:08)

    Lindos *—-*

  131. pintudada (11 Nov 2018, 5:08)


  132. jz (11 Nov 2018, 5:13)

    thanks a lost CPY! you rock!

  133. JMONTS (11 Nov 2018, 5:44)


  134. gotkl (11 Nov 2018, 5:47)

    Possible cracking this games:
    *STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 only singleplayer
    *DIVISION only singleplayer
    *FOR HONOR only singleplayer
    *DESTINY 2 + WARMIND + OSIRIS + FORSAKEN only singleplayer

  135. Vladimir Putin (11 Nov 2018, 5:53)

    FIFA 19 would be great

  136. Merlin (11 Nov 2018, 5:54)

    YESSSSS!!! Thanks alot

  137. Ritik Verma (11 Nov 2018, 5:59)

    thanks Skidrow I lOve YOU

  138. Ritik Verma (11 Nov 2018, 6:00)

    Where Are the seeds?? Downloading Speed @ 10 kbps

  139. Ritik Verma (11 Nov 2018, 6:01)

    Where Are the seeds?? Downloading Speed @ 10 kbps connection is 50 mb ps

  140. Salsa/ (11 Nov 2018, 6:07)

    Crack only please THX !!!

  141. jorgos (11 Nov 2018, 6:22)


  142. n_i_c_o (11 Nov 2018, 6:24)

    uptobox part13 fail

  143. Ansekh (11 Nov 2018, 7:06)

    Guys, Your CPU have to support AVX or it doesnt work!!

  144. Mango_Knife (11 Nov 2018, 7:11)

    Thank you so much we appreciate it alot 🙂
    Maybe Shadow of the Tomb Raider next?

  145. High horse (11 Nov 2018, 7:19)

    You guys at CPY rock.
    Thank you.

  146. 3 (11 Nov 2018, 7:23)

    So… for now… nobody haven’t tried this and know if it’s working… ?

  147. sinclair (11 Nov 2018, 7:25)

    tanks skidrow you the best

  148. Kisama (11 Nov 2018, 7:26)

    And GOD has come among us to give us the ultimate gift , thk CPY greate work <3

  149. Bouddhist messahia (11 Nov 2018, 7:42)

    Thank you CPY,i will place it on an external Harddrive and will plait it in one year,cause 1 assassins creed a year it’s sucks.

  150. Vampyre (11 Nov 2018, 7:54)

    I’m still waiting for shadow of the tomb raider or crack star wars battlefront

  151. Gyuihj (11 Nov 2018, 8:30)

    Is it working or is it like Hitman 2?

  152. mohamed mamdouh (11 Nov 2018, 8:34)

    Wooooooow Thanks For All Your Are The Best

  153. Marko Petrovic (11 Nov 2018, 8:35)


  154. Marko Petrovic (11 Nov 2018, 8:39)

    I download 5mbs and seed 10 mbs thats very nicee :’)

    now its time to download haha

  155. Kola (11 Nov 2018, 8:41)

    Seed people!!! Just seed!

  156. kanikan (11 Nov 2018, 9:22)

    why not CPY?

  157. gamer? (11 Nov 2018, 9:23)

    _Gungrave_.. Dude FCKDRM crack Hitman 2,…so yes.. AC Odyssey cracked by CPY.

  158. gamer? (11 Nov 2018, 9:24)


    P.S. Edit

  159. imran (11 Nov 2018, 9:34)

    finaly,,, thank you soooooo much.

  160. Ted (11 Nov 2018, 9:38)

    thank you ! Seed guys .. increase uttorent seeding speed a little bit at least.

  161. arkor (11 Nov 2018, 9:46)

    yes ! big thanks and long life to cpy and skidrow!

  162. Wasdamstoud (11 Nov 2018, 9:49)

    pls shadow of the tomb raider

  163. johnnyutd (11 Nov 2018, 10:10)

    seed ppl 😀

  164. Eltina (11 Nov 2018, 10:21)

    Worth every penny.. I pre-ordered the deluxe edition, now looking forward to to buy season pass… I’m not bragging, just to tell you if you download it, 64GB will worth the wait..

  165. mr.t (11 Nov 2018, 10:31)

    Is it cracked?

  166. barri (11 Nov 2018, 10:34)

    CPY y SKIDROW,pero que grandes sois cojonesss!!!!

  167. dankskank (11 Nov 2018, 10:40)


  168. Mo (11 Nov 2018, 10:46)

    seed please 🙂

  169. Zai (11 Nov 2018, 10:51)

    Omg, thank you sooo much

  170. Spark29 (11 Nov 2018, 11:06)

    Seed pls,thx CPY and SKIDROW

  171. garnit (11 Nov 2018, 11:27)

    seed, lol you sir, are a prick

  172. amanita (11 Nov 2018, 11:32)


  173. boneless (11 Nov 2018, 11:45)

    Here comes CPY
    Denuvo start to CRY

  174. Ahmed (11 Nov 2018, 11:58)


  175. ac odyssey (11 Nov 2018, 12:05)

    CPY team, amazing! Thank you Sir! Waited long enough, Cheers!!

  176. AA (11 Nov 2018, 12:11)

    And once again CPY wins against denuvo

  177. TerryMcguiness (11 Nov 2018, 12:20)

    CPY Destroyer of Denuvo you are legend

  178. ADAM (11 Nov 2018, 12:23)

    source file corrupted on .forge. fuck

  179. axhalo (11 Nov 2018, 12:23)

    Dailyuploads part 10 and 12 broken download for me

  180. SHIRODEVO (11 Nov 2018, 12:36)

    YEAHHHH TQ CPY!!!!!!

  181. bestafield (11 Nov 2018, 12:44)


  182. ala1705 (11 Nov 2018, 12:46)

    big CPY <3 thank you

  183. ooF (11 Nov 2018, 12:48)

    5 days ETA. LOL. Seed please!

  184. cr4zy (11 Nov 2018, 12:49)

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! thank you

  185. Burak (11 Nov 2018, 12:55)

    my shitty laptop is crying 🙁

  186. Seiman Andreeas (11 Nov 2018, 12:59)

    CPY please crack fifa, I am waiting for too long…

  187. Rafa (11 Nov 2018, 13:15)

    aaaaaaaaa chupa meu cuuuu com doce de leiteeee

  188. NPL (11 Nov 2018, 13:22)

    hahaha goodbey Den..vo 4.9

  189. NPL (11 Nov 2018, 13:31)

    next shit game.
    I am shitty person, everything is shit to me.

  190. Krys (11 Nov 2018, 13:33)

    Fuck Denuvo, long live CPY!

  191. Sirius (11 Nov 2018, 13:45)

    Mega Man 11 plssss CPY

  192. doo62 (11 Nov 2018, 13:50)

    Un grand merci 🙂 par contre avec du SEED sa sera bien car en torrent c’est tres tres lent merci

  193. Grim Raven (11 Nov 2018, 14:00)

    Can someone please upload or send a link to the 1.06 or the latest update that the game is referring to?

    It is difficult to download the whole game again.

  194. jo (11 Nov 2018, 14:04)

    es-ce que tu seed toi meme je ne crois pa lol

  195. doo62 (11 Nov 2018, 14:09)

    Jo ben si justement j’envoi a 3,3MO avec ma seedbox donc je partage

  196. Zarax (11 Nov 2018, 14:13)

    Welp… at this rate it’s gonna take another 5 weeks for the download to finish

  197. KINGASAD (11 Nov 2018, 14:19)

    finally thanks

  198. Nipol (11 Nov 2018, 14:32)

    works fine! ty alot CPY

  199. bader (11 Nov 2018, 14:44)

    I have been asked to code a game from Ubisoft how to get this code

  200. hosy (11 Nov 2018, 14:48)

    fifa 19 !!

  201. I'mcomingforyou (11 Nov 2018, 15:15)

    See, Waiting is key.
    All those whining why not cracked few weeks back and hating, now your sucking up.
    Sit back, wait OR BUY THE GAME

    Thank you uploaders, very much appreciated

  202. Nmae Snumae (11 Nov 2018, 15:21)

    It takes literally hours to install, dunno, might be a problem on my side, but still.

  203. profast (11 Nov 2018, 15:31)

    seeeddddd please

  204. forge (11 Nov 2018, 15:32)

    Forge is corrupted?

  205. Cribdemon (11 Nov 2018, 15:39)

    Use the 1FICHIER ISO link with internet download accelerator to get 20+ MB/s

  206. Ted (11 Nov 2018, 15:49)

    seed please !

  207. Shevarash (11 Nov 2018, 15:55)

    Dbdata.dll in the crack folder…. can’t copy it to my game directory. It says I don’t have permission (though I authorised all)
    Anyone got the same issue ?

  208. Oudiny (11 Nov 2018, 15:57)

    Thx a lot 62 Go with FTP link = 2.30H to download this game I’m waiting for …. !

  209. badazz (11 Nov 2018, 16:05)

    seeeeeeeeddddddddd biches

  210. imr1fle (11 Nov 2018, 16:05)

    So im done downloading it but when I tried to open it, its opening the UPLAY Launcher and I have to put a key to play it. How do I bypass this guys? Thanks

  211. shizzy (11 Nov 2018, 16:09)


  212. Mladin (11 Nov 2018, 16:19)


    CONSPIR4CY (releasing mostly as CPY) is a warez group founded in 1999 in Italy.[15][16] They rose in notoriety after releasing Rise of the Tomb Raider and Inside in August 2016 under the name of CONSPIR4CY, though they continued using the ‘CPY’ tag with the release of Doom in September 2016. They became the first group to create proper cracks for games protected by the third iteration Denuvo DRM software. They cracked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard only five days after its release, at the time the shortest amount of time taken to develop a crack for a Denuvo DRM-protected game.[17] They also cracked Mass Effect: Andromeda,[18] only ten days after its release. In July 2017, the warez group SKIDROW criticized the methods used by CONSPIR4CY to crack games using Denuvo DRM.[19] In early 2018, CPY released cracked copies of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, which utilized the most recent version of Denuvo’s DRM, and featured additional modification detection in the form of VMProtect and EasyAntiCheat

  213. JonSno (11 Nov 2018, 16:21)

    Thnx CPY!!!

  214. PeNa (11 Nov 2018, 16:35)

    OH NO !!! Why they are still making another garbage named Assassin Creed ???

  215. Lowell (11 Nov 2018, 16:37)

    I have downloaded the game installer before I just need the crack. How do I download it? Or do I have to download the whole game again?

  216. Branco (11 Nov 2018, 16:40)

    Game dont start!!!
    Is there a problem in the crack?

  217. JgTwitch (11 Nov 2018, 16:42)

    Its giving me an error saying no uplay in stalled than I install it than asking me for a ID than authentication key please someone help!

  218. tuncuk35 (11 Nov 2018, 17:16)

    ı need only cack?

  219. La La's (11 Nov 2018, 17:59)

    😀 This is Awsome Sauce !!! Denuvo be like Hydra, everytime you cut a head off a new one appears … But they will always be defeated !!

  220. Shinigami (11 Nov 2018, 18:01)

    @everyidiots who get uplay

    Open iso with winrar and extract crack, then RECRACK game


    1 mission passed , and its freeze, then game quits, i do restart it, and its normal for 5 min, then again freeze 🙁

  221. onur honca (11 Nov 2018, 18:04)


  222. lazreg (11 Nov 2018, 18:25)

    you are the best cpy all the time denuvo down again

  223. UNSKYLLED (11 Nov 2018, 18:54)

    Crack only pls, My crack got deleted by my f*** antivirus ….

  224. Leiderg (11 Nov 2018, 19:02)

    Seed you pieces of shit! Come get free games and can’t even help the rest of the community.

  225. john (11 Nov 2018, 19:03)

    no work my PC : AMD 8 jadro 8350 – 3,5 GHZ , 16 ram , 2 tb , 960 GTX 4 GB , W7-64 bit

    origin and odyssey od cracked CPY …. 2 minutes error blue dead screen memory ……

    games : frame/ FPS no good

  226. Pouncha (11 Nov 2018, 19:04)

    Save pbs : Can’t save any config or any game !!! When you leave the game then restart it,you lose all your previous configs and saved games…

  227. Arjun (11 Nov 2018, 19:45)

    may all the gods bless CPY.

  228. Tsimpi (11 Nov 2018, 19:56)

    HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic REALLYYYYYY ?

  229. Hye (11 Nov 2018, 20:02)

    it’s gonna take about a day for me to finish the download but I will seed for about 24 hours after that 🙂

  230. taco420 (11 Nov 2018, 20:09)

    CPY bosses for this! Torrent is sooo slooow though.

  231. Grifter (11 Nov 2018, 21:21)

    I have a dbdata.ddl copy problem!

  232. Bidule (11 Nov 2018, 21:23)

    It works perfectly well on my old GTX 660. You juste have to copy the files from the Crack folder to the games directory before playing.
    No problem for saving game as far as I’m concerned.

  233. rihardololzz (11 Nov 2018, 21:28)

    Bad Seed -_-


  234. NPL (11 Nov 2018, 21:37)


  235. SerialKillerJTR (11 Nov 2018, 21:57)

    @john @Pouncha Make sure you install it on C Drive and run as administrator..Game is working perfectly and is saving without issues

  236. Spencer456789 (11 Nov 2018, 21:58)

    Is anyone else having a problem with the page? Every other game and the homepage load fine, but this one for some reason freezes for a minute after loading, and then it adds the page again? Like the top of the page shows the game, but right after the tabs for download, system requirements, etc. it shows the top of the page again and those tabs again. Never happened to me before

  237. adamoo (11 Nov 2018, 22:24)

    seed pls:(

  238. gamingvirtuous (11 Nov 2018, 22:24)

    Thank you. Don´t know if Im going to like this game but really apreciate the scene.

  239. moi55555 (11 Nov 2018, 22:46)

    ok, work good on w10, but i have a lot of problem with the crack. trying to copy in the game files, windows didnt give me permisions then my antivirus deleted the file ” dbdata.dll “. so i find a way to copy it.
    1. close internet and stop antivirus.
    2. copy the file (now it’s working to copy, i think it’s a antivirus problem)
    3. try the game is working then close it.
    4. turn on antivirus and add an exception for the file game odyssey. ( you can too turn on internet)
    5. enjoy, stay in SEED, and say THX skidrow and CPY
    (sry for my bad english)
    !!! if you want only the crack: use torrent and chose to download only the folder “crack” !!!

  240. rihardololzz (11 Nov 2018, 23:15)

    gonna take 100 years to download it

  241. LBM (11 Nov 2018, 23:53)

    Didn´t work here. After the AC image off, stay on Black Window. and need to restart.

  242. Leiderg (12 Nov 2018, 0:18)

    Will have to wait for the virus free release this one is contaminated so that they can hack hype fools

  243. viadão bonito (12 Nov 2018, 0:27)


  244. Fkmybunghole (12 Nov 2018, 0:32)

    Will people please seed?

  245. Ryan (12 Nov 2018, 1:12)

    Trackers are broken, 50kb/s average download speed. :/

  246. pan (12 Nov 2018, 1:18)

    30 kb/s download…

  247. rihardololzz (12 Nov 2018, 1:27)

    @leiderg thanks for heads up

  248. rihardololzz (12 Nov 2018, 1:28)

    seems not many seed this because nobody Trust CPY.

  249. vg (12 Nov 2018, 1:39)

    Many thanks to all the seeders. Seeding now. Thanks all. 🙂

  250. The_Killer (12 Nov 2018, 1:43)

    save dont work for me

  251. Vexa (12 Nov 2018, 2:18)

    Please keep seeding 6 seeds 20+ peers it’s really bad!

  252. GeraltW2 (12 Nov 2018, 2:27)

    ok here are a few things i found out about this game, specifically the pc version. it WONT work with gen 1 intel i3,i5,i7 cpus. it needs a cpu that has avx capability. so for example it wont work with i7-920, i7-960, intel pentium or amd phenom processors. the first cpu’s that support AVX are gen 2 intel core sandy bridge processors.
    also, a lot of times antivirus flags cracks as viruses, but usually its a false positive.
    make sure to disable your antivirus before attempting to copy over the crack, it might accidentally delete dbdata.dll thinking its a virus. add an exception for it in your anti-virus.
    can anyone confirm this game is working? if its a legit CPY release it should be fine.

  253. Triple (12 Nov 2018, 2:28)

    thanks! i hope it works fine xD

  254. yel (12 Nov 2018, 2:30)

    someone seed please!

  255. Claudião72 (12 Nov 2018, 2:36)

    Gostaria de sugerir o game Battlefield 5, será muito bem vindo 🙂

  256. aek (12 Nov 2018, 2:43)

    THK you

  257. Monzi (12 Nov 2018, 3:01)

    Game doesn’t load past the splash screen. :c

  258. buy the game (12 Nov 2018, 4:01)

    fuck you cpy you are stopping Ubisoft from making money for there hard work. Everyone please buy the game or you are fucking cunt rapists.

  259. manuel (12 Nov 2018, 5:10)

    here to confirm the game works fine for me after playing an hour…
    downloaded from uploadheaven at 2 – 3.5 mb/s about 6-7 hours finished using cracked IDM.
    the benchmark : 49 average fps on very high, 40 on ultra
    the fps: on gameplay (1st scene king leonidas war vs persians) 30 fps average on ultra, 40 on roaming after choosing main character
    the specs: (a cheap old specs) i7 3770, gtx 1060 6gb, 16 gb ram, cracked windows 7 64, 1080p display
    the game: low fps 30 – 40 but no stuttering, no crash, no blackscreen, save /load /continue works fine
    the graphics: meh nothing special
    the story: not sure, but with the decisions making like witcher 3 style i hope its really good or better.

    thx for sharing..

  260. superwheejo (12 Nov 2018, 5:24)

    crack only pls?

  261. Oudiny (12 Nov 2018, 6:20)

    The game works perfectly here ! Saves work too. Thx CPU and Skidrow

  262. Keiki (12 Nov 2018, 6:35)

    “SEED” “Low download” “why 30ko/s ?” “plz seed only for me” “seed or i cry !!”

    :'( :'( :'(

    Go buy the game and shut up your fucking mouth ! fucking autistic !

  263. shostak (12 Nov 2018, 7:12)

    The game is working (Win10), and it is multilanguage. And yes, antivirus delete a .dll file of crack. You must add this file to exclusions.

  264. Aruzen (12 Nov 2018, 7:43)

    Lol, it’s funny how all these rats downloading the game on torrent are limiting their upload speed to 0.1KB/s then they’d dare to come here and say “SEED PLS”

    It’s going to take me 20 hours to download the game (It would normally take me 4 hours at max speed. Don’t worry, I have nothing to do so I will wait then I’ll seed it at 0.1KB/s so you all learn! to share. I always seed when I see people seeding but this is not going to be the case, unless I see you sharing.

  265. Pouncha (12 Nov 2018, 8:19)

    @serialkillerjtr the save location is there with all saved files (,,…) but the game seems won’t to download it

  266. Fuka (12 Nov 2018, 8:30)

    Anyone with wierd graphics? Like anti aliasing is off but all settings are in very high o.O

  267. Tabass (12 Nov 2018, 8:39)

    Thx a lot guys , you tha real MVP

  268. Manolo (12 Nov 2018, 8:54)

    Mouse issue fixed :

    1. go to your docs folder
    2. ACO folder
    3. open ACO.ini
    4. change KeyboardMouseEnabled=0


  269. Shitter (12 Nov 2018, 9:34)

    finally a Triple A Game REEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  270. Shinigami (12 Nov 2018, 9:50)

    xD after a while, i thinked one thing, crackers and pirates even UPDATE game and fix shit that devs cant figure out…. like

    Dead screen BUG – Play borderless, thats is because vram and ubisoft shits 😀 they have it too but crack fix this…

    also just wait a bit and evrything works

    Game is great… Beautiful one…. just… fukin use GOoogle and ctrl+F then write what the hell is problem..
    and search for answers not spam here 😀

  271. queque (12 Nov 2018, 9:52)

    Monzi, i have the same problem. With origins was the same thing. Someone help us 🙁

  272. Simon (12 Nov 2018, 10:24)

    GeraltW2 its not true 🙂

    Watch this

    i5 760 – this is 1st generation of intel processors and game will work 🙂 you can’t hit ultra quality but you can play 🙂

  273. ubishit (12 Nov 2018, 10:33)

    Amazing optimization just like Origins. High end PC 35-50fps .. stupid UBISHIT

  274. adamoo (12 Nov 2018, 10:41)

    51gb downloaded and stop :/

  275. sledge (12 Nov 2018, 10:53)

    how to get only crack files

  276. aston (12 Nov 2018, 11:33)

    i have problem with savegame, when i off game and run again, no have saves, only NEW game options:(

  277. aston (12 Nov 2018, 12:07)

    SOLUTION of the savegame problem;

    1.go to Documents folder in “C” dir … cpy folder ur savenamePlayer >>> uplay >>> 5059 … all saves and click RMB …properties…Advenced…
    4. mark the first 2 squares ..
    (file is ready for archiving)
    (allow indexing …) OK and APPLY.
    6. done / play;)

  278. Simon (12 Nov 2018, 12:49)

    Why you people get only torrent? On web i found links to files on MegaSync 🙂 2 days and game is download 🙂 I start yesterday morning 🙂 right now i have 50% 🙂 tomorrow i can play 🙂 and you still have 20kb download 🙂

  279. kenny (12 Nov 2018, 13:42)

    i quit assasins creed origin + odyssey because we can’t assasinate the target rather fight them just like dark soul and in story you u have multiple ending (odyssey) mixing indie genre it kinda bad way still i love this game since it first assasins creed until now i will seeing the next sequel if it better than the odyssey

  280. terry (12 Nov 2018, 14:23)

    the load option and my save files are gone..

    where is my saves?

    ur solution is not working for me aston

  281. Pitsson (12 Nov 2018, 14:32)

    Anyone else have problems with this? I can see like 1 min of intro video, then it crashes out to desktop?

  282. mika (12 Nov 2018, 15:03)

    bonjour qlq 1 sais m aider pour le jeu .. j ai installer le jeu etc… ensuite mis le crack dans le dossier du jeu .. mais me demande toujours la clés … HELP HELP HELP

  283. MNDR (12 Nov 2018, 15:20)

    The game wont simply load, any help ? It´s stucked on the splashscreen, pressing like enter actually makes it run the game, but it´s frozen and I can´t do nothing about it

  284. tanguy depourcq (12 Nov 2018, 15:33)

    uptobox dead :s

  285. Yapi (12 Nov 2018, 15:55)

    My solution its update windows to last version,no freeze now

  286. NoR3name (12 Nov 2018, 16:35)

    CPY is back, is time to bury denuvo again xD

  287. NoR3name (12 Nov 2018, 16:36)

    CPY is back, is time to bury denuvo again haha xD

  288. zergtoast (12 Nov 2018, 17:36)

    Black bars bug with 16:9 1920×1080 ingame and cutscenes, it sucks

  289. Riva187 (12 Nov 2018, 17:38)

    Géniaaaalllll! le jeu marche au poil , et dire que j’attendais les promos pour le prendre.
    Merci a toi Skidrow et un bisou a la team CPY 😉

  290. HMJCPS (12 Nov 2018, 17:47)

    upload haven wtf?????
    after an hour you disconnect my download

  291. FuckUBI (12 Nov 2018, 17:52)

    Don’t bother, it runs like hot garbage even on high end PC’s. Very poor optimization. Thanks CPY for saving me 60 bucks!

  292. Pitok (12 Nov 2018, 18:05)

    Save games just do not load after you quit the game. It’s like starting the game all over again.

    Saves location is:

    There is about 12 files (at least for me) but looks like game just do not see it.

    Any fix?

  293. madara (12 Nov 2018, 18:09)

    anyone else have problems like force closing after intro?

  294. helpme (12 Nov 2018, 18:28)

    i just downloaded all 13 parts but when i go to unrar it, i get a bad check sum error on part 8 i downloaded from different links and same error

  295. Pouncha (12 Nov 2018, 18:42)

    Very curious…
    The game make all the saves BUT when u wanna restart the game again, it doesn’t download nothing…and the saves are all there,nothing have been deleted (file 5059 in my documents\CPY-SAVES\CPY\UPLAY\)
    Can’t understand how to fix it…better to wait an update

  296. Zemog (12 Nov 2018, 18:44)

    Downloading (at 1Kb/s, but it’s something)

    Thanks man !!

  297. Pouncha (12 Nov 2018, 18:44)

    PS: I runned the game with admin : save pb still there

  298. Pouncha (12 Nov 2018, 18:57)

    I found a fix for Save PB :
    In CPY.ini file, just delete all the save line ! The saves works now 😉

  299. I am normally not using pirate just for ubi games (12 Nov 2018, 19:16)

    I am having crash issues after a while is there anyway to fix it (i turned off fxaa)

  300. Garry (12 Nov 2018, 19:27)

    i need a licence key for that 🙁 it doesnt works

  301. Blabla (12 Nov 2018, 20:36)

    anyone having issue after leaving fist island the water dissapear and game is all glitch out i can’t continu i tried a new game another save nothing work at 1 point my boat is floating on nothing and cant clip anywhere

  302. Raab (12 Nov 2018, 20:45)

    if you have an older cpu like me (amd phenom xII 965) game will not run. it needs to have avx support. another example of a lazy fucking dev trying to pinch pennies. dont bother. unless they include the update that fixes this if there even is one. FUCK YOU UBISOFT. and tbf siege, no mans sky, pretty much anything i throw at my system it runs on high. only games i know of that fuck your mouth like this is this, black ops 4, and farcry 5

  303. Than (12 Nov 2018, 20:49)

    During installation pops up file corrupted on Forge source file

  304. The_Killer (12 Nov 2018, 20:51)

    @Pouncha, @aston:

    thank you friends, I’ve done the tips that you posted and it worked here. thank you very much.

  305. Aruzen (12 Nov 2018, 21:53)

    This release works just fine, for those who couldn’t launch past splash/logo screen in previous AC games, I can tell you this time the game finally starts. I played the prologue and the first mission already. There’s a problem with the auto saving feature (another user posted a fix but I didn’t try it yet) however you can always manually save your progress, just don’t forget to manually save your game or you will have to star from scratch.

    For those (noobs) saying they need a license key or any other issues, first make sure you copy all the files in the crack folder and paste them into the game main folder, it’s where you installed the game (replace files when asked). If you don’t understand then go and watch some YouTube tutorials on how apply cracks.

    My Specs in case some of you are wondering if it’s going to run or not for you too:

    Acer Nitro 5 laptop
    Windows 10 Home
    Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ processor Quad-core 2.50 GHz (up to
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB Dedicated Memory
    15.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 IPS
    16 GB, DDR4 SDRAM
    1 TB HDD, 256 GB SSD

    Running with a mix of Medium/High graphic settings at 45 FPS…. (It can run at 60 FPS on the lowest settings tho but meeeehhhh)

  306. anyonyMouse (12 Nov 2018, 22:00)

    Thanks and respect for cracking this. Great Job guys. #FuckDenuvo

  307. Oudiny (12 Nov 2018, 22:07)

    I confirm I’ve played 30mn and after off / on ….. I cannot use my saves anymore !!
    A solution ??

  308. SiReK (12 Nov 2018, 22:10)

    Hey guys, If the game crashes every few minutes for u I just started to use BES to tame my cpu 10% for game process and it seems working for me!!! Previously it was crashing every few minutes and no solution worked. Now I been playing for around an hour and its been more then fine!!!

  309. Vagos (12 Nov 2018, 23:15)

    Hi. Can you tell me what to do when the “CD Key or Activation Code” thing pops up every time I open the game?

  310. renz199 (13 Nov 2018, 0:32)


  311. yannajin (13 Nov 2018, 2:42)

    hi, can you put crack only?

  312. Chucky (13 Nov 2018, 3:25)

    All i need now is Shadow of the tomb raider and my life is complete

  313. Aadi (13 Nov 2018, 4:36)

    Scroll up enabled by default in Controls unable to play Menu.This problem is in game too. It scrolls up automatically.This happens only in this game.I dont have any controller like VJOY or anything installed

  314. sammysam (13 Nov 2018, 4:56)

    Which DLCs are in this exactly?

  315. Dudebro (13 Nov 2018, 8:53)

    This game for some reason looks worse than the last game and runs much shittier. I know my rig is old, but its got a good over clock on it. I have a 970 and 3570k and maxed settings get me an average of 35fps with dip to 25 and max of 90. last game I had avg of 70 min of 35 and max of 144. Big difference for no change

  316. zielony_skurwiel (13 Nov 2018, 9:30)

    Omg dat intro.
    Spartans did not fight like that.
    its worse than 300 depiction of naked warriors lol

  317. Simon (13 Nov 2018, 10:30)
  318. Simon (13 Nov 2018, 10:34)

    AVX patch is ready. Question is when CPY give us this 🙂

  319. quesla (13 Nov 2018, 11:18)

    Alright… There is crack.rar file that needs to be extracted but PASSWORD is required.. I don’t know the pass… Can someone give me pass…

  320. Olivier (13 Nov 2018, 11:51)

    0.5 kb downloads speed wtf

  321. skizrow (13 Nov 2018, 14:21)


  322. johnnyutd (13 Nov 2018, 15:35)

    Greece.forge file is corrupted during the installation…any solutions pls?

  323. Flddm (13 Nov 2018, 17:11)

    seed please

  324. AngelInTheGame (13 Nov 2018, 17:14)

    Hi! i downloaded the game, and apllied the crack, and the game crashed me appearing the logo of the game at the start and always at the same time! then i installed the patch, and anyway i always do it, what can it depend on?

  325. Oudiny (13 Nov 2018, 18:06)

    Someone find a fix / solution for saves problem ?? We can see its but we cannot load them … the game crach during the save loading !! If you have got a solution thx in advance 🙂

  326. Oudiny (13 Nov 2018, 18:44)

    Maybe a solution for people whi have saves problems : saves appear but don’t load – don’t sound and crach game finally !!

    I re dowload only crack on skidrow site and re install it in dir game as the first time . I launch the game and my saves work now.

    I’im going to try all the week to see if the save problem appears again during the next days


  327. john (13 Nov 2018, 23:20)

    AMD FX problem , please CPU fix

  328. Draz (13 Nov 2018, 23:54)

    Hey, anyone know if the season pass is unlock with that version? thanks for the response

  329. Monster Hunter World (14 Nov 2018, 2:28)

    Monster Hunter World next please

  330. d757darkman (14 Nov 2018, 3:20)

    runs flaweless, im getting about 70-90 fps….thank you!!!!!!

  331. AngelInTheGame (14 Nov 2018, 8:19)

    i read that many may have crashes with the game at the start, due to the lack of AVX that many processors and motherboards do non have!

  332. Colosik (14 Nov 2018, 10:37)

    Hey there, somebody could help me? the game works fine but Resolution is kinda fucked, i cant get it to fill the whole monitor screen

  333. Agent (14 Nov 2018, 11:08)

    Solution: Save game issue

    In the CPY.ini file replace %DEFAULT_CPY_DIR% by the path that contains the savegame folder

    for example C:\Users\ “username” \Documents

  334. Septimus Raven (14 Nov 2018, 11:58)

    Runs perfectly on FX 8350 and i had no problems so far. Took 23h at an average of 800 kB/s to download but it was worth it. If you have any problems with corrupted files when installing always stop the torrent, force re-check the files, then restart the torrent before starting to install. It will finish downloading any blocks that it didn’t finish for whatever reason. Then you can install the game. Also, when installing, always run setup files with administrator rights to prevent files not being copied. To fix save game issues, run the game as administrator for one, but you can also go to the save game folder and un-tick the “Read-only” box then click the “Advanced” button and make sure both options in index and archiving attributes are selected. Apply the settings to all folders, subfolders and files and it should fix the save game problems.
    Hope this helps.

  335. gavin (14 Nov 2018, 12:24)

    i cant get the game to save can someone help !!!

  336. Axle Arma (14 Nov 2018, 12:43)

    Plz Fix One FTP Link Server Uptobox

  337. Fatgoom (14 Nov 2018, 12:45)

    i’ve tried every hints for the save problem but nothing works. i’ll dl the game again and try to instal the game on an another directory

  338. Janderl (14 Nov 2018, 13:16)

    CPU’s without AVX SHOULD work with the last patch but the game isn’t launching in my Phenom X6 1055T. Fix this PLZ.

  339. Aldraxas (14 Nov 2018, 13:34)

    Do we have to complete the offer for the crack ?
    Nobody answer to this question !

  340. Alberto (14 Nov 2018, 13:58)

    I downloaded to try it before buying the original Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, after half an hour of play I made a save and I got out of the game, when I went back I noticed that missing the possibility to load the previous rescues, someone has an answer in merit for this solution ?.

  341. DIFFERENT PROBLEM!!! (14 Nov 2018, 14:15)

    When I get past the “prologue” and get in the new ship, to go to the next area, everything is fine, until I get close enough to dock my ship, then the water disappears, and i can’t walk on land, i go right thru it, so im swimming, and everyone else is walking on land, and I cant interact with anyone. I tried to go to the other side of the water too, same thing. Anyone else have this problem??? or have a solution???

  342. Geralt (14 Nov 2018, 15:03)

    It asks me for a code on uplay, do you guys know the activation key?

  343. Simon (14 Nov 2018, 15:19)

    Finally downloaded 🙂 i5 760 (1st generation processor) GTX 1050TI 12 GB RAM and game is working!!! Saves are ok!

    This is not high end PC and i know that some of you think that if game haven’t 60 frames is shit. For people like me who don’t have much money, more important than 60 frames is optimalization on middle end pc.

    Of course i can’t set maximum settings but game work very good 🙂 and is beautifull!

  344. Peixoto (14 Nov 2018, 17:04)

    The AVX support for older CPU is out there, where can we download it? xD

  345. Crap (14 Nov 2018, 18:40)

    Simon just get a ryzen 3 1200 with 8gb ddr4 and you will have a much better system

  346. Zee (14 Nov 2018, 21:39)

    The game will not launch, i copied the crack folder contents to the directory and tried opening the game witth the exe in the game directory and the desktop folders, acodessey.exe open up in my task manager but it doesnt DO anything, i have a really good pc as well. i5 8600k and gtx 1080ti. Wtf is going on?

  347. krasin (14 Nov 2018, 23:35)

    Hey guys, about the save problem i did this and it works.

    Find a usb drive, plug it in and go to the CPY.ini file in the game folder and change the save path to that drive, in my case H:

    The game will save there and it will be possible to continue after exiting the game, so every time that you want to play, just plug it back in and there, problem solved.

    Hope that helps you guys and thank you CPY and Skidrow!!

  348. AC (14 Nov 2018, 23:38)

    AC : Odyssey is one of the best games of 2018 and one of the best looking games ever made.
    I have to mention that reason number 1 i love AC games is old time periods, for me it’s almost like closest thing to time travel.

    My personal ranking of AC games. ( PC VERSIONS ONLY)

    1. AC Odyssey – (no matter how you look at it, this is the best one yet)

    2. AC Black Flag – (still looks very good for 2013 game and is second best, odyssey just basically improved everything that this one had)

    3. AC Unity ( i know many would disagree to rank it that high, but i honestly don’t care, yes it had 100% AWFUL release, but after patch 1.5 it runs well with gtx 1060/1070.I love the atmosphere that 1790 Paris has, i absolutely love the time period, location.I also think unity has basically best parkour of any AC game.PS : this game looks good and is playable only on pc, console versions are very bad)

    4. AC Syndicate (at first i loved it when it came out in late 2015, graphics were very nice, had wayyy less problems at launch than unity and beginning missions were fun.Also i love the time period and city, 1868 London (31 years before red dead 2 : D) but yea city looked amazing at first, rain effects were amazing, but more the story got to the end, more boring it got, so in the end it wasn’t that great, but still nice)

    5.AC Origins – For me it was too boring.Story never hooked me.World was mostly boring and empty. underwater was boring, and too much sand even for desert lol.But it have to give it following things : It brought AC to complete new level, it had amazing graphics and pyramids were cool, but i still think that they could have released Odyssey first, but whatever, odyssey is here now and that’s all that matters.And yes Odyssey is miles better, way more interesting story, better / more fun missions, bigger world , better graphics , ships , underwater stuff , monsters to fight ect.

    6. Ezio trilogy – i Know lots of people love it, other don’t.I don’t either.I guess most people who love it are people with meh computers that can’t run new games or console peasants, because pc versions of these games were awful.Not performance, but controls, need for 24/7 internet connection etc.If you like it’s all good, but this is my list and ezio trilogy never really interested me.If AC would have ended with these, i would never cared to try this series.

    7. AC 3 – it’s a shame to rank it so low, but what can i do? I mean, when i started to play it, i knew that there will be new york from 1780, everything looked nice, i love the wild nature , open areas and what i got? Most boring first 5 hours i have EVER had in ANY game EVER.It was so painful and boring that i almost wanted to quit forever.All the missions, charaters , everything was so painfully boring and bad that i can’t even describe it.I have no idea why they did it like that, but thankfully they changed it up with black flag and new ones.All in all if you finally (after 5 hours) can play with actual main character and can go to new york / explore snowy forests it kinda gets fun.They just should have skipped first 5 hours and started with new york.There is remaster coming in march 2019 and as i understood, they have improved combat mechanics and all that + graphics, so i’m really hoping they make it better, because potential is clearly there.I can only imagine how good these snowy forests / new york / boston can look with new 2019 graphics / effects.Original looks kinda bad even for 2012 compared to other 2012 games like alan wake or max payne 3.

  349. anon (15 Nov 2018, 2:59)

    SAVE SOLUTION: This is a common issue with CPY games. You have to go to your DOCUMENTS directory. Right click on CPY_SAVES directory, and click on PROPERTIES, then ADVANCED. Be sure to check off the option that says something about allowing files to be indexed. Go back into DOCUMENTS folder again and do the very same thing for the ASSASSIN’S CREED ODYS SEY directory.

  350. Yoyo (15 Nov 2018, 4:30)

    Problem at lauching about something callled Uplay, any fix????

  351. kofas (15 Nov 2018, 9:05)

    pls seed

  352. SubSpecies (15 Nov 2018, 9:56)

    Holy shit, theres a GIANT penis in this game ahhhhhhh help!!! Din’t think it was a horror game but im scared stiff!!!

  353. Simon (15 Nov 2018, 14:36)

    SibSpecies 🙂 and of course you can hang on this penis 😛 hahahhaah 🙂

    Crap! Amd is another socket 🙂 if I wan’t amd processor i must buy another motherboard.

    I leave in Poland. In this country new pc is almost like old used car 🙂 PC you can buy for 2500 zl

    Used car can cost almost the same 😛

  354. toko (15 Nov 2018, 16:15)

    i have same save problem or worst, i do not even have CPY folder in documents, i have assassin’s creed odyssey folder in documents but there is no save files, any idea?

  355. AllPrime (15 Nov 2018, 16:42)

    I downloaded the game and copied the crack. But the game shuts off as soon as the first intro gets over. What could be the problem? Please Help..!

  356. kevinkeju (15 Nov 2018, 17:17)

    “G:\Assassin’s Creed Odyssey\DataPC_ACD_greece_ext.forge

    an error occurred while trying to copy a file:
    The source file is corrupted.

    Click retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file.”

    Please help, this message appears when I am installing the game. I retried it and the message keeps popping. Anyone there has the same issue?

  357. haas (15 Nov 2018, 17:40)

    in first face to face battle against Kurush,
    The controllers freeze! Can’t move and both worriors are stuck but other keys work (ESC, windows key). What’s wrong? Can someone help me please?

  358. Hbzlmx (15 Nov 2018, 19:02)

    Any news about Update 1.07, it is released today?

  359. zuy (15 Nov 2018, 19:39)

    fake… it doesn’t work

  360. that dude (15 Nov 2018, 19:48)

    Is nobody seeding this game?

  361. Xizos (15 Nov 2018, 19:52)

    Can anyone send me the Crack folder only as i accidentally deleted it. Discord is #1163
    Would really appreciate it.

  362. To dudebro (15 Nov 2018, 20:50)

    Not sure what you talking about, but this game looks way better than origins.Just look at water, textures , weather effects, storms, not to remind you that orgins had none of that, no rain, no storms (not talking about sandstorms).80% of origins was just sand/desert, so how can you say it looked better? It did not.Odyssey has wide range of different enviorments.Or just look at these amazing wave effects.Forests, volcanoes, not to even mention that underwater is way more interesting and better looking than origins was.I was extremely dissapointed with origins underwater.

  363. Hbzlmx (16 Nov 2018, 0:09)

    Here you can download the crack only:

  364. Olenhol (16 Nov 2018, 0:33)

    Is it 07 version? (70 lvl cap)

  365. KuroyukiKageya (16 Nov 2018, 3:13)

    so i copied the crack file into the main folder and clicked on the .exe file and its not working. any solution?

  366. Gid Lucione (16 Nov 2018, 4:59)

    thank you for this CPY!
    it works 100%

  367. orestis (16 Nov 2018, 10:11)

    please seed!!! i cant download

  368. emirr (16 Nov 2018, 12:35)

    i got crash when i am playing naval missions,everyhting was fine until i had to play “learning the ropes” game just close down

  369. Arno (16 Nov 2018, 13:43)

    is there anyway we can get/use Orichalcum ore In the crack version ?

  370. bl1nny (16 Nov 2018, 14:07)

    where i can find the activate key?

  371. Keiki (16 Nov 2018, 17:20)

    Hi !
    I see the save at CPY_SAVES\UPLAY\5059 i have 7 save.

    My problem:
    I play 1H +1H +1H it’s ok the save work.
    I play 1H more.. and the save dont work !!!! Why ? it is very frustrating ! ^^

    (Thx skidrow !)

  372. Harv (16 Nov 2018, 18:16)

    This is Version 1.06

  373. George (16 Nov 2018, 18:34)

    Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  374. Syamil (16 Nov 2018, 19:30)

    Games works perfectly for those having problems when launching the game at first it works perfects as for the second attempt to start always go to nividia settings and set it to windows mode not full screen.. it will 100 percent will launch after launch then changed to full screen hope this help… And a bunch of idiot saying it’s fake what a looser never even try downloading and saying it’s fake get lost and get a life.

  375. Syamil (16 Nov 2018, 19:31)

    Games works perfectly for those having problems when launching the game at first it works perfects as for the second attempt to start always go to nividia settings and set it to windows mode not full screen.. it will 100 percent will launch after launch then changed to full screen hope this help… And a bunch of idiot saying it’s fake what a looser never even try downloading and saying it’s fake get lost and get a life

  376. jesus (16 Nov 2018, 19:34)

    could we get new patch please your awesome guys thanks works perfect

  377. Jackal (16 Nov 2018, 19:38)

    Works perfect thanks new patch would be awesome new level cap

  378. Habbadacter (16 Nov 2018, 19:44)

    Will we be getting the LV70 update?

  379. MOE (16 Nov 2018, 21:02)


  380. MOE (16 Nov 2018, 21:09)

    guy’s where I can get the latest patch 1.0.7 any idea’s

  381. Th3_V1k1ng (17 Nov 2018, 0:10)

    well.. I’m rocking an overclocked watercooled system with an AMD phenom 1090t black edition..runing nicely at 3.9.. 16gb of white hot memory..
    and.. this game wont run.. so the dude who said it 1.0.6 works with “old” cpus is full of bullshit.
    Yay… several hours I wont get back.. utterly ucking wasted..
    If you have an AMD Phenom, dont bother downloading.. its a waste of your time and effort.
    BUT>.. CPY and SKIDROW ROCK!!! for doing the work.. and putting it here.

    NO.. i dont want to switch my machine, or upgrade it.. besides, if I did.. it would have to be a new motherboard, cpu, and graphics cards.. and I cant afford that right now.

  382. stratege1401 (17 Nov 2018, 15:21)

    dont blame cpy for your old software …

    blame ubisoft… or yourself for not upgarding…

    v 1.0.6 works perfectly !

    Hoping to see v 1.0.7

  383. ionas (17 Nov 2018, 15:45)

    I have r9 320 2gb and the game runs smoothly on medium settings.
    I manualy save BUT game crashes randomly to windows without any reason. i checked a bit on google and it is a common problem. Does anyone have the same problem?

  384. boi (17 Nov 2018, 16:30)

    hi any link for crack only

  385. Van (17 Nov 2018, 17:14)

    game keeps random crashing.
    launch the game, play it for couple minutes, CRASH

    does anyone have the same issue ?
    FIX ?

  386. Th3_V1k1ng (17 Nov 2018, 23:40)

    @stratege are you sure you read the post????
    Never blamed either CPY or Skidrow, game them both utter kudos. I’d do a Wayne and Garth, not worthy bow to them both, but cant put gifs in here.

    Old Software??? just shows that you did not read the post at all.
    Granted a lot of people who post on here, English is not their first language.
    The only person I blamed, was the poster who said version 1.0.6 worked on the phenom ii cpus.
    Its only my cpu that is “old” and since the Phenom ii 1090t black edition kicks bottom, to give an example of that, I run BF1 maxed out. MB is an asus Sabretooth, asus gtx1060 gpu.
    I play games periodically, having watched the movie again I wanted to check out the game, I guess I’ll just go play fallout 76 on max instead.
    Hope you have a startling weekend Mr stratege1401

  387. WarGaming (18 Nov 2018, 0:40)

    @ionas , i have over 50h in , i use 1070 gtx , and i didnt crash once , i play on max setting and im 60fps 99% of the game , the only issue i have is FPS drop in caves near fire . seems other people have this problem ,

    and i didnt crash once. i think ur GPU is too old for this game , or its getting hot , try check temp when u play

  388. Allar (18 Nov 2018, 9:56)

    hoping to get the latest patch :))

  389. Dominic47 (18 Nov 2018, 18:39)

    Hope to get that new update v1.0.7 soon wish we could get the Underworld Mythical Armor with it would be awesome .. thanks for the work

  390. WarGaming (18 Nov 2018, 19:18)

    im lvl 49 now and still have tons of quests to do and lot of place to explore , when i reach lvl 50 im gonna stop and wait for the patch , hope its come fast , dont want to waste all that awesome exp from quest , pls crack 1.07 fast

  391. tony montana (18 Nov 2018, 19:50)

    can you get orichalcum in the game to open the gifts from the olympian house or not ???

  392. phenom is dead (18 Nov 2018, 21:08)

    You can’t hope that CPU that came out early 2010 runs high end games from late 2018.Not to even mention that phenom 1090t is way worse than i7 2600 from 2011.Phenom is dead.

  393. WarGaming (18 Nov 2018, 22:17)

    @tony montana No u cant , its said u have all the items allready

  394. SkidMyRow (19 Nov 2018, 5:55)

    Waiting on patch before I smash this game out!

  395. KrisX15 (19 Nov 2018, 10:55)

    How i can saves this game? I can play but can’t save it.

  396. Mastero (19 Nov 2018, 13:25)

    game doesn’t even start, error after the intro

  397. Zeljko (19 Nov 2018, 16:39)

    Guys, pls seed! I’m dying for this game. Can’t wait for it to play it. Thank you

  398. tony montana (19 Nov 2018, 17:09)

    @WarGaming i have only the armor from the dlcs but i dont have any legendary ori epic gear

  399. luis Figueiredo (19 Nov 2018, 21:37)

    unable to load library dbdata.dll . say me how to fix it fast pls

  400. WarGaming (19 Nov 2018, 22:46)

    @tony montana just play the game , u will get tons of epic and legendary items

  401. Lincoln (20 Nov 2018, 1:49)

    Game crash in few playing moments, any patch for fix this?

  402. MorroWind (20 Nov 2018, 6:16)

    Game closing after first video. help plz!

  403. Janderl (20 Nov 2018, 15:01)

    #Phenom is dead Ubi already patched this and the game runs ok with Phenom so shut up.

  404. Hammad (20 Nov 2018, 15:37)

    is anyone having black borders/bars in the game at the top and bottom and unable to play on fullscreen?, if anyone knows a fix, share with me

  405. Nell (20 Nov 2018, 20:04)

    Hello! Does anyone have a solution for this? I played through the first spartan scene with no issues… When i reach the “Deal with the thugs” scene, I cannot fight. I’m stuck in place. I can block and lock targets, but I can’t move. The thugs don’t move either… What could be the problem? Thanks!

  406. edwin (21 Nov 2018, 4:47)

    plz help i need only dbdata.dll file

  407. SSJGOD (21 Nov 2018, 9:15)

    I hope you guys can crack and upload patch 1.07. I finished the game with every quest and the map is all explored and done.
    Hope you can upload it really soon.! Love this game.

  408. ionas (21 Nov 2018, 9:39)

    @wargaming you was correct. MY gpu was kinda old for this game.
    i bought rx580 nitro for 250 euros and now it runs smoothly on very high settings and full screen. not even one crash after 8 hours.
    So if anyone is have crashes its time to upgrade your gpu

  409. jesuistheo (21 Nov 2018, 16:15)

    a CD key is required, normal?

  410. Jayson Brown (22 Nov 2018, 7:07)

    will someone help please

  411. WarGaming (22 Nov 2018, 7:50)

    @ionas , im glad its worked for you.

  412. Allar (22 Nov 2018, 15:51)

    i have 120hours of gameplay already.

    Waiting for the update for the game now…

  413. NickGG (22 Nov 2018, 23:36)

    update version 1.07 please

  414. assunto (23 Nov 2018, 15:24)

    does this version include the ADD level cap (level 70) from one of the updates?

  415. daijo45000 (23 Nov 2018, 17:47)

    So nice!!! THX !

  416. voiceofreason (23 Nov 2018, 22:17)

    Assunto? Really? Unfucking believable, another dumb lazy cunt who cant be arsed to read the comments above. But just for you, NO, its not, as indicated by the date this was posted and all the comments before. I apologise somewhat from the frustration across many other sites, forums, historic and current that i’m having such a go at you, but really its due to there being so many dumb lazy cunts like you. For the love of god! Read the comments! Check the date of posting! Better yet, buy the game!

  417. GeraltW2 (24 Nov 2018, 1:33)

    Works like a charm. No problems to report, everything running fine.

    CPY, you guys are freaking amazing! The true heroes, you guys know what you’re doing. Thank you very much. And God bless skidrow reloaded!

  418. Astornn (24 Nov 2018, 10:24)

    Hello, le jeu me réclame une clé d’activation, comment faire, le crack ne fonctionne pas ?!

  419. chaos (24 Nov 2018, 12:04)

    please seed

  420. ahmed (24 Nov 2018, 12:17)

    assassins creed odyssey /datapc_acd_greece_ext.forge

    an error occurred while trying to copy a file
    the source file is corrupted

    click retry to try again ignore to skip this file

    please help this message appears when i am instaling the game . i retried it and the message keeps popping

    please can you upload it agine for me please

  421. Barto (24 Nov 2018, 13:10)

    thanks sir it totally works i hope for the PATCH 1.07 can be upload soon, I love u thank you 💖💖💖💖💖

  422. Misthios (24 Nov 2018, 13:42)

    Is this with Patch 1.07? It’s a pretty amazing update and it’s better to wait with downloading this until it includes that patch.

  423. Bob (24 Nov 2018, 14:55)

    hey can you guys seed it like 2 mb sec lol

  424. Don_Mateo (25 Nov 2018, 4:32)

    We need the 1.0.7 patch please <3

  425. HappyNoob (25 Nov 2018, 13:05)

    I get mouse freeze all the time, any clue why? Sometimes keyboard not working as well for 4-5 seconds. I have this problem just with this game.

  426. NaeRei (25 Nov 2018, 14:01)

    Awesome, have downloaded and its working, did not have the time to play it tho till now, while its working, ill wait for an updated version plus, and quite hopefully with all the store packs, (hint: underworld pack) ^_^

  427. stratege1401 (25 Nov 2018, 16:14)


    The game is really good, so in order to support the devellopers, i bought the gold edition.

    The only thing that bother me is the retail version is slower than your CPY crack. Certainly due to that DENUVO BULLSHIT !!!

  428. BamK (25 Nov 2018, 18:01)

    Thanks you !

  429. DudeonCrack (25 Nov 2018, 19:50)

    If you guys want some of the uplay & Helix credit outfits like the ones here:

    1. download this file:
    2. Extract the rar file.
    3. Copy “5059” to “C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\CPY_SAVES\CPY\UPLAY”.
    4. Go to your game directory.
    5. Open “CPY.ini” and change “UplayID=c91c91c9-1c91-c91c-91c9-1c91c91c91c9” to “UplayID=e43a5a9d-26df-4fd9-b99f-4c684d6fdc09”.
    6. Done, now you’ll start after prologue with all skins available & 25% Drachma & XP boost.

    The Outfits included are: Pegasus Armor Set, Spartan Renegade Set Set, Armor of Kronos Set, Herald of Dusk Set, The Hades Set & Nemean Lion Pack.

  430. SubZ (25 Nov 2018, 23:28)

    an error has occured while trying to copy a file (DataPC_ACD_Greece.forge)

    always get errors installing cpy games. I know im unlikley to get help but if anyone has a work around that would be great

  431. Misthios (26 Nov 2018, 12:54)

    @DudeonCrack: That’s pretty awesome, thanks a lot. I tried this and it worked. All you have to do is change the language from Russian, which can be easily done with Youtube tutorials.

    Question, while these savegames are awesome, would you happen to have a same one with everything unlocked, except with Alexios? I am forced to play as Kassandra now.

  432. jack (26 Nov 2018, 16:51)

    Thanks so much skidrow, you people are grenius,

    Guys any one facing problem of black bars or aspect ration issues, I set my aspect ratio to 16:9 but still I am getting 4:3 aspect ratio.

    Can any one have fix for this.

    Hey Skdirow, please help me in this context, i am not able to enjoying the game, Please a big advance thanx, provide some soltuion

  433. LordVleh (26 Nov 2018, 17:00)

    Can anyone answer me if i buy the game, since i played almost 50hrs of it..will my save still be there or does it get corrupted since i wont be buying the gold edition with all the armors and weapons that you get…i rly dont want to do that again..although it will be fun if i had more time

  434. josef (26 Nov 2018, 17:39)

    DudeonCrack can you upload a save with all the helix stuff but with Alexios as playable character ?
    Thank you

  435. josef (26 Nov 2018, 18:05)

    sory now i see all the saves thank you very very much

  436. SenPapi (26 Nov 2018, 22:26)

    What is the CD key? i copied the files from the crack already and i still cant play the game

  437. Awlh (26 Nov 2018, 22:55)

    What about the corrup forg fill ?

  438. Misthios (27 Nov 2018, 2:10)

    Where is the 1.07 patch? Surely it can’t take that long.

  439. Dark09s (27 Nov 2018, 15:10)

    does this game have any viruses, I’m really tempted to download the game. I just wanna make sure before i download the game

  440. Nome (27 Nov 2018, 15:24)

    Someone has the problem to find orichalcum ore in CPY version of the game ? Because I have not found it yet.

  441. Javier (27 Nov 2018, 22:52)

    Update Patch 1.07 pls

  442. Misthios (28 Nov 2018, 0:12)

    @Nome: Orichalcum is stored server side. Since you’re playing this offline, you cannot get Orichalcum in the pirated versions.

  443. Operation Fried Bacon (28 Nov 2018, 0:58)

    did any of you find any orichalcum yet? is it even available for pirated ones?

  444. Greenkang (28 Nov 2018, 9:23)

    gods work

  445. Al444 (28 Nov 2018, 11:10)

    That’s sad, so there’s 0 solution to be able to get that in cracked version ? No cheat console available, no orichalcum, that’s so sad !

  446. nihal (28 Nov 2018, 11:41)

    another crack form CPY another problem with game need code to uplay or origin

  447. bymsens (28 Nov 2018, 14:33)

    FAKE, contains a virus and the crack is not working

  448. Operation Fried Bacon (28 Nov 2018, 14:40)

    @DudeOnCrack ive done everything youve instructed but after the prologue of the game i didnt get any of those armor sets in my inventory, but i do have the Helix. how am i suppose to obtain them? the save game you have was the only one that had the hades set

  449. UNKNOWN (28 Nov 2018, 18:09)

    Well CPY is good i born when you are in this world 2 you are good human thank you.

  450. morimoi (28 Nov 2018, 21:17)

    in japanese? help

  451. MANOLO4449 (29 Nov 2018, 18:49)

    yes thanks you !!!!

  452. Kezzl0w (30 Nov 2018, 0:52)

    when they get the latest update?

  453. Danu88 (30 Nov 2018, 10:30)

    Any plans for v1.1.1?

  454. Yolo (30 Nov 2018, 20:10)

    I need help !
    When i launch the game i have a black screen, what can i do to fix it ?
    GTX970, Core i5-6600K, W10

  455. TriEdge380 (02 Dec 2018, 0:15)

    When I start the game, it bring me to uplay and i actually need a key… someone can help me please ? 🙂 thanks a lot !

  456. Dokuba (02 Dec 2018, 19:18)

    Pc specs –

    I’ve got an issue with the cpy cracked version of the game where right after the Persians Rush the phalanx my screen goes black for a couple of seconds and then it just shuts down to the desktop no errors no reasons no nothing just the window closes I’ve Run the game in administrator I’ve tried running windowed mode as well as borderless and I started the game off at the lowest spec possible Graphics wise otherwise up till that point the game works perfectly fine and I have tried a handful of different uploads any help is appreciated thank you

  457. gamer? (04 Dec 2018, 14:29)

    Now this game have chance to GOTY!

  458. cazuka (04 Dec 2018, 15:20)

    Need Update pls

  459. JAnki (04 Dec 2018, 16:51)

    Same prob as TriEdge380 , uplay wants my key 😛

  460. Sandro (04 Dec 2018, 19:06)

    Virus detected in the crack, into the file “dbdata.dll” i found this: HackTool:Win32/CrackSearch.

  461. mugen (05 Dec 2018, 3:52)

    Please update this to (1.0.7). please please i really love this game. please update.. thank you

  462. Dokuba (05 Dec 2018, 6:35)

    The update is not cracked yet as far
    as I know

  463. mugen (05 Dec 2018, 6:57)

    oh the latest version of Odyssey is (1.11) please please update this version. thank you very much and more power skidrow and CPY..

  464. Allar (05 Dec 2018, 7:33)

    Same here. I’m already lvl50 and it’s the max lvl.
    An update would be much appreciated :))

    Definently the game of the year!!

  465. Dokuba (05 Dec 2018, 14:33)

    So apparently there’s no hope for me I can even get a response of any kind did I post wrongly somehow?

  466. Hektoplasma (05 Dec 2018, 17:45)

    Hi Gys ! I have a problem with a error code: 0x800700E1 a dll. dont want funktion. Can some one help my ? The Game dosent start any more. i check the defender and this sucks found nothing.

  467. Hektoplasma (05 Dec 2018, 17:48)

    Virus detektet in the crack. dbdata.dll. Very bad. So some one can help my ?

  468. Hektoplasma (05 Dec 2018, 17:49)

    Windows dont erlaudet my to copy paste again the Crack files.

  469. Pirishh (05 Dec 2018, 18:07)

    Pls guys update it to the newer version im hitting the lvl cap already thank you in advance guys

  470. mugen (06 Dec 2018, 1:42)

    those having virus detected error “dbdata.dll” open your Windows defender then go to setting look for quarantine then click the view button then restore it.
    -it will only detect as virus but i think it will not harm your computer. hope it help you.
    (sorry for my english, i’m not a native english speaker.

  471. mugen (06 Dec 2018, 1:44)

    Please CPY and Skidrow. please please update to version (1.11) i’m already lv50 I’m saving some quest for the next patch for EXP farming. Thank you and more power..

  472. Nefelibata (06 Dec 2018, 11:00)

    I don’t know if I did something wrong, but it asks for Uplay, and when I install it, it asks for activation code.

  473. Dell (06 Dec 2018, 11:08)

    First gave the error of the .dll file, then gave the error “make sure uplay is installed”

    I can not play after 26 hours of playing and loving every minute of the game.

  474. Praveen (06 Dec 2018, 17:56)

    FPS drop to mid 20s for half hour gameplay approximately…getting in and out of mercenary tab fixes it sometimes, but mostly only restarting fixes it. otherwise the games runs on 35- 40 fps on average..Has anyone found a fix for this.
    Is it something to do with the patch version? Pls update skidrow.

  475. jhon (06 Dec 2018, 19:37)

    when do you publish the 1.07 patch?

  476. Dokuba (06 Dec 2018, 20:39)

    I wish to play odyssey but cannot do to it closing to the desktop immediately after the Persians rush the phalanx in the intro my specs are at the link in one of my previous posts please please please someone make aa suggestion on what to dodo

  477. Ridicule (06 Dec 2018, 22:37)

    Hope to see the update cracked soon!!! Thanks!!!

  478. korm (07 Dec 2018, 14:05)

    If you’re getting errors check if your anti virus is not deleting anything

  479. Zotac (07 Dec 2018, 16:27)

    we still waiting for 1.07 patch. hope you guys will update soon

  480. tyson (07 Dec 2018, 16:41)

    heyyyy quelq un peut m’aider quand je joue au jeux les sauvegarde ne fonctionne pas et non plus sauvegarde manuel help help

  481. Bryan Macias (08 Dec 2018, 3:20)

    why7 do i need a cd activation code when i try to open it

  482. Penny Knight (08 Dec 2018, 7:54)

    Is this v1.1.1?

  483. ZnU (08 Dec 2018, 15:59)

    Why the fuck my game is always turning off alone?
    i play like 5-10 minutes and it shut down.

  484. Zain (09 Dec 2018, 10:14)

    Waiting for DLC Legacy of the First Blade

  485. Gerpir (09 Dec 2018, 19:27)

    Doesnt work for me.
    Immediately after starting got message ACOdyssey.exe has stopped working.

  486. Rahrah (09 Dec 2018, 21:13)

    well, im waiting for an update on this game. I hope you have one soon. and please tell me how to update AC odyssey without my data being wiped 😀 thanks

  487. Colosik (10 Dec 2018, 0:44)

    Max level, update please <3

  488. mugen (10 Dec 2018, 2:42)

    Please give us a CHristmass present. please update this to (version 1.11). Thank you very much..

  489. Leo jackson (11 Dec 2018, 3:46)

    Can u please keep the update 1.07 seperately because i have download the game earlier than that keep update o.7 and other updates seperately.

  490. James (11 Dec 2018, 19:07)

    What is the version of the current crack ?

  491. ryan (11 Dec 2018, 19:20)

    This is version 1.03 which still has a lot of main quest breaking bugs, namely the main quests disapearing after “Snake in the Grass” (I ran into this one and dont feel like starting over). I think 1.07 fixes that bug would love an update to at least that version

  492. stefan (13 Dec 2018, 16:26)

    where is the crack

  493. Hektoplasma (14 Dec 2018, 12:14)

    Hi MUGEN !!!! Dosen’t work in windows 10 Pro. 64 bit.
    I don’t have a Quarantine folder, just can erlaud exe files or not.

  494. Hektoplasma (14 Dec 2018, 12:15)

    Some one fucks here the crack files, very bad….

  495. Hektoplasma (14 Dec 2018, 13:07)

    Ok i found the problem and fixed. About the dbdata.dll problems… First: deaktivate the microsoft defender complete. Second: after go to the quarantine options and klick erlaud the files in the threat history inside the microsoft defender. 3. Go to the deomon tools disc, open the iso from AC odyssey and copy the three crack files, in a created new folder on Desktop, give a stupid name how cares….
    Put all the files in your new created folder. After push CTRL and X and after CTRL and V for a fully overwrite files. I hope it works for you all how have this problems.

  496. Hektoplasma (14 Dec 2018, 19:26)

    Hi MUGEN: i found the threat history…:)

  497. Robin (15 Dec 2018, 12:48)

    When you play more than 20 hours sometimes and everytimes crashed.
    Crashed when you load the data from your saved files.
    So need the update. Thank you

  498. cornerlines (15 Dec 2018, 13:44)

    i can see like 1 min of intro video, then it crashes out to desktop? plz Help

  499. David Simic (15 Dec 2018, 17:17)

    Boys,can you maybe tell us what’s going on with 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 patch.
    When we can expect them?

    Thanks for all this games.

    Biggest fan………..

  500. Stefan (16 Dec 2018, 9:50)

    I’ve donwloaded the game through the torrent link, after cracking and installing I’ve noticed that after the very first cutscene with King Leonidas my game crashes. And it crashes every time after that first cutscene, I’ve searched the forums and I could find that many other people have the same problem, not only who have downloaded the game, but also the people who have bought the game.
    Any solutions on this crash?

  501. pirishh (16 Dec 2018, 19:29)

    still waiting for the newer update stuck at lvl 50

  502. ionas (17 Dec 2018, 14:57)

    everything was fine. i decided to start a new game as kas this time and i cant load my saves
    any suggestions?

  503. Pouncha (17 Dec 2018, 19:05)

    For all who want updates, keep in your mind that they’ll crack a new version later (after DLC are all out I think, like they did for Origins).
    New version is useless to crack for awhile.

  504. mugen (18 Dec 2018, 5:09)

    Hi. Still waiting for update version 1.11.

  505. shaadowuf (18 Dec 2018, 11:41)

    Thank you so much for all your effort and time to make us lowkey people happy, i dont know why you would spent your hours on others and have to hear complaints about everything, but i sencerely thank you and all the other people who use there time on these games and uploading them.

    this version have some glitches and some annoying things in it BUT its free, its good and is working fine on my potato computer.

    i am really looking forward to the upload with both DLC’s.

    thank you so much guys and keep the good work up.

    P.S you dont know how many games i have bought, just because i had the opportunity to download and play different games i normally wouldt have tryed, so BIG BIG THANK YOU ALL AROUND!! <3

  506. Anna (18 Dec 2018, 16:29)

    We’re going to wait a while if the next update is only going to be posted when all of the content is out. It seems Ubisoft is going to update Odyssey for a quite some time in the future.

  507. haman1997 (18 Dec 2018, 20:19)

    Someone know, where is crack ?

  508. connor (18 Dec 2018, 21:04)

    Mine will not download properly? When installing it asks me to abord , ignore or try again ?

  509. Indiana (19 Dec 2018, 10:23)

    Ive downloaded the game…installed it….run the crack BUT my system still tells me there is no UPLAY installed.

    When I install Uplay….it asks for a code….

    This is the fist time Ive experienced this with a game from Skidrow…..

    Can anyone help me?? please

  510. Mulayim Arinaci (19 Dec 2018, 19:05)


  511. WILL ROBINSON (20 Dec 2018, 21:11)

    Steam Sale just started. Are you guys going to crack the updated game or force us to friggin’ buy it??? It’s Christmas and all of us gamers are looking for an early gift.

  512. Niels (23 Dec 2018, 20:49)

    Will Robinson You unthankful entitled little scrub, speak for yourself, none is forcing you to buy anything.

    Can’t wait? GTFO and take your misplaced entitlement.

  513. Gonçalo (24 Dec 2018, 0:44)

    Hi! the game runnned perfectly, but in the nautical mission the game seems to crash when reaching the island, every single time. Can please someone help?

  514. Atom (25 Dec 2018, 3:49)

    CPY 🧐 Crack is virus MY W10 Defender say’s. which one? this ( dbdata.dll ) CPY, 😒plz update a new one….Only CRACK PLZ

  515. max (25 Dec 2018, 12:26)

    Thanks a lot CPY!! I downloaded the game few weeks back, played for 150+ hrs now and its been one hell of an odyssey. Fantastic game!! Thank you so much! Works perfectly 🙂 new patches bring more stuff especially level 70 cap! and the new episodic DLC. Hopefully you can add that, I’m sure it will be much appreciated by all!

  516. LoneWolf (25 Dec 2018, 20:56)

    is this updated to the current version v1.11

  517. Zain (26 Dec 2018, 10:46)

    Next Patch Waiting??

  518. Maxwell (26 Dec 2018, 15:15)

    Crashes when launching the exe, “ACOdyssey has stopped working”. What am I doing wrong?

  519. cody (26 Dec 2018, 21:46)

    @DudeOnCrack how do you transfer the saves or can you not now i updated the uplay id yet it does not pick up the saves when i open the game

  520. neo (27 Dec 2018, 11:03)

    Hi , I have installed, but it keeps asking “unable to detect uplay installation” . what should i do ?

  521. Chainza (28 Dec 2018, 2:54)

    If you were unable to play the game try check your antivirus it may remove your crack.
    Restore crack and disable your antivirus before enter the game, it works for me.

  522. Rúben (29 Dec 2018, 22:34)

    Played until the end of the quest Family reunion, the game has a few glitches but it is fine. Good Torrent. Skidrow and Reloaded are real artists, cheers.

  523. Therexus_Dacia (30 Dec 2018, 7:49)

    Great CPY.. Nice work my video card AMD Radeon, XFX RX 8GB !! The best, game and good site.. fuck off FitGirl, full viruses.. I recommend this site, thanks you very much, CPY.

  524. elomda (31 Dec 2018, 8:53)

    hello guys. can someone help please? I can’t get it to work … it asks for you play software and if i install it and log in it asks for an activation key. Is there a crack or a way to install?

  525. thang (12 Jan 2019, 3:05)

    does anyone know how to fix the bug “fast travel”?

  526. Sam (12 Jan 2019, 14:02)
  527. will (14 Jan 2019, 22:51)

    i wanna the PATCH !!! 1.1.10
    Or something 1.0.7 !!!!

  528. Lemon Guy (16 Jan 2019, 1:01)

    Any chance that the newest patch could be uploaded? It has numerous new features and higher level caps, plus the new episodes are really interesting.

  529. Teru (16 Jan 2019, 13:37)

    Any chance we can get a release date for the latest patch?

  530. Lizzy (16 Jan 2019, 19:14)

    When I try to start the game it opens the U play Launcher, anyone know what I need to do to fix that ?

  531. Fatgoom (16 Jan 2019, 23:44)

    Hi, i have the same problem for the uplay launcher Lizzy. and i don’t know how to fix it. hope anyone will help us soon :D. the mast crack after the bug of saves worked but not this one…

  532. anang (17 Jan 2019, 4:19)

    it always crash at the opening . before the main menu i think. anyone knows this issue and how to fix it?

  533. Parasite-B (18 Jan 2019, 13:41)

    At the rate that Ubisoft are dropping updates it’s no wonder it’s taking time for one to be released on here. I’m just going to buy the game for once and get them soon as they’re dropped.

  534. P.G. (19 Jan 2019, 8:45)

    Can you please upload the new patch? Very interesting and useful features 😉

  535. deashot (25 Jan 2019, 8:38)

    i downloaded the game and it asked me to install uplay so i did it and now it aks me for a key can u help with the key??

  536. corzart (25 Jan 2019, 18:41)

    Download links are not working? just taking me to SPAM links?? anyone know of a link that works please!. Thanks

  537. P.G. (26 Jan 2019, 10:46)

    When will the new patch will be upped? There are many bugs fixed with it..

  538. P.G. (26 Jan 2019, 10:47)

    @corzart all the torrent links are working fine.

  539. Xevious (26 Jan 2019, 12:30)

    All Uptobox links are dead

  540. Assassin's creed LOVE (26 Jan 2019, 21:07)

    Please seeds guys!!!! only 150kb/s

  541. Tomius (27 Jan 2019, 11:30)

    For all you motherfucking viners, if you dont know how to cracked games works, shut the fuck up and buy legal ones, of course installation ask you to install uplay if you dont put content of the crack folder in to your game main folder, game work just fine, i have played 15 hours and no problems, fucking monkeys, if you cannot meke this wokr plame your selves, this game wokrks perfectly if you know what your doing, if dont go fuck your selves and by the leagal copy…

  542. Dexteria (27 Jan 2019, 16:54)

    Reupload please. Only 1fichier works.

    The others show “File not Found”, “removed” or “need premium account”

  543. Corzart (27 Jan 2019, 18:05)

    @ P.G

    Yeah i got it to download… just need to sort out the save game issue then i’m good to go ^_^

  544. Fatgoom (28 Jan 2019, 8:09)

    @Tomius, i’ve DL the game and copy crack to the game directory but dosnt work. i know how to instal crack game but i have only 2 files for the crack. is it normal ?

  545. Joueur (28 Jan 2019, 17:48)

    comment on ouvre le jeu ?

  546. ALeech (28 Jan 2019, 20:47)

    Yup, same thing. the crack seems to be not working right now. launcher will open.

  547. Alexius (28 Jan 2019, 20:49)

    Hi there firt of all thanks for the game its working fine i have already more than 100h … but can you please release the update? , i am in level 50 and with the patch can go up to 70 and many other features.

    keep doing the great job 🙂

  548. sotos (29 Jan 2019, 20:30)

    thank you a lot but one question guys because im new hoa do i work the crack because i copy and paste it into the game file but nothing happens….uplay asks me the serial number how do i do it?

  549. Cp Tech (03 Feb 2019, 9:44)

    Can you put the new updates pls? this is still the 1.0.6 Thx a lot!!!

  550. ykrmtrgt (03 Feb 2019, 11:21)

    the game wanted uplay after I download it but after I downloaded uplay it wanted a key activation code what should I do?

  551. Dakness (03 Feb 2019, 12:22)

    its work for me guys ty just open the crack folder put in the game folder than will works

  552. Tomius (04 Feb 2019, 1:37)

    There is lot of peoples who does not know how to read, or maybe just retards, game works fine, crack works fine, and if you put it liki it supposed to put there is no fuckin uplay at all, whooos, what the fuck is wrong with you peoples, most of there has got it all working all right without any problems, there is clear instructuons ebout fuckin 20 times in these comments, if you still have to ask, your even incapable of doing anything or disabling the brain capacity… Thanks for the perfect crack skidrow and the crew, by the way update would be really nice…. those who cannot get this working, read the fucking instructions, they are here about 50 times in comments…. or buy it .. there is also this same version on igg games and many other places butt that doesnot help you if you cannot fukinc read and Fatgoom, disable your antivirus when installing so you have all three dll. files in crack folder, it not so fucking hard!!!! Update pleaseeee’!!!!

  553. KeyGerstrike (05 Feb 2019, 11:16)

    Please Fix. Game cant Save Data File

  554. Emily (05 Feb 2019, 18:25)

    The game doesn’t start, I don’t understand why. I turn off the virus finder and launch it as an administrator. My computer fits the system requirements.

  555. Anima Bose (06 Feb 2019, 18:49)

    Any news about Legacy o first blade?

  556. Dirk (07 Feb 2019, 18:29)

    Is googling “how to install cracked game” really so fucking hard??!

  557. Raaven (07 Feb 2019, 20:42)

    I copy the content of the crack in the game folder and it doesn’t works 🙂 so go buy the game now

  558. Raaven (07 Feb 2019, 20:46)

    Why you people don’t test the game before comments. It doesn’t works ! The crack doesn’t works, i reinstalled many times in many ways. And i always the Uplay message, so.. the crack don’t work. Please if the devs can fix it, it would be great

  559. GedoMazo (08 Feb 2019, 21:16)

    The crack work ! It’s windows defender who delete the crack ! Il you add the game in execption list, the game work very well 😉

  560. Pedro Ramos Garcia (08 Feb 2019, 23:08)

    Game works perfect.
    No problem with savegames.
    No problem with blackscreen.
    Game works smooth and 60 FPS.


    I7 6700K
    NVIDIA GTX 980
    16 GB RAM

  561. Xorin (09 Feb 2019, 16:36)

    Thank for the game. everything works fine. I only played up to stealing the obsidan eye so far though.

  562. Mulo (09 Feb 2019, 20:17)

    can some1 tell me how to crack it? i alrdy download the file. but when i click its ask me for activation code.

  563. tudor (10 Feb 2019, 15:11)

    first it tells me that the crack folder contains malware and it does not let me copy it, then when i start the game it asks for a uplay code.fix please?

  564. Mylo (11 Feb 2019, 15:37)

    please update to the newest version?

  565. Kamm (11 Feb 2019, 22:16)

    My game works fine runs smoothly, but I only make it till after the very first cutscene before it crashes. Help?

  566. kam (11 Feb 2019, 22:18)

    the game works fine and everything runs smoothly, but i only make it till after the first cutscene and it crashes, help?

  567. Brandon (13 Feb 2019, 18:44)

    I agree with Mylo, can we please get an update on this?

  568. Shogun (14 Feb 2019, 3:41)

    New update is comming I downloaded it but I would like to have the full version before playing =) thanks

  569. Atom (15 Feb 2019, 4:24)

    Nice F*cking Well Done. YOUR CRACK IS VIRUS. FiX the Crack mate, My Computer WP OUT thanks to you 😠 CPY…..I Restarted my Computer now, its OK BUT your CRACK Still SHiT. SO can you fix the CARCK PLEASE !!

  570. hellboy (15 Feb 2019, 14:11)

    dumb fuck turn off antyvirus wile you installing game and copy crack and game works fine 222 hours without any problem

  571. AD (16 Feb 2019, 2:36)

    Hey so I installed ACO without antivirus or windows defender on and put the crack files in the game folder. Still having issues opening it seems, usually just gives me the mouse loading wheel then stops. Task manager shows that it opens but turns off after a few seconds. Is this an avx issue or was that already included in the new patches.

    Any other help would be appreciated.

  572. Peper (16 Feb 2019, 15:56)

    Guys help me, I have problem!

    When I enter the game, Uplay tells me to enter the activation code. Where should I get it from?

  573. Atom (17 Feb 2019, 6:20)

    Excuse me 😤 you dumb F*ck. I ALREADY turn off my windows defender & I don’t use antivirus but, I still have the same 😡 ISSUE….then my computer CRASH because of that damn virus. Sad I haven’t play this game at all, Also AC ORIGIN THE CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS do you understand 😐 hellboy…… So please CPY fixed your crack PLEASE !! I BEG of you 🙏🙏🙏

  574. Dan (17 Feb 2019, 12:34)

    Does this also include the atlantis DLC?

  575. Teo (18 Feb 2019, 21:34)

    Hi, when im trying to open the game it asks for Uplay. I downloaded but it asks for activation key.

  576. Rúben Pereira (19 Feb 2019, 22:17)

    Are you all sure this doesnt have virus? Origins fron the pirate bay had a coin miner in it. I bought the games but i hope i wont have problems later.

  577. shem (21 Feb 2019, 15:23)

    How to get activation code in uplay for this games

  578. reki (21 Feb 2019, 18:12)

    Guys, i have only 5-10fps in game :/ i have good pc so where is the problem?

  579. Chudy (23 Feb 2019, 13:02)

    And that relase work with CPY crack?

  580. VARIOS (23 Feb 2019, 15:58)


    copy files from CPY folder to your main game folder.

  581. Asta (25 Feb 2019, 20:06)

    omg some people…lets try to get some things through your thic heads

    1. Copy the files from the cpy folder to the folder where your game is installed
    2. magic happens
    3. the game no longer asks for activation key, you dumb fucks
    4. play the damn game
    5. that’s why it’s called cracked game, not bought and with activation keys ffs are you like, 3 years old and dumb af?

  582. Varios (26 Feb 2019, 7:36)


    Damn, good goddamn speach.

    Kids are retarded and will still try to run the game without copying the crack to the game folder XD

  583. rersf (26 Feb 2019, 8:40)

    I got GTX 1060 i7 7700HQ and 16gb ram assassin working in max 15fps what to do?

  584. Sysylv (26 Feb 2019, 11:19)

    Now 1.0.7 to 1.1.4 please

  585. WeeePeste (26 Feb 2019, 11:55)

    i jsut wanna know when the legacy of the 1º blade will be available

  586. Rickidy (26 Feb 2019, 13:11)

    I copy the crack and the game does not work. Uplay opens and asks me to connect. Someone can help me?

  587. S.s (26 Feb 2019, 21:31)

    Please upload the new game+ update if it’s cracked.

  588. Tomius (28 Feb 2019, 12:29)

    Yeaj latest update would be nice

  589. Roy (01 Mar 2019, 20:27)

    Same here, dunno what to do

  590. goldenjerry69 (02 Mar 2019, 18:45)

    does it work tho because i am not downloading 60 G for nothing .

  591. Tomius (02 Mar 2019, 20:14)

    Fuck how fucking stupid can people be`? “cpy crack is virus viuvuivuiv” you fucking retards, all antivirus programs and malware programs tag every fucking crack as a virus or malware, even they not. You fucking idiot retards wankers, there is clear fucking instructions about fucking billion times here, if you cant get this work go fuck yourselves and by the game. Its not so fucking hard played over 100h and not a single problem… Update would be real nice but apart for that, the game works fucking perfectly, how fucking stupid peoples can be??? every fucking game in these sites that iv donwloaded are working, and every fucking comments there are these retartd fuck who seems to be idiot and cannot even read the simple instructions… Go buy the games you are so retards that i strongly doubt that you cant get even a legal copies to work… IDIOTS.

  592. mehdinks (03 Mar 2019, 15:38)

    Hi, the game doesn’t work for me when i run odyssey i have the screen of the laucher but no more, he stay like that and doesn’t lauch at all do you have a trick or something pls ?

  593. konrad1221 (04 Mar 2019, 6:23)

    which version is it now? Is it still 1.06?

  594. kris (08 Mar 2019, 16:40)

    First game i cud not play. virus program whent haywhire when trying to put crack in turning off anti virus firewalls etc pulld out internet cable game whud not start as it shud allways starting uplay hope new crack pop up soon i sugest wait why risk problems :)..cont find Assassins.Creed.Origins.The.Curse.of.the.Pharaohs ( my question on this Pharaohs is it stand alone or play Origins remove the game and start Pharaohs with Origins save file or whats the deal cont find answer only this question over and over 🙂

  595. thijl300 (09 Mar 2019, 8:29)

    what is the CD code for uplay?

  596. daniel (11 Mar 2019, 6:16)

    when can we get the latest update with dlcs?????? pls skidrow… dont kill this game yet

  597. Feyfey (11 Mar 2019, 15:14)

    Where can i find the patch 1.1.4 plz ?

  598. fds (12 Mar 2019, 6:32)


  599. keif (13 Mar 2019, 7:11)

    why is the game keep on crashing after the first scene???

  600. keif (13 Mar 2019, 8:04)

    why does the game crash after the first scene??

  601. alex (13 Mar 2019, 18:54)

    after the new windows 10 update, it is not working anymore; i think is related with the uplay_r1_loader64.dll

    Help would be great ^^

  602. Tomius (15 Mar 2019, 14:00)

    Alex, game works just fine after lates win 10 update, just playing it, no problems at all, so you got something else wrong… update still would be nice, other than that game works perfectly, played over 100h no problems.

  603. Varios (15 Mar 2019, 19:25)


    Hi. I need an advice. I alredy played like over 60 hours in this game on crack and after completing main story and max level (50 at this version of crack) i stopped playing bcs there was a lot more to do but i was getting no xp for this and i wanted to just wait for newer game version of this crack to level up easly. But now im waiting like 3 months and there isn’t any update. And now im thiking about buying this game. Im very poor but i already got some money and i can buy it, from one side i really want to play this game on 1.1.4 patch but from the other side i dont want spend those all money for a game that i will stop playing after completing everything.

    What would you do on my pleace?

  604. Lemon Guy (16 Mar 2019, 11:33)

    Varios, If I were you don’t spend it if you have any other thing to spend it on that is more important. The additional contents are great, think of it as additional difficulty mode and additional enemies but not much difference but like you said if you are poor you don’t have to force yourself to buy it, instead spend it elsewhere.

  605. Peruu (20 Mar 2019, 13:25)

    Skidrow why u say “the game is update to the lastest version and included all dlcs” when this is fake

  606. orange guy (22 Mar 2019, 6:03)

    update 1.14?

  607. NoBoDy (22 Mar 2019, 21:48)

    Hello and LOT OF THANKS for your great job 🙂 please wanna ask if the Latest DLC (the third) will be uploaded. Thanks guys

  608. Hameleodas (23 Mar 2019, 18:39)

    So, I’ve been playing the game for 70hours and would really like to get my hands on the 1.1.4 version. Can any of you that recently downloaded the game tell me if it’s patched. (in case you never noticed, you can see the version at the bottom right corner if you press ESC) Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  609. horyshiet (26 Mar 2019, 10:59)

    No saved game after saving and exiting. Anyone of you guys experienced this?

  610. Nickerovinky (26 Mar 2019, 18:48)

    Can you guys help? If i want to save my game it saves it, but when i exit and open it again i have to start over again. The save is not there. what should i do?

  611. Nicolas (28 Mar 2019, 10:35)

    Hey Guys

    One question, does include Hidden Blade DLC. Best Regards

  612. Raymond Chu (29 Mar 2019, 0:00)

    I cannot do any attack movement in the first chapter (dealing with thugs), anyone having same problem with me?

  613. Waedy (29 Mar 2019, 2:14)

    No saves? Try run the Game as Admin

  614. Alex (30 Mar 2019, 16:00)

    Works great! Thanks!

    For those who are having trouble in saving the game:
    – Go to the game directory
    – Open the CPY.ini
    – You’ll find something like “SavePath…”, delete it and save
    – The game should be able to save now

  615. Wiru (02 Apr 2019, 10:26)

    Assassin’s Creed odyssey patch 1.1 4

  616. gellar (02 Apr 2019, 18:20)

    Is the 1.1.4 released here?

  617. carlo (03 Apr 2019, 13:51)

    Pls. Ive been waiting for 1.0.7 version for months already. Is this torrent dead stuck on 1.0.6 for good?

  618. Anwaar (03 Apr 2019, 16:10)

    plz all dlc include and latest version assassin creed odyssey ultimate edition

  619. Koala (04 Apr 2019, 17:06)

    IT Doesn’t work, when I Start my games it runs through the designers and partners, for like 10 seconds and then it automatically closes the game… I can’t believe it its the 2nd time a game doesn’t work!

  620. AustinH2s (09 Apr 2019, 6:47)

    Thank you CPY and Skidrowreloaded for this piece, However can you also upload the latest patch with the “an actor’s life for me” Bug fixed (main story with major bug) ? or else this cracked game won’t be able to continue the main story quest (no further than chapter 8). Thank you very much

  621. Alex the gong kia (09 Apr 2019, 7:20)

    Where the lastest update ???

  622. shmuckzombie (09 Apr 2019, 23:23)

    it asks me for CD key after crack.plz help

  623. Δημήτρης Μπάρδας (12 Apr 2019, 12:03)

    When are going to upload version 1.0.7?

  624. Tekati (17 Apr 2019, 9:15)

    ThanK you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  625. SephiX (18 Apr 2019, 3:38)

    NOTE: The game is updated to the latest version and includes all DLCs

    IS LIE.

  626. Asta (19 Apr 2019, 20:17)

    When is the first dlc gonna be cracked?

  627. Smellycondor (20 Apr 2019, 5:34)

    Holy fuck the usb save trick actually fucking worked. FINALLY. Ive been trying hundreds of different things and almost considered downloading the entire game again. Thanks @krasin. Ur a good nigga

  628. gamerz420 (21 Apr 2019, 3:49)

    PLEASE cracked the ac odyssey with two DLC (the fate of atlantis and legacy of the first blade).

  629. Duleh2090 (22 Apr 2019, 10:14)

    why after i extract and install and i copt the file from the CPY to the file i’ve been install its still go through UPLAY asking for activation code??

    note: sorry my english so bad

  630. Duleh2090 (23 Apr 2019, 5:25)


  631. pyronface (25 Apr 2019, 10:53)

    I have the same problem as Duleh, how did you fixed it. The goes direct to Uplay activation code

  632. araddox (25 Apr 2019, 14:23)

    hello i have a question

    i have finish the history but how to start dlc ?


  633. GIGI (25 Apr 2019, 16:57)


  634. J (27 Apr 2019, 13:33)

    How can I play if mine needs an activation key

  635. pinki (28 Apr 2019, 11:33)

    can someone help me?

    when I press ” New Game ” it comes black screen with loading icon on the left and just stay like that no crash nothing

  636. Senn (28 Apr 2019, 18:55)

    Which version is this?

  637. Dam (28 Apr 2019, 23:17)

    when will the new legacy dlc come out?

  638. Alexandre (29 Apr 2019, 18:54)

    When will the new legacy dlc available?

  639. lucifer (01 May 2019, 11:14)

    dlc new when will come

  640. razvitr (01 May 2019, 14:21)

    the legacy dlc appeared a long time ago and on 23 april the fate of atlantis dlc appeared..
    so waitting

  641. Myo (03 May 2019, 10:44)

    Uptobox Link down :'(

  642. Rich (04 May 2019, 4:16)

    Game works great ! Thank you! The dlcs arent there or arent open or something? am I missing something?

  643. kris (04 May 2019, 19:49)

    open instal dir and open the .ini file and change 0 to 1 or 1 to 0 was same for origin

  644. Stratos (05 May 2019, 9:02)

    Only DLC?

  645. Eterek (05 May 2019, 10:32)

    Game dont work for you becouse windows defender delete 1 file from crack, you must turn off your defender, its work for me but in the opening crashing i dont now what its the problem. (sorry for bad english xD)

  646. Synn (05 May 2019, 15:57)

    Keeps asking me to login to the UPlay Launcher after copying crack files…Did I do it wrong?

  647. Weleks (05 May 2019, 18:21)

    Which version is this game ?

  648. Zorro (07 May 2019, 11:28)

    version 1.6 of 5 oct 2018

    NOTE: The game is NO updated to the lastest version and NO includes all dlc

  649. raniel (07 May 2019, 17:30)

    does not work, asks for a code to activate in uplay. It’s the first time I see a cracked game ask for a code to activate in the official store of the distributor, after all it’s a cracked game or it’s an original game here

  650. Fakir (10 May 2019, 19:52)

    Estimado primero me pidio tener instalado uplay luego me pide codigo de activacion alguna pagina donde poder sacarlo??

  651. Anon (13 May 2019, 23:47)

    An update to the latest patch would be great.Thanks for sharing

  652. Hart (14 May 2019, 9:18)

    As of right now Odyssey (and all of its version ie Deluxe Special Ultimate) is half off on Humble Bundle if anyone just doesn’t want to wait for crack updates (which likely won’t be coming til the game’s DLCs are all done (likely next year))

  653. S1NN (16 May 2019, 12:36)


    For me, an important crack file was being removed by the system upon extraction. Disable ALL antivirus programs before applying crack. It worked for me, no problems.

  654. cris (17 May 2019, 2:11)

    crack only please!!!!!

  655. Sar (18 May 2019, 13:19)

    Can you please udptate it? thanks for the share

  656. George Kotsonis (18 May 2019, 13:39)

    Yaw still waitting for the First blade dlc which is the latest

  657. akbar maulana (18 May 2019, 14:43)

    Just like god of war

  658. Max88great (19 May 2019, 9:39)


    my issue was the very intrusive WIN 10 Windows Defender interfering with the crack, so:

    -Turn off real-time protection
    -copy again the 3 files from the Crack folder to the game install location
    -launch the game.

    in addition, if you have previously saved games/save files and after the first game launch:

    -search for the savegame location (C:\Users\Username\Documents\CPY_SAVES)
    -copy the previously saved savegame files into the CPY_SAVES
    -re-launch the game.

  659. Vian (24 May 2019, 7:46)

    in this version underworld mythical set can we get it or not

  660. hp (24 May 2019, 15:58)

    please UPDATE version 130 please its only version 106 online

  661. Gian (25 May 2019, 21:34)

    Hope they update.

  662. Ryan (26 May 2019, 13:55)

    The torrent I DLed is still the same 1.06 torrent with tons of bugs, and almost none of the DLC, that’s been around since November 2018. What a weird thing to lie about

  663. pancernik (01 Jun 2019, 12:04)

    where`s the crack i`m supposed to copy

  664. Nadia (01 Jun 2019, 14:27)

    Could you please update this?

  665. pochinki (02 Jun 2019, 8:23)

    The game will be update when all the dlc have been out and nearly to new assassin’s creed game. just be patient guyz.

  666. Shelter (02 Jun 2019, 8:27)

    The game will be update when all the dlc come out and after new ac games trailer. Be patient guys.

  667. Alexius (02 Jun 2019, 14:18)

    Thanksssss 😀

  668. kaios95 (04 Jun 2019, 20:32)

    The game requested Uplay to be install ^^

    Of course i knew the patch wasn’t installed correctly.
    But i was unable to copy paste what was inside the crack folder. Windows did not let me… Don’t know why.
    But in fact, if you copy paste the crack folder itself on your desktop and then you copy paste what’s inside, into the main game folder then game is running.

    Hope it helps a bit those who got this issue.

  669. Gio (09 Jun 2019, 6:05)

    skidrow please atlantis dlc )))) your eternal fan

  670. Omar (09 Jun 2019, 8:52)

    Please , Could anyone send me the setup number 31 from the 62 Gb link ?

  671. Jack (11 Jun 2019, 12:10)

    An updated version would be awesome!

  672. UncivilizedAsshole (13 Jun 2019, 1:24)

    No Legacy of The FIrst Blade and Fate of Atlantis. 🙁

  673. xaero (15 Jun 2019, 23:58)

    dlcs updated? legacy and fate?

  674. PowerUpPlayer01 (19 Jun 2019, 10:31)
  675. Nabojuti (22 Jun 2019, 5:02)

    Which one

  676. Sqn (04 Jul 2019, 7:16)

    when will the last two dlc: fate of atlantis, legacy of first blade?

  677. WebGirl (04 Jul 2019, 15:11)

    When can we expect to see all the new DLCs cracked? Any ETA would be appreciated.

  678. jose (05 Jul 2019, 20:54)

    como ago para saltar lo del codigo de compra de ubisoft

  679. George Kotsonis (08 Jul 2019, 18:47)

    It has nearly 6 new DLCS please give them to us

  680. Fin (08 Jul 2019, 23:40)

    DLCs will most likely be available when game development is completed. For cracking groups, every new DLC means a new crack. This is of course time and efforts wasted if a new dlc comes out every 2 months or so and they have to start over by the time they’re done.

    This is why we all have to wait. It’s annoying, I know, but that’s it.
    We’ll have the game cracked when the time will come to develop a new Assassin’s Creed and conclude with this one’s DLCs.

  681. art.a (09 Jul 2019, 13:56)

    cant start the game, auto close after first credit

  682. Jay (10 Jul 2019, 19:24)

    1.0.6 is the worst version, very taxing on the hardware. At this point I rly hope skidrow will crack this after all dlc comes out.,

  683. juju (17 Jul 2019, 1:45)

    the last dlc come out, waiting for the crack mah friends :3

  684. Jay (17 Jul 2019, 7:27)

    Should be cracked in a few days at most.

  685. ean (22 Jul 2019, 13:23)

    i have black bar upper and buttom plsss how to fix it T.T

  686. hana (22 Jul 2019, 19:11)

    It doesn’t work

  687. George (23 Jul 2019, 10:42)

    Is it really cracked ??

  688. Oscar (26 Jul 2019, 10:10)

    Still no version 1.07?

  689. Timmmy (26 Jul 2019, 14:55)

    Update please. 2 weeks since final dlc

  690. PAUL (26 Jul 2019, 17:14)

    hi i just want to ask something.I finished the game i am lvl 50 and i have downloaded this file.I tried to play the dlc with atlantis but it isnt shown up.On add ons it says that is installed but without picture and i cant access tp it.Maybe i do something worng?

  691. Max (26 Jul 2019, 21:24)

    @Paul. Its a very old version, before atlantis dlc. Waiting for an updated version but its taking too damn long.

  692. bob (27 Jul 2019, 7:44)

    update please

  693. Kadir YILDIZ (28 Jul 2019, 17:26)

    OMG.. Why it takes so damn long!? Please Skidrow make it happen…

  694. tako (28 Jul 2019, 23:35)

    Hey idiots they upload a cracked version of the game, enough for testing out, if you really like the game BUY IT and stop asking for a newest dlc and shit you assholes

  695. bob (29 Jul 2019, 5:13)

    Yes, but actually no. Never give money to scumbag developers like Ubi.

  696. mio (29 Jul 2019, 14:16)

    @bob …. man the same here .. I will NEVER buy any of games by Ubisoft/EA/Konami/… etc .. cuz im already learn my lesson … the only games I really pay a real money for it is any game by CD project … that’s why I will play cracked version of these games cuz I don’t wanna support the company but I need to take it down … cuz im not sitting on a bank or my father isn’t a SUPER milliner!! now @tako …do u see why I will never pay for these games ? or u still an ass hole ?!

  697. tako (29 Jul 2019, 21:02)

    if u dont want to pay, then dont play them, why play games of shitty companies anyways? =P

  698. john (31 Jul 2019, 2:16)

    Any ETA on the 3 DLCS?

  699. bob (31 Jul 2019, 13:12)

    @tako Generaly speaking i dont. this is the exception. And probably would not have if epic had not pushed me towards cracked games after years of staying legit. I dl this and metro only this year and i will buy metro when its on steam. Prob will dl 2 more before years end. They got their 30 pieces of silver from epic too so they can f off.

  700. Breshke (03 Aug 2019, 19:39)

    Has new game+?

  701. alcor63 (04 Aug 2019, 12:42)

    problem uplay need activate key

  702. ikhebdorst (06 Aug 2019, 10:02)

    is there already a level scaling option in the menu?

  703. Tomius (09 Aug 2019, 9:17)

    The updates and dlc are taking way too long, i understant that group don wanna crack denuvo games all the time, but wtf, there is cracks for much newer games, so please update this, the wait has been ridiliciously long, yeah yeah and all the motherfuckers who say if you dont want a wait buy the game, fuck of, i dont see point to this when there is hundreds of much newer games craked same time— Please CPY update this, otherwise this whole fucking game is pointless to load, because you cannot play main story through with this bugisoft shit patch..

  704. mike (10 Aug 2019, 16:01)

    guys the game has a ton of glitches and cant progress the story at somne point, are you planing to release the latest version or not? if not im going to delete it …

  705. Anna (10 Aug 2019, 17:29)

    Please update the game and the lastest DLC

  706. Jay (11 Aug 2019, 13:37)

    Just bought the game for 20€ gonna buy atlantis dlc as well.
    This aint gonna get cracked anytime soon.

  707. atef (14 Aug 2019, 0:09)


  708. Asta (14 Aug 2019, 20:47)

    when are the dlc’s coming ffs?

  709. SeptimusRaven (15 Aug 2019, 16:33)

    @Asta Soon™

    Alternatively you can follow Jay’s suggestion, pay 20 euro and then you don’t have to wait over a year for the cracked release. Complaining about it won’t solve the problem.

  710. Harkos (16 Aug 2019, 9:07)

    HAHAHA ! @SeptimusRaven Paying the bas**rd who make only 22 games on the same license ? no thanks 😉

  711. Reee (18 Aug 2019, 19:33)

    i get an error when its almost installed.. something about a missing file and then tells me to put in a disk..

  712. SeptimusRaven (19 Aug 2019, 13:59)

    @Harkos I’m gonna assume that by “bas**rd” you mean Ubisoft.

    And i’m also gonna assume you didn’t actually bother to take 3 minutes of your time to do a quick google search on “Ubisoft games” and find out about the Farcry series, the Splinter Cell series, the Ghost Recon series, The Crew series (although to be fair there are only 2 of them so far), the Rainbow Six series, the Watch Dogs series (again, only 2 so far), For Honor… and these are just some of the more famous ones.

    So yea, maybe you should use the google’s search function first (function witch was made available to the world for a longer period of time than the amount of time it passed since you were been born, i’m willing to bet) and don’t make insults based on unfounded assumptions.

  713. MrNightmare027 (19 Aug 2019, 14:22)

    Is it possible to get the new updates and DLC added to this?

  714. marky (20 Aug 2019, 0:24)


    Dont care what games they make, ubi is one of the scummiest developers.

    Money grabbers, check.
    Rehash yearly, check.
    Piece of sh*t SJW f***tards , check. – this alone would do it tbh
    Force you to make account so they can sell your data, check.
    Force online components to single player games, again for data grabbing, check.

    Never, ever give this people any money.

  715. Carlo Colella (21 Aug 2019, 17:42)

    Please update the game to 1.4, and at the end of august we will have 1.5!

  716. Abhygan Bose (25 Aug 2019, 18:01)

    Yes please update the dlcs.

  717. Abhygan Bose (25 Aug 2019, 18:01)

    Yes please update the dlcs.We need the updated game.

  718. aap (25 Aug 2019, 21:37)

    Downloaded it works fine,

    Ended up buying the ultimate edition after it to support the devs.

    Thanks guys.

  719. hatekitten (27 Aug 2019, 9:37)

    I ended up now buying the game because there is a 60% sale currently on Steam. I really didn’t want to but I couldn’t get the saves to work at all. I really don’t like giving money to Ubisoft (Blizzard, yes. CD Project? Yes. Not Ubisoft.) but like I really wanna play this lmao

  720. Sqn (27 Aug 2019, 20:08)

    are all dlc here? atlantis itc. ?

  721. SeptimusRaven (28 Aug 2019, 22:20)

    @hatekitten You still want to give money to (Activision)Blizzard? After that Diablo Immortal “You guys don’t have phones” sht?

  722. pandi (30 Aug 2019, 16:41)

    I just downloaded the game and it is still version 1.0.6

    Note says it has been updated with all dlc

    Is there only a link that downloads the update with the dlc´s? i got mine from a torrent link and its an old version

  723. pandi (30 Aug 2019, 17:26)

    checking now, I see it has some dlc´s but I don´t know how to check if it brings all the big dlc (blade, atlantis)

    I have just started the game so I dont know if you can even see at the biginnig of the game if the markers for the history dlc are there.

    Any help?


  724. Sqn (30 Aug 2019, 19:10)

    What is the version? 1.0.6

  725. Umer (05 Sep 2019, 6:16)

    Update please! been waiting for so long.

  726. ROKO (05 Sep 2019, 16:14)


  727. awdawd (05 Sep 2019, 21:30)

    is the game full and working without missing DLL files ????
    and what is the update you want for ???

  728. Skidrow (06 Sep 2019, 13:38)


  729. Ubisoft (07 Sep 2019, 4:31)

    cmon just buy the game

  730. Ana (09 Sep 2019, 16:23)

    It’s so ridiculy Skidrow, Reloaded crack all videogames like that and this one don’t want update nevermind. No entiendo para nada porqué Skidrow, Reloaded piratea todos los videojuegos como éste y después no los actualiza nunca más.

  731. Knight Rider (10 Sep 2019, 4:51)

    Plzzz sir upload game with all three dlc we are fed up now for God’s sake dont ignore our feedbacks.

  732. haricopain (10 Sep 2019, 4:54)

    just wait pretty soon now they wait the pbly last update who’s comming the 17th september,

    the teams just wait the full game realease with all contents ! Keep it up <3

  733. Jay (11 Sep 2019, 14:09)

    Not gonna happen. They have their hands full with tonns of games already that’s comming out in september and october. You bumms should either play it with this patch or just buy the game for 20 bucks. There was even a free Atlantis EP1 dlc you could get a few weeks back.

  734. Leirom (12 Sep 2019, 15:12)

    I just downloaded and installed the game. But when I ran the game it said that i need to play it from UPLAY. but after I open and make an account on uplay it just want me to buy the game. What to do. PLEASE REPLY

  735. ATRUS (15 Sep 2019, 18:28)


  736. Hortix (18 Sep 2019, 3:26)

    hi, i have a problem, i have instaled de game copy de crack but the game say i need the uplay. need help

  737. kass (18 Sep 2019, 18:33)


    Can anyone help me please, When I finish a game and come back to the game I no longer have my backups…. I only have “new part” available. someone knows why I can not keep a backup ?

  738. SeptimusRaven (19 Sep 2019, 18:21)

    @kass You mean save games don’t work/game doesn’t create save games? You can try running the game as administrator, tho i’m not sure if that’s gonna fix the problem (i’m not running the game as admin myself yet i have no save game related problems).

    It could have something to do with the save folder as well. If that’s the case, try locating “C:\Users\*NAME*\Documents\CPY_SAVES” (i think this is the right one), right click Properties, click on Advanced then select “Folder is ready for archiving” and click Ok and Apply to all files and folders. It should work after this, although running the game as administrator should work too.

  739. sabata67 (20 Sep 2019, 17:20)

    bon c’est pour quand le patch 1.0.7

  740. rabby (22 Sep 2019, 10:25)

    wanna play this game

  741. Murad (23 Sep 2019, 12:47)

    has this been updated to the latest version and includes all the DLC ?

  742. TLMB (27 Sep 2019, 0:17)

    Update 1.4.0?

  743. pknag (27 Sep 2019, 6:01)

    Can anyone please tell whether this contains all the DLCs and is updated to the latest version?? Thanks in advance

  744. Gasti (29 Sep 2019, 4:28)

    My game keeps crashing for some reason I’m not too sure why, anyone know of any fix??

  745. hip (02 Oct 2019, 6:21)

    can anyone explain how to install game please

  746. SeptimusRaven (03 Oct 2019, 17:09)

    @hip Run setup as administrator. Make sure you have any av programs disabled temporarily (just in case they might discover the origin point of all evil in one of the files or something and immediately proceed to delete the ever loving fck out of them) but usually just running the installer as admin works fine.

  747. Avadhut (08 Oct 2019, 6:05)

    thank you…………………

  748. SeptimusRaven (08 Oct 2019, 23:58)

    I managed to find someone in some forum or another on the skidrow site, mentioning that they were able to contact a member of CPY, who was able to confirm they’re no longer interested in releasing cracked dlc for this game. Witch is a bummer because historically, whenever they said they’re done with a project, then that was that. Guess they’re too busy cracking seasonal 10$ trash that nobody cares about instead.

    Guess we can only hope codex will do something about it now. Alternatively, we’ll just have to pony up 40$ for the season pass.

  749. Gio1786 (16 Oct 2019, 9:34)

    We are waiting for update 1 year, come on they sold everything no-one will buy that game anymore you can update it SKIDROW

  750. HOPE (17 Oct 2019, 1:11)

    PLEASE update the game to the latest version and all the DLCs thank you:)

  751. HOPE (17 Oct 2019, 1:13)

    PLEASE update the game to the latest version and DLCs thank you:)

  752. Alex (17 Oct 2019, 11:58)

    the final update 1.5.1 just got released can you crack?

  753. MeThinxUlate (18 Oct 2019, 1:12)

    Last update release for this game. please update!

  754. Arno (18 Oct 2019, 17:04)

    please can we get the last update?

  755. RICK (18 Oct 2019, 21:37)


  756. MORTY (19 Oct 2019, 10:56)

    The game has now updated to the latest version with all DLCs. Enjoy ~

  757. Gio1786 (19 Oct 2019, 16:12)

    Is it really updated?

  758. Larry (19 Oct 2019, 19:40)

    Of course the game is NOT updated, the file date is 11/11/2018
    If it will ever be updated, there will be a new post on here with an updated iso

  759. Gio1786 (20 Oct 2019, 3:23)

    MORTY you son of the DOG, it’s not updated yet!!!!

  760. Dwi (21 Oct 2019, 17:05)

    meu crack ta dando erro, acho que baixou alguma coisa errada.. teria um link separado para baixar apenas o crack?

  761. 54615655 (21 Oct 2019, 22:10)

    1.52 CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  762. Skidrow (22 Oct 2019, 3:54)


  763. 541463454 (22 Oct 2019, 10:00)

    fuck you death HAHAHAHA

  764. sanket ninawe (23 Oct 2019, 17:36)

    Skidrow bro please update and crack latest dlc’s of this game

  765. zero (24 Oct 2019, 15:14)

    This game still in version 1.0.6 , not included all dlc yet

  766. Hawx (25 Oct 2019, 20:51)

    Loving the game so much. Worth every cent!
    Currently at 80% of story. So much to do.
    You guys have to start realising this won’t get cracked this year.
    Just buy the damn game or keep whining while others enjoy it ! 😀

  767. Cesar (26 Oct 2019, 17:27)

    Please crack all the DLC!!!

  768. masa (27 Oct 2019, 4:49)


  769. zion (27 Oct 2019, 9:04)

    I’m having high CPU usage problem.. Is there anyone who can help me sort it out?

  770. RםKם (28 Oct 2019, 20:12)


    waiting hopfuly for CPY OR CODEX CRACK

  771. Justinas (29 Oct 2019, 15:29)

    Please update to 1.8

  772. John (30 Oct 2019, 13:02)

    Hello , the game works fine ,it runs smooth , but when i exit, it doesnt save my progress. Every time i launch it there is only the ”New game” option. No Load Game option , please help. Thank you

  773. Tomius (31 Oct 2019, 14:54)

    Hawk, so you idiot really say that buy this game, this and ac origins both are the shittiest opitimized games in pc history.. Cpu usage problems, bugs, etc and you really suggest that people should buy this game.. Fucking moron, i wont pay a single coin tu Bugisoft to these shits, these are the one of the only games EVER THAT I HAPPILY PIRATED, I WONT PAY the shittiest developer team in pc gaming history… and i will never ever buy any of Bugisoft game anymore… i happily wait new crack even if it takes 4-5 moths, that is still better option than to pay anything to corporate fucks that published half finished products and bug as fuck games!!!!!! Idiot!!!

  774. Ali Abdou (31 Oct 2019, 14:56)

    just open the game folder, and create “save” or “saves” folder. Hope it works

  775. Victor (01 Nov 2019, 2:07)

    I can save the game, if i not close i can load but if i close the game i can’t load. I try all methods above, if anyone have the same problem and fix please help me!

  776. BYDLE (02 Nov 2019, 15:00)

    Skidrow pls update 1.5.1 and DLC

  777. YD (02 Nov 2019, 20:16)

    update please codexcpy 🙁

  778. SU (03 Nov 2019, 7:50)

    Can someone please teach me how to crack it? I am new to this

  779. Zigor Bilbao (03 Nov 2019, 13:54)

    When will the DLCs be cracked and uploaded?

  780. Eswar Einstein (04 Nov 2019, 16:56)

    IT is asking verification code. How do I get it?

  781. Eswar Einstein (04 Nov 2019, 17:01)

    What is the activation key?

  782. BYDLE (06 Nov 2019, 4:59)

    Can you tell when be update and DLC’s?

  783. Ashley (06 Nov 2019, 8:07)

    Firstly, I am not blaming this site for this game not being updated for a whole year, but I am blaming for that misleading note, that says this game has been updated to latest version and includes all DLCs.
    Secondly, It is weird to see a popular game getting lots of updates over year not getting cracked, other than base game. I was really looking forward to playing this game. Just a big thumb down for those crackers out there for leaving this game unchecked.

  784. ocramfi (06 Nov 2019, 20:47)

    guys thank you for all your efforts…you are the best!
    but, if possiple, please give us the update! With the one for Origins i finished my finger on the pad, this series is amazing but with the updates become SUPREME!
    we are all waiting for it! 🙂
    love ya